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President Lungu promises more investment in Milenge

Headlines President Lungu promises more investment in Milenge


President Lungu
President Lungu on a campaign Trail

President Edgar Lungu says the Zambian people will in 2021 rate the performance of his administration and make a decisive decision whether to let it continue ruling the country or not.

And President Lungu has reiterated his administration’s resolve to initiate the much-desired development across the country.

He adds that his administration has initiated numerous investment opportunities in the country which when well harnessed, can change the economic outlook of the country forever.

ZANIS reports that President Lungu said this at a rally held at Talai and Chipundu villages in Milenge District today, for the December 5th, Milenge Council Chairperson by-election which has been necessitated by the death of the incumbent Chairperson Fidelis Chanda.

President Lungu points out that he desires to see more investments in various sectors of the economy, adding that he will always be at hand to facilitate the rolling out of projects for investment in all districts across the country.

“Government has initiated a lot of development everywhere, in Milenge District people are able to see what we are doing, for example, communication facilities have been installed in the district which was not the case before, electricity is here in Milenge and many more viable projects are underway”, he said.

He encouraged electorates in the district to vote for the PF candidate, in order to hasten development in the district.

The Head of State further stressed that the road network in the district requires urgent attention to boast development.

And Luapula Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa has praised the PF administration for massive developmental projects being undertaken in Luapula Province, adding that Milenge district in particular, has tremendously transformed from the time the party came into power.

Minister of Health and campaign manager for the Milenge campaigns, Chitalu Chilufya said his ministry is working on improving health provisions in the district, through the construction of mini-hospitals, with necessary medical equipment and adequate health personnel.

Minister of General Education David Mabumba said several Primary schools in Milenge districts have been upgraded to Secondary schools for easy access to education by all the youths in Milenge.

“We have even reduced school fees and allowed parents to pay fees inform of farm produce so that no parent fails to send a child to school owing to lack of funds.

At the same function, nominated Member of Parliament Raphael Nakachinda, who is part of the presidential entourage in Milenge, told the audience that government has exhibited unprecedented development in its few years tenure of office and called on the people of Milenge and all Zambians to give the party another mandate beyond 2021.

And Chanda Masheke the PF candidate has assured President Lungu that he will win the Milenge Council Chairperson seat with a handsome margin and urