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Kanganja warns  opposition political parties and NGOs against illegal protests

General News Kanganja warns  opposition political parties and NGOs against illegal protests

Inspector General of Police, Mr. Kakoma Kanganja has confirmed that the Police never exchanged any gun fire with any one. Four persons have been injured and hospitalized. One person has been arrested and one pistol recovered from him. No deaths have been recorded."
Inspector General of Police, Mr. Kakoma Kanganja 

INSPECTOR General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has warned  opposition political parties and civil society organisations NGOs against going ahead with their planned illegal protests.

Mr Kanganja says the Zambia Police Command is in receipt of information indicating that some political parties working with some NGOs have planned sporadic illegal protests around the country.

He says that from the information gathered the aforementioned groupings plan to protest on issues such as Loadsheding, Truck drivers conditions of service and the Bill Number 10 that was submitted to Parliament.

Mr Kanganja says that the police command is aware that the political parties and NGOs orchestrating the illegal protests have also printed T shirts carrying certain messages and are mobilising musicians and members of the public to protest while clad in the said labelled T shirts.

The IG says the law on protests is very clear as provided for under the Public Order Act,stating that it is only prudent that those wishing to conduct such public activities follow the provisions of the law and that any conduct to the contrary will attract punitive action from police and there should be no complaint thereafter.

“I am calling upon members of the public to stay away from such planned illegal activities or they will have themselves to blame” Mr Kanganja said.

And the IG reiterated that the Police will not tolerate any public disorder orchestrated by any individual or grouping with a view of disturbing public order and peace.


  1. How can one protest on climate change results,what are the results of climate change fooliness at its totality we want solutions and not demostrations.IG arrest them please this is rain season we need people to tier the land.Cells are almost empty in all stations.

  2. I wouldn’t back loadshedding protests. It eould be pointless. I would back 100% protests against Bill No10. Besides, protest is a right in a democracy. It’s rioting which is not.

    • Bill 10 is also the issue of interest. The problem is not with the bill but with a named political party and some ngo. They were invited to attend and make submitions but declined .So to resort to protests is not the way to go.

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