True PF members want Edgar Lungu replaced, he doesn’t represent what Sata stood for-Chanda Mfula

Chanda Mfula with Dr Guy Scott at a recent event at the University of Sussex, UK
Chanda Mfula with Dr Guy Scott at a recent event at the University of Sussex, UK
Chanda Mfula with Dr Guy Scott at a recent event at the University of Sussex, UK
Chanda Mfula with Dr Guy Scott at a recent event at the University of Sussex, UK

The first Media Director of the ruling PF Chanda Mfula has charged that many founding members of the party would rather see President Edgar Lungu replaced.

Mr Mfula who is now a PhD candidate at the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom said President Lungu has departed from late President Michael Sata’s vision.

Mr Chanda observed that due to President Lungu’s failures, many original PF members want him replaced.

“True greens – the original PF members, the people who laboured for the party in the trenches and got it into power, the believers in the original ideals of the party as promulgated by Michael Sata and Guy Scott – are open to the idea of replacing Edgar Lungu with a better candidate,” Mr Chanda said in a post on Facebook.

“It’s ba kandile – ba katyetye mwenda mwalimwa, ba mubwela ku macha, ba mutasha kali mwitobo – who are first to jump to the defence of a candidate who isn’t good for both party and country,” he stated.

“It’s those people whose survival depends on Edgar being in State House who are now telling us ‘he is our candidate’. Chaps who were driven by a single-minded desire to ‘eat’ and not to serve and whose membership of MMD, FDD or whatever is still fresh on our minds, should be telling PF members that all is well?”

He said PF members know what late President Sata committed to and it’s not what President Lungu has given them and the country.

“For me, I think PF will save itself from itself if they replace Edgar Lungu with a much, much better candidate. The worst mistake the ruling party would make, however, is to allow a corrupt person to take over. That will amount to nothing.”

He added, “Naturally, some of the people who will be championing internal change in the party are just crooks with track records in obtaining dubious tenders and contracts when they served in government.”

Mr Chanda said some of these people are not interested in serving or saving the country, but are just nostalgic about tenders.

“So, look hard and deep and get the right candidate who will right Edgar’s many many wrongs, including stopping the impending mutilation of the constitution and getting rid of ba kandile such as Dora Siliya.”

Chanda Mfula with former State House Spokesman George Chella in Lusaka
Chanda Mfula with former State House Spokesman George Chella in Lusaka


  1. Lungu should be replaced and HH should be replaced too.

    Lungu should not be given third term because corruption would be too much.

    HH should not be voted because he has an offshore accounts. All the money of Zambia will be taken there

    Only those who are serious about Zambia can see and understand what I’m talking about

    • Thing is they are talking from a distance, from a colonists country. Come home & speak out. Yes, EL has failed. He has no clue, only belly ideas. But the this guy must suggest names. Because almost all in PF are corrupt. There is this loud mouth gorilla Kambwili out there, but look at him he is very corrupt & angry because of lost government tenders. You can name them, they are all fingers in the government coffers. Out there in opposition it’s the same. This hh only got known after dubious fingering in privatization transactions & grabbing hotels for himself. So what hope is there for Zambians?

    • But come to think about it, it’s not true that Sata was an angel. We all read the purported letter written by Mwanakatwe. It detailed all the stealing sata started. Where are the Zambia Railways euro bonds? Sata stole them. Sata public announced that he was moving road tenders to state house. And we all saw how he appointed Willy Nsanda, as a single man board, to dish out tenders to Bembers & the Chinese. The Sata corruption was well laid out. PF was quitely eating. This EL just inherited the entire corrupt set up. And the PF members complaining is because they were excluded. So PF is just corrupt as a party lead by founding corrupt president. Sata was MMD. In MMD as minister, Chiluba told us how he took ministry budget check & deposited it in his personal account & kept the interest. PF…

    • What is wrong with offshore accounts? You can n hedge your savings from an unstable currency by investing abroad. A lot of people do it. Even those same investors we want to come in Zambia, that same exercise of bringing money here is offshore from their countries perspective. So unless we can prove that he used illegal means, I don’t see anything wrong

    • PF changed and moved on: True PF members my foot.

