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PF Lusaka chairman Paul Moonga denies being involved in the assault of Sean Tembo

Headlines PF Lusaka chairman Paul Moonga denies being involved in the assault of...

Paul Moonga
Paul Moonga

PF Lusaka Province Chairman Paul Moonga has denied being part of the people that attacked leader of the opposition Patriots for Economic Progress Sean Tembo yesterday.

Mr Moonga has dismissed the allegations as false meant to tarnish his image.
Speaking on the Breakfast show on Hot FM, Mr Moonga said he has strong evidence to show that he was never on Cairo Road where the incident occurred.
Mr Moonga said he has numerous witnesses as he was in meetings with party officials to discuss the delimitation exercise of Lusaka by the Electoral Commission of Zambia.
In justifying his claims, Mr Moonga said he also had lunch with his wife and returned to the office without any knowledge of any attack on the opposition Leader.
He demanded that Mr. Tembo provides evidence to his allegations or that he will face charges of malicious and criminal defamation.

PEP President after he was attacked by suspected PF cadres

Yesterday a convoy of motor vehicles belonging to  the Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) was attacked by some aggravated robbers along Cairo Road while they were undertaking their 13th peaceful protest against the $42 million fire tender protest which had full permission from the police. This occurred between National Milling and Farmers House. The robbers arrived on the scene in about three Toyota Corollas and were clad in black t-shirts and blue jeans, and a few of them had applied white powder on their faces, ostensibly as a disguise.
Mr. Tembo said he was attacked by three assailants and he managed to identify two of them as Mr. Paul Monga, the Lusaka Province Acting Chairman for the ruling Patriotic Front and Mr. Reuben Banda, a well known Kanyama PF Cadre. The third assailant was not easily recognizable as he had applied white powder on his face. The  assailants went away with his wallet which had K8,300 in cash, ATM Cards and his  driving license . They also took away his two phones, an iPhone 8 Plus and an iPhone 7. Mr.Tembo was hacked twice in the head with a machete. In total, there were about 11 PeP Members who were assaulted.


  1. That looks like a very mature man – almost grandfather material. What a mess of a country we are living in. Please somebody provide photographic or video proof so his denials can fall flat. Awe shuwa calo canga waononga a kabwa!

    • Unbelievable that at this point in civilization we can witness shedding of blood for expressing our views! Edgar Lungu is the worst president this country ever had, he does not know the role of a Commander in Chief. He has been held hostage by cadres.

    I’m waiting for a statement from Ntewewe just like he reported when suspected UPND cadres attacked his NDF eating mate at ConCourt recently. When you see violence from opposition political cadres it is because it has been created by the ruling party and they are just reacting to it.

  3. A thief has never gone public to announce that he has stolen. Tembo is an eye witness and will identify you on a parade in the court. What you are doing Paul Moonga is a maliciously threatening the complainant. Those threats are empty threats. In fact by responding you just exposing yourself and harming Sean Tembo.

  4. The violence and assault subjected on PeP president Sean Tembo and his members during a peaceful march with police permit is very sad in Zambian history. To the government this is a demonstration to the world out there that law and order has broken down in Zambia.
    Recently president Edgar Lungu was in Abu Dhabi in Middle East soliciting for funds and investors to come and invest in Zambia. What has happened to Sean Tembo being assaulted openly in daylight with impunity disregarding the law of the land is a symptom that Zambia is under siege of cartel of thugs and terrorists harassing citizens while those in power just look by. Any investor would be thinking twice before they come. This is what is known as investor flight. Remember this story is on WWW and investors are cute never…

  5. PF …you are discouraging us to continue supporting you coz of your violence. Don’t think people will keep quiet when you are doing wrong things..no.no people will talk , hence you must change and start doing correct things. You are behaving just like UPND. Shame on you.

  6. Investors are never easily fooled by statements such that a suspect was having lunch with his wife during the violence.

    • Of all the people why has he mentioned
      These two names? It looks like he identified them.so lets wait for police to
      Dig deeper.

  7. We are praying for mother Zambia against the spirit of violence.Zambia is for Jesus and not any person.May God punish the devils who are blood thirty for zambians…

  8. Very unreliable witnesses that Mr Moonga has. PF is complicit in the case already as the suspected thugs are PF, so no way we can trust other PF members who claim they were with Moonga elsewhere. Same with him using his wife as the other witness. If these are the only two then he is more likely to be guilty than not.

  9. Maybe Paul Moonga himself could not have been on Cairo road yesterday during the demonstrations but he sent those criminals to carry out the attacks. Or he could have been framed.

  10. It’s not only Sean tembo but other PEP members were also there when the attack happened so they will also be able to identify the assailants whether its Paul Moonga or not.

  11. Cairo road is one road littered with shops, banks and other businesses, am sure the police even PeP has heard about the phenomenon of CCTV cameras and I should hope the business houses in cairo road have also caught with this phenomenon. Its one tool security agencies in America and Europe have found useful.

  12. first they were saying ati niba upnd, kanshi tembo alibamona umwine shame on zp they always support these criminals pfools

  13. But why haven’t the police not called you and your colleague in for questioning?
    PeP have mentioned the attackers and nothing has been done. This is unfortunate.
    Unfair application of the law yet again.

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