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Transport Minister Condemns the beating of Sydney Mbewe by PF cadres

General News Transport Minister Condemns the beating of Sydney Mbewe by PF cadres

Transport and Communications Minister Mutotwe Kafwaya has condemned the beating of Sydney Mbewe, the National Secretary for the Bus and Taxi Drivers Association by PF cadres at Lumumba Bus Station yesterday.

Mr Kafwaya says it is disgusting that Mr Mbewe could be met with such violent reactions from cadres for attempting to bring sanity in the running of bus stations.

He said attempts by Mr Mbewe yesterday to register bus drivers engaged in Chilimba to formalize their payments with Banks and mobile money services has blessings from government and should be respected by everyone.

Mr Kafwaya has noted the need to end violence in Zambia as it is detrimental to the development of the nation.

He said violence has no place in a civilized society and will not be condoned in the ruling party.

Mr Mbewe was yesterday beaten by Patriotic front cadres at Lumumba Bus station where had gone to register members who are willing to digitize the Chilimba to avoid abuse of the resources by cadres.

He lamented that cadres where collecting the money from bus drivers by force claiming they are being sent by the ruling party.

Mr Mbewe narrated that in his attempt to engage bus drivers, he was met with violent reactions from about 15 cadres who beat him with planks until he fainted.

Meanwhile, Lusaka Province PF Youth Chairperson Daniel Kalembe has advised Mr Mbewe who claims to know some of the attackers to submit the names to the Party for appropriate action to be taken.

Mr Kalembe has warned of appropriate action against erring members saying violence will not be condoned by the party.

He said no Zambian regardless of political affiliation deserves to be beaten like that.


  1. PF on PF violence is ok,we get concerned when these rogues target innocent people.What the leaders supporting violence forget is that they are potential victims as well…

    • Is Zambia on the way to becoming a failed state? The descent is normally a slow one, as happened in Liberia and Sierra Leone and as nearly happened in Ivory Coast. There was massive murder and rape whn it happened.

    • Manual payments for cadres in boots
      Digitised payments for cadres in suits

      The “suit” got the boot… this time.
      For vengeance, the “suit” will send “boots-in-uniform”.
      But “boots” will go have a beer with “boots-in-uniform”.

      And so does life continue…

      Meanwhile… no Zesco… no water… no money…

    • Is this the right advice?
      Lusaka Province PF Youth Chairperson Daniel Kalembe has advised Mr Mbewe who claims to know some of the attackers to submit the names to the Party for appropriate action to be taken.
      Why not to the Police so that they arrest them?

  2. Can the ministry of Home Affairs and the president tell us if they are tired of doing their jobs! This behaviour by their thugs constitutes political suicide because the very people being harassed constitute the deciding vote! This is what cost RB the vote!
    To Marketeers and Bus and Taxi drivers, don’t fear the thugs! You are more than them. Don’t give them not even a kobo! You started the problem by giving them your money. Solve your own problems. After all you were once one family!

  3. Imwe ba PF na ba fintwenu benu you are going to set the country ablaze. PLEASE let the POLICE do their work without Kaizer and all the useless cadres who have risen above the law messing things up. You will not control those freaks you have created and more especially when they turn AGAINST YOU!!! You will remember this post. Mwe mbwa mwe.

  4. Where were the police? They should not be paid for just wearing the uniform, let them protect the innocent citizens who are trying to bring sanity. We are totally fed up of disorder in the presence of law enforcers. Come on guys lets see your presence. You can do it what ever it takes. Stop the coward game.
    The voters should never make this costly experiment of putting PF in power again!

  5. Do we have a government? How can a minister who is suppose to take action just lament. It is clear that no one is listening to to these useless directives.

  6. Meanwhile,Mr Kalembe the Provincial PF Youth Chairman wants Mr.Mbewe to report the attackers to his office..Is he the Police?? In fact there is a Police Post at Lumumba,what were the police officers doing when all this was happening? Let Kampyongo and Kanganja tell us what they are doing about the Presidential Order to markets and Bus Stations of these hoodlums!!WE SHOULD INDEED GET RID OFF THIS PF BEFORE THINGS GET WORSE!

  7. To those who support Bill 10 blindly, once it goes through, these PF thugs and their masters will be out of control with state backing! You will cry and no one will help you! The police are there to protect these thugs and not you! You are too ordinary! It will take a miracle to dislodge PF from this Lawlessness!

  8. We need to end violence in Zambia as it is detrimental to the development of the Nation.Violence needs to have no place in a civilized society and it should not be condoned in the ruling party or oppositions parties.

    Let’s ensure that sanity is brought in these Bus stations as well as markets!


  9. Zambia is in a hurry to development and that the current government is trying by all means to make it happened, So far so good that the rains have come it is our time to focus on planting maize at the farms, no wasting time on social media let us work. God has given us land, air, energy, and free rains.

  10. PF will never win 2021 with this kind of behavior.my question is why deploying cadres in bus stations beaten up people instead you employ more police deploy them in all the stations. I pray day and night for UPND to win 2021 may the good Lord God hear our cries to change this government of thugs and turn zambia to Christian nation coz it’s no longer a Christian nation.i cant support my tribal brain washed man called ECL he has turned the country into Muslim country were people they die lie flies no peace not mercy.

  11. PF can not deny themselves who they are. DNA with a fist is their character, manifested in violence, executed by beatings, end result, victims like Sydney Mbewe. Innocent Zambians have been victims of beatings, harassment and even death ever since the fist seed was raised by late president Michael Sata.

  12. When scavengers are left with no one to scavenge, sh!t hit the fun.
    That is what happens when order is thrown under the bus and you give hyenas to driving.

  13. (They said they were sent by the ruling party) , the statement is so strait forward do you really think the ruling party can say that no not even the culprit will give so easily give out his name if anyone is basically intelligent can not think it is the ruling party , a thief always hides he can even hide behind the one he is stealing from .
    Someone must be campaigning heavily on the dull mind those who cannot think just a bit .

  14. Bwana Minister of transport Mutotwe Kafwaya,don`nt just condemn,you and your collegues are in a position of authority,please cage those unruly cadres,we want solutions to this escallating violence,the President has spoken but nothing is being done,this will cost PF the 2021 election if you don`t act.

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