      Ba Chanda PF as you knew it in 2011 to 2014 through 2015 has changed.
      The metamorphosis of PF from the Sata/Scott to Lungu/Wina ensured its hold on power. It was inevitable. If PF didn’t take in crucial votes from the disintegrate MMD, the deads were to be in power by now.
      That said, it’s preposterous for a country to dwell on the “Sata vision” unless that vision is in the manifesto. Michael was his own man. It’s a fallacy to keep popping late veteran politician’s name to put up your arguements. Better quote your manifesto.
      Political parties ought to metamorphose.

    • One time, Thorn!! It is the same Sata who picked ECL leaving out all the “true greens” who he thought were hyenas who were going to ravage the country.

    • Skylab people like @1 mwape
      Have no clue how global commerce works neither do they have any idea about investments …….these are the dancing crew of lungu

    • Lungu should have not been allowed to get this far with catastrophic results. This is a discussion that has come a few years late.

  2. Edgar Lungu has completely failed, worst president ever.

    No normal person would want Lungu to continue as president.
    If I was a failure like Lungu I would resign and let people with brains and visions take over.

  3. See where Guy Scott is, that’s his home, blood is thicker than water, he came here as a true colonialist, now he is waging a war from there. Don’t allow him back in our country.He’s a mercenary.

    • My respect for that guy Guy dwindled when he started behaving like an inexperienced political crook in the work of “cropping up Miles for president” confusion and encouraging a parallel convention in Kabwe. How naive! He ruined the youngster’s future political chances. His behavior almost gave the deads the ticket to plot one at the silver platter.
      Thanks to Mama Wina. Iron lady in the making. The chap was beaten to the game.

    • One thing is certain, when a leadership has failed, even a child in kindergarten screams after break “we want change” and that is all just “change”. PF has single handedly self destructed itself. I fear it will be War to remove PF from power

    • Wajimona if you want to be bigoted at least get the facts. Scott was born in Livingstone in 1944 and his father worked with UNIP in the 1950s against the some racism you are now exhibiting. Anyway is this article even about Scott? Dullard

    • @3.5, R@c!sts like Wajimona are S0 DULL, they don’t even have facts before proclaiming their narrow mindedness.
      To them, “the Belly talks”
      They will be R@c!st, Tr1bal!st, Xenophobic towards anyone irrespective of colour, creed, tr!be, religion, & will go on the dangerous defensive as soon as their livelihood, “sucking from J0n@” is threatened.
      Like “D0La Sil!ti”, B0wm@n, M0nday Ch@nda & other turncoats, as soon as J0n@ is ousted, like a virus they WILL move on to the next ruler of Zed!

    • The GUY didn’t want EDGAR from the beginning and these NAMWALA thugs want to blame EDGAR who had opened his hands to this guy who embarrassed Zambia! HATRIBES HORGANISATION wanting to justify their loss by taking the President HA-OUTU HAGAIN! The President will beat your little BOY HAGAIN! This time he will send the little boy into a MUSEUM! Watch this space!

  4. ECL is doing fine and come 2021 you UPND zealots will kiss dust again. Your (HH) is expiring after losing for the 7th time.

    • Of course Lungu is doing well, the nigga is stealing left right and center, the question is, is the country doing well with the moron as the president, the answer is no… the country is on its knees because of this dull ka worst president on earth, chimbwi no plan… Scatter teeth only knows how to steal,loot and get drunk.

    • Of course Lungu is doing well, the nigga is stealing left right and center, the question is, is the country doing well with the moron as the president, the answer is no… the country is on its knees because of this dull ka worst president on earth, chimbwi no plan… Scatter teeth only knows how to steal,loot and get drunk.

    • Hehehehehe
      Every wrong doer leaves tracks and marks of evidence behind.
      Why do you develop cold feet proving your cases.
      EL will wallop you again in 2021 it seems.

      Titambako che vija.

  5. What was Sata’s vision apart from wanting to be called Mr. President before he died? Sata knew that he was dying hence his decision to contract so much debt which he knew he would not be around to repay. If ECL has departed from this vision, the good redance.

    • Sata knew that he was dying after doctors advised him to quit smoking cigars and marijuana because his cancer had advanced to a level where it was untreatable. Sata knew that he was dying but wanted to leave a name for himself. Te Zambian economy was thriving under RB and Magande but Sata knew how gullible Zambians are and that they would believe his 90 days nonsense

    • All those who praise Sata need to have their brains checked. Sata is the architect of our present misery,totally clueless like his successor and his only plus was cleaning Lusaka as District Governor, not suprising since his only acholade was that of a “kaboyi “at Victoria station in London, Zambians failed to see through the useless fraud.

    • What was MWANAWASA’s work before he died? Mwanawasa just wanted to be called “Mr. President who fought corruption!” Even though he was just put there without support from the grassroots! MWANAWASA knew that he was dying that is why he had to hallucinate over President Chiluba! This time wina HAZALUZA HAGAIN!

    • Liar liar!
      So you also mean that Mazoka knew the Masons were going to take him – he was therefore dying that is why we are in the opposition mess.

  6. Comment:All these problems were created by Sata, it’s very difficult for ECL to correct them because he will be accused of departing from Sara’s vision. But look where Sara’s vision has taken the country.

    • How do we not blame his successor?He paid $42mn for useless fire tenders and he is now playing “ndendeule” with raising $40mn for electricity. The money has been stolen nothing left to pay for national emergencies, he is now blaming climate change

  7. See the Kudos and company Chanda mfula is referring to coming to the defense of their meal ticket lungu. You Want ECL to continue because he is letting you get away with corruption. I urge all those not paid for 6 months, everyone affected with load shedding high cost of living to wake up and kick out lungu the source of their suffering. Don’t let these thieves lie to you, costing you more misery for another half a decade. Please don’t we warned you

  8. Its true ba lungu has failed us.I feel so sad bcoz i had hope in lungu after Sata died but he destroyed himself by being surrounded with corrupt chaps.Govt has failed to implement systems to cub corruptions.Instead of using Information systems and technology pipo in govt still stick to old way of doing things.The president seem to be weak.How can you fail to have food when it rains in luapula,northern,northwestern,muchanga,eastern and cb?Tell tose ZNS to grow maize in these provinces before it’s too late.You have to think outside the box Mr.President.Why do you have ministers who can’t think.Dams for power stations can be built in these provinces where it rains.Why always taking to southern just bcoz there gorges.Think guys you’re destroying this country

  9. “Mr Mfula who is now a PhD candidate at the University of Sussex un the United Kingdom said President Lungu has departed late President Michael Sata.”

    With no malice to the late President,Mr Mfula can you please explain exactly the late President Sata’s vision that President Lungu has departed from.As as far as Zambia’s recent economic history is concerned,it all begun with Chikwanda as late Sata’s only Finance Minister and who also served under Lungu.

  10. Lungu could have his short comings but they are minor and most people still are comfortable than others he is better candidate to lead PF into 2021 and Generation of leaders The party should not diverge and attempt to think to replace him It wil be catastrophic Allow him to lead the part into 2021 and thereafter someone can take the party into the future as it is in the shortest period to 2021 experiments will be costly

    He should stand as sole candidate and all members should be united any internal divisions on this matter 2021 lungu as sole candidate will be a very costly experiment

  11. All efforts must be before Lungu and kati agwa ni gumungwirira We recommended that name to late Sata among-st the 20 names and he is still like-able and better than any now Some of those names Sata refused and he new even CK but was sympathetic with Winter kabimba

  12. It surprises me to see president Edgar Lungu going around the country trying to renew his mandate, because yes he said he does not have a vision but I did not know that he was blind too, if really he can see through his own eyes what he has done to this countries culture (Violence and Tribal divisions), Economy, Life of the Zambians in General, Corruption, The presidency itself, and many other things like the political thuggery in market, Bus stations, the destruction of councils etc, I believe he should be ashamed to even come out of the gates of statehouse but to see him even go out and plead for a new mandate, it really surprises me, that is why I say why I agree with him on his lack of vision, I did not know that he was blind too. WHAT WASTED YEARS WE HAVE HAD AS A COUNTRY, MAY THE…

  13. PF top members are acting as though they have accepted that the economic mess is insurmountable and that they have lost the legitimacy to govern. There is a genuine enthusiasm gap which will affect turn out.


