A civic leader in Shang’ombo district is happy that many people turned up to take HIV tests on World AIDS day.

Zambia and the rest of the world commemorated world AIDS day on December 1, 2019 under the theme; Communities making a difference, pressing towards ending AIDS.

Mulonga Ward Councilor Inonge Mubika urged members of the public in her community not to wait until they are bedridden for them to go for HIV testing.

Ms. Mubika added that starting HIV therapy late causes patients not to respond to medication, a situation she said slows down success rates in HIV and AIDS service provision.

She expressed sadness that there are about 9,000 people living with HIV in Shang’ombo district alone.

She has since urged those that are infected to adhere to health care advice and not to deliberately infect others.

Ms. Mubika has meanwhile expressed happiness that for the first time in history, World AIDS day has been commemorated in her ward.

And acting Shang’ombo District Health Director Kabangu Ngangu said the Zambian government is working tirelessly in the fight to end AIDS by 2030.

Dr. Ngangu said this is shown by efforts such as switching to TLD medication, which is an important combination of drugs that help patients suppress viral loads completely.

He has since urged community members that have never undergone HIV testing to do so as soon as possible so that they can know their HIV statuses.

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  1. Aid from America, a country that supports equality and diversity. ARV drugs do not get manufactured by Zambians do they ? Can Zambia afford to tell America do stop the aid and “leave us alone because we do not want homosexuality in our Country?”
    God help Zambia from the wicked PF. We are a sinking ship and we need rescuing by foreign aid because know nothing about accountability and we can’t stand on our own.




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