Msoni criticizes the indiscriminate and reckless issuance of démarche to foreign governments by Zambia

Opposition APC President Nason Msoni
Opposition APC President Nason Msoni
Opposition APC President Nason Msoni
Opposition APC President Nason Msoni

All Peoples Congress Leader Nason Msoni has criticized the indiscriminate and reckless issuance of démarche to foreign governments by the Zambian government.

Commenting on the démarche presented to the American government on Monday by the Zambian authorities following that country’s Ambassador to Zambia, Daniel Foote’s views on the Lusaka High Court’s ruling on a matter of the Kapiri gay couple, Mr. Msoni called for a culture of maxim tolerance of dissenting political views.

Mr Msoni said the emotional turbulence has the potential to lead Zambia to a pariah state among dignified nations.

He has urged the PF government to exercise maximum restraint and avoid opening unnecessary war fronts with Nations supporting Zambia in various programs.

Mr Msoni said the US government must be commended for consistently supplying antiretroviral drugs and not attacking them.

“There is the obvious danger that reckless posturing and misguided outbursts by the government could needlessly endanger the millions of Zambian lives depending on the life-supporting drugs”, he said.


  1. Government seems to be annoyed about other issues that Foote raised like the wanton poaching activities that must be equally severely punished. We understand their disgust because most Ministers are animal traders, some even have game ranches. The truth really pains. Tomorrow the lady from Bangweulu will appear at the Police for questioning here in Lusaka, isn’t that embarrassing?

    • Some leaders are so dull that you wonder why they even want to call themselves leaders! Pathetic little boys masquerading as “Party” leaders! No wonder the other boy is called UNDER FIVE. No compass mu ma heads of theirs!

  2. Childish sentiments from Msoni. Can you allow someone to change your house rules just because you need help from them….??? Cry mother Zambia, too many sellouts in Zambia….!!!!

  3. Msoni, the social media political party leader with no Councillor or ward chairman to their name advising a GRZ in power?? Is this the calibre of leaders we have and need?? This guy is a crying shame with no proof of political ability-he should retire to a farm.

  4. Iwe Mr Msoni, there is no problem with the demarche if at all they dared issue it. The good thing is that it may lead to more exposure. Remember those Americans have intelligence information on all our politicians. Let’s hope that they have been provoked enough to reveal some of it for our reading pleasure on people who thought their activities were hidden.
    “The Way the Cookie Crumbles”, by James Hadley Chase!

  5. Hpw i wish the Americans could stop funding the supply of ARV’s maybe then Zambians will know how much this great country cares for you,believe me the Chinese can never supply you with ARV,nor can PF stop stealing and chanel funds to the procurement of ARV’S,careful with who you support..

    • How about we start buying generic ARVs from India?? it’s people like you who make Africa look bad, look at the Arabs, Asians, South Americans, do they accept anything America or the west subscribe?? India abolished patent laws on medicines and now its people can access cheap and quality drugs. Free your mind, my friend.

  6. A lot of countries from around the world have diplomatic ties with Zambia. Why should USA alone meddle with our laws that we established for ourselves? So USA back off. We don’t meddle in your laws. But Zambian authorities also, that person who peeped through the window and the saw the gay couple making love ,why wasn’t he charged with “invasion of privacy?” Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying what that gay couple did is right, no. If I see two men or women sharing a room should I make it my business to find out what they doing in that room? Unless I’m an interested party……………..

  7. Msoni younare very shallow minded.

    Should we allow the Americans to dictate which of our laws they don’t like because they buy our ARVs?

  8. Msoni grow up .your mouth vindevu!!!!
    If your mother was married to her fellow woman you wouldn’t have been born.
    If the government stage their demarche ‘to the imperialists is always good for the country.Imperialists have a long tendency of oppression.

  9. Our roadmap towards becoming a zimbabwe becoming more clearer by the day. Tuma cheap arguments against the US by your paymasters, them are eating.

  10. Zambia has a right to air its grievances, atleast they have not gone the USA govt in media, they have followed proper channels unlike the uncultured Evil Ambassador who chooses the media to attack the Zambian govt. We the people of Zambia say no to Gay rights in this country, if they want they can sanction us or do whatever they like but God of Abraham , Isaac and Jacob is on our side, thats all the matter us

  11. Ambassador is just okay. Palibe na va media or no media apa. facts are facts, people are stealing according to FIC report. Ivo vama gay. leave ambassador to talk, he could also be against gayism but he is just shocked with the sentence, so what is the problem. Ambassador ayende. Ayende kuti?

  12. Ambassador is just okay. Very different from you, oppressed and still clapping hands. Are you even allowed to assemble? Iyo Bill 10, deputy ministers coming, 50 plus 1 thrown out, retirees thrown out

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