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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

VIce President says Anti-Corruption Commission is autonomous as Investigation against Vincent Mwale is launched

Headlines VIce President says Anti-Corruption Commission is autonomous as Investigation against Vincent...

Vice President Inonge Wina
Vice President Inonge Wina

Vice President Inonge Wina has reiterated that the Anti-Corruption Commission is autonomous and does not receive any instructions from anyone.

Speaking in Parliament yesterday when winding up the debate to support the 2020 budget to the Anti-Corruption Corruption, Mrs. Wina said that ACC has the mandate to prosecute people both in the public and private sectors.

And the Anti – Corruption Commission (ACC) has instituted investigations into the leasing out of Chipata Stadium to the Vincent Mwale foundation by the Chipata City Council.

And the Commission is also investing the awarding of tenders for road works in Eastern Province by the Ministry of Local Government.

The roads were allegedly awarded to several companies without proper tender procedures.

ACC Corporate Affairs Officer, Jonathan Siame disclosed this to ZNBC News. Mr. Siame said that the commission is actively pursuing the matters.

In October Chipangali Member of Parliament Vincent Mwale confirmed that he has applied to run Old Beit Stadium in Chipata for ten years.

Mr Mwale who is also Infrastructure and Housing Minister said that the Chipata City Council advertised a ten years lease of the sports facility and his organization Vincent Mwale Foundation applied, adding that his foundation, which is a nonprofit organization wants to turn Old Beit Stadium into a state of the art sports facility.

Mr. Mwale said that that the project, which will gobble over four million Kwacha will be a replica of sports facilities set up by the Barca Academy in Lusaka.

Mr. Mwale said that he was confident that he will raise the money needed for the project.

Mr. Mwale said that he was confident that he will be awarded the lease because his foundation was the only bidder and wondered why people, whom he described as enemies of progress were being negative about his intention to turn Old Beit Stadium into an international sports facility.

Mr. Mwale said that the facility, which is expected to be opened to members of the public once completed, will house pitches for an 11 aside, 7 aside and 3 pitches for 5 aside while also accommodating basket and netball courts.

Chipata City Council has been under pressure to clarify reports that Old Beit Stadium had been sold to the Chipangali lawmaker when it is a public facility.


  1. Let the ACC start investigations on why the Fire tenders cost Zambians a fortune. Then we shall be persuaded to believe their autonomy.

    • Why cant the start investigating ba lungu why he never gave power to the speaker? All those institutions are corrupt because of Bandits like lungu and urself. Zambia is the poorest country on earth because corruption and dullness within PF.

    • We will see where all this ends. But am pretty sure its going to be another Chitotela case. Just window dressing to hoodwink to simple. We have seen all this before. PF under Lungu has a very poor track record and inspire no confidence when it comes to the fight against corruption. But lets wait and see.
      In any case Mwale is a tiny fish . Hr can be sacrificed easily. Its when I see mafia like kampyongo, chitotela, kaizer, chilufya etc begin to dance and get locked that i can start believing in PF. As long as such people continue in government, stealing and abusing resources, its just rubbish

    • Extremely flimsy charges.

      But let the ACC investigate, deliberate and exonerate.

      Presumed innocent until proven otherwise.

    • Leave the minister alone those are enemies of progress, in Zambia you like drawing attention to small things leaving major things. Tell me something which one robbed the zambians the fire tenders ,Avic or what Mr Mwale wants to bring to Chipata. ACC has so much work than the facility that will contribute to the welfare of the community. Please get to work or go check on forest 27.

    • Autonomy does not only mean non interference. Even under funding ACC can be used as a tool that leads to loss of autonomy. It creates a dependency syndrome.

    • ACC is controlled by Lungu please stop lying Magogo…..Why is Bandit Chitotela still walking the streets of Lusaka….you just trying to fool Zambians with your fake arrests wasting more tax payers money when you know that Vincet Mwale will be cleared even though there’s enough evidence of theft….Sunday Chanda will be cleared also….this is all scripted by Bandit leader Edgar Lungu…..2021 we want genuine arrest of Lungu including you Magogo and the entire PF bandit Cabinet…

    • Fake investigations scripted by Bandit President Lungu…just wasting tax payers money because we all know the tricks these PF bandits are playing….and you magogo inonge you need to be arrested also in 2021 together with bandit Lungu and the entire PF bandit cabinet…Vincent Mwale will be cleared even though there’s enough evidence of theft and corruption against him just like Bandit Chitotela

    • IF he was serious, why not involve the private sector than his own Foundation. The problem with PF Ministers is the Lack of Leadership Code. Former Minister of Local Government, Chipangali Member of parliament and Now Minister of infrastructure biding in a tender? It is extremely wrong and there is some Bias. Confident to Raise money? For sure. He will steal from the Government or Bribe some Chinese to build free.

  2. How much is fuel today? Has load shedding Finisised? How much is meali meal today? Bandits in PF .lungu never gave power to the speaker. That’s corruption ,so everything Bandits in PF is illegal.

  3. Chitotela , stardy mwale , Vincent mwale , zindi soko , Amos chanda….
    Harry Kalaba vindicated.
    Davis mwila waba ikikala pamenso kwati no chi kolwe tanyoko.

  4. Of course ACC can investigate, report corruption to ACC blah blah say the politicians, then go to court and hide critical evidence, then magistrate orders wash out for lack of evidence which he points out that the prosecution has, and it’s back to business as usual. Isn’t this the same ACC which has failed to establish the ownership of one plot with 48 houses.
    A corruption suspect walks free from court and the first thing he does is issue messages of thank you to selected offices, thank you for what?

  5. The woman always looks surprised on her face at what she herself says not believing what she says. So don’t believe her too.

  6. Nzelu told you, I have said president lungu needs to remove 7 ministers and their PSs.

    “Anti – Corruption Commission (ACC) has instituted investigations into the leasing out of Chipata Stadium to the Vincent Mwale foundation by the Chipata City Council.”

    Listen to my words when I advise you. Kikikikikikiki.

  7. Nothing will happen. They did not hide under Dustins and behind desks so iyi yeve ni zeeee. Vincent is not guilty! Muza ona. Meanwhile 48 and now 50 houses is still a dustbin case.

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