  15. Then any association or party that does not receive new members and memberships will not perpetually leave like the democratic s or labour party of UK You need new members whether from UPND or MMD including our own Dollar

    Any party that doenot renew and recruite new members will fail and will be 2 years lives So support the sole candidate of PF for 2021 and welcome new members from all corners of the country unlike other political parties which has made similar mistake

    A formibade political party will always have new and old members some even surrogates Thats good welcome all

  16. These are nothing but commiserations of a Bembanic bigoted clique for having lost power to Mwine Chipata Chagwa who is equally completely useless. As for Sata, his only vision was Bembanic tribal hegemony, thatnk God the evil Lucifer is dead!

    • And your lusifa that you worship to be president of this country shall die. Who tald you that freemsons dont die? Were is mazoka? Sata died in state house, your demon akainde will die trying to get to plot one.

  17. One thing we should know is that government is you and that it takes you to think big and come up with developmental projects which will supplement government efforts. Replacing President Edgar Lungu with another person will not be the best solution, the solution is you a, what have you done which will tell a story of your legacy. There is need for us to work hard so that we contribute towards government efforts. We need to change our mind set. Our generation is to much of dependance, in the early 80s people use to work hard they use to remember there villages and farm, no much time to watch a movie, and government then UNIP was tough and that even keeping a dog at home we use to pay revenue for it but now it is free, trade freely and you can purchase a property and no one will question…

  18. It seems the 2021 candidature of ECL is giving the opposition, some chiefs and those that wanted Wynter Kabimba as President sleepless nights. They want a weak Presidential candidate for PF whom HH can easily defeat. By the way Kabimba who employed you has no political constituency, he can’t win an election in his village. Those making these silly suggestions of replacing a credible Presidential candidate know very well that HH can only be stopped by the Eastern Province vote which will either cancel or match the Southern Province vote. This scenario is causing sleepless nights in the other camp and the financial backers of HH. Mr Mfula, are you aware that without the backing of Rupiah Banda, Sata’s PF dream would have followed him to the grave? Please don’t be naive, be grateful.

    • Even in his own office,he keeps running away to commission projects that can be commissioned even by councillors meanwhile all eyes on 2021,it doesnt work like that,the country shouldn’t suffer just because he is scared of answering questions over his rule

  19. Pride is making PF blind!
    When Pride sets in, deafness follows!
    A blind and deaf party is a danger to the nation!
    At the end of the day, politicians are like diapers. They need regular changing!
    Ubufi bwafula mu PF!

    • Chilankalipa
      They are a danger to themselves and if they sleep peacefully like us innocent citizens then they should be very worried…

  20. You right TOUGH BUT TRUE , especialy Kainde, this freemason has sleepless nights. He knows he will be walloped in 2021. If there is any presidential election candidate who is a failure is akainde. The anglo americans who have funded upnd fo 20 years are now fade up with this chap. His financiers have come to realise that kainde cant win. So, 2021 is his political last kick of the dying tonga buluzi.

  21. Goodafter? replacing the government is not a solution. Instead lets pray very hard for the gorvernment to change and also God`s direction apon the government . Dont just blame the government but also us people we are to blame too, we are a problem big time. Changing a presindent cant solve anything becuse its just time. Lets be strong for the government `s current situation people. Things will get better!

    • Beats
      You are missing the point, he should not even stand if he does it will just be more problems for him,he will be humiliated..

  22. Its Was Not About Eastern Edgar Lungu Had The National Character And Could Appeal To Masses In All Provinces Including Southern Province (Minority) Winter Had The Same Except Lungu Had That Global Appear The Rest It Ended In Their Constituencies Winter will come or anyother amongst the developing after 2021 for now like the SG has said sole candidate is Lungu anything like that is very expensive experiment

    He Still Has That National and Likeness in all provinces among-st Zambians including Southern Itself as its part of Zambia and they are Zambians Paired Against All common Contenders Including HH

  23. Just wanted to call out Paul for his fantastic service through my home buying process – from identifying the best rate through to obtaining approval and settlement. This was my first home purchase and I think it’s fair to say that it would have been significantly more challenging without his help. Paul was on top of everything that needed to be done – going the extra bit in dealing with the bank and conveyance to ensure that the whole process was concluded smoothly. The best part was that Paul was always there to answer any questions and provide support, making life much simpler. Highly recommended! ww w.westernloanfinance .c om

  24. IS there such a thing as true and false PF members? When you leave leadership, dont ever refer ti yorself as the true leader of the position you held. Rather, you say a former leader. Things are dynamic. You can’t always live in past glory. Love on beans. If you aspire leadership, just like the many fresh blood, you have to work your way back there.
    Not every leader will have the same style.
    Don’t ever think whoever you select to will rule exactly like SATA. He will have his own priorities and you will come back and tell us to vote for another sata like.
    As a professor student, we expect him to tell us things that make sense as tho article is only trying to make us belief that there I no unity in PF. But as the great Sata would say, ‘ that only exists in yowa head’.

  25. What the professor student is doing is indirectly destroy what SATA built over a long time by dividing the party. Can you please move on. No situation in the world ever stayed the same. Dynamic is the name of the game.
    When you stand against someone and lose, move on. There are other things you can do. I thought the school you are doing is meant to propel you into some me horizon. GELO nga akukana, just move on it you will find yourself do regratable things.

  26. Dr Guy Scott in picture above is pro HH and that Mfula fella is Scott’s street rat.Scott is trying so hard to destroy PF so that Kainde can face a weak PF candidate.Deep down HH’s heart,he kmows that he cannot defeat a now known ECL in 2021.Results from elections do not lie.ECL’s PF now wins in Western,N/Western and when it loses,its by a small margin while HH’s UPND always lose in known PF strongholds-a thing which gives Kainde’s followers such as Scott,Mfula sleepless nights!!!MWANYA JUST BE STRONG TO FACE PRESIDENT EDGAR LUNGU’S PF IN 2021!!After all,ECL has nothing to lose in 2021 since he is already Zambia’s 6th president and he will continue getting paid 80% presidential salary until his death!!Sadly for HH,this will be his 6th and LAST ATTEMPT at the presidency!!So its do or…

  27. A Party, is a tool for democratic purposes. It does not belong to any one. President Sata’s vision cannot go on perpetually. Every new head of the party must seek a people’s mandate not a dead man’s.

    We bury our dead and continue our journeys bravely.

  28. Chanda Mfula’s association with Guy Scott and George Chela reveals masses of filthy political scum that clogs up their treacherous mind-sets. Indeed Sata played his role as Republican President, but let the nation allow him to rest in peace. (1) Guy Scott’s version of democracy was seen by imposing his wife as MP candidate for Lusaka central – a white man who does not believe in talents endowed by black Zambians. (2) George Chela is a product of State Capture in Zambia which was engineered during Mwanawasa’s Presidency and cropped up in Sata’s Presidency when Mmembe installed George Chela at State House to monitor Govt so as to facilitate economic advantages for Mmembe, Nchito, Kabimba, Chona, Dr. Mahtani and the rest of the CLIQUE that planned to amass wealth from State coffers. It is a…

  29. It is a pity that some Zambians mistakenly think that holding a PhD degree, real or falsely obtained from dubious universities, is a ticket for being wiser than the rest.
    Kambwili’s tribal talents inspired him to hate and block the idea of Dora Siliya joining the PF party, whereas Guy Scott fermented and nurtured the notion of a Family Tree galvanized to run the Zambian Govt. So far, ECL has restored sanity in Zambia by embracing people from all provinces of Zambia and appointing their representatives to positions of Vice-President and various Ministerial posts. Hence the tremendous developments of human-based infrastructures being implemented in all parts of Zambia. This is a thorn in the flesh of Chanda Mfula, Guy Scott and other tribal catalysts.

  30. Yes most Bembers have acquired doctorate qualifications out of inferiority complex to make up for the un attainable in normal way of life. Its true Michael Sata was the architect of corruption that has swamped Zambia today. Remember Avondale housing project, Merzalf in Chilenje, Sata had kept suitcases of money with golden Mandandi at Mulungushi Rock during MMD conference where General Miyanda and General Christon Tembo were barred by MMD thugs paid by Sata. Sata was a crook through and through that even thief Chiluba never trusted him. Late president Mwanawasa resigned first because Chiluba failed to discipline Sata for corruption.
    Zambia is today classified as a corrupt entrenched by Sata and perpetuated by his disciples led by Lungu.

  31. Mmm you are very stupit with yo ka stupit thy shot…those pygmies with chimbeili,bgm,winter wanted to Stan in kabwe BT still God maintained tht the chosen one is lungu…may God keep him well so that he shid defeat the opposition again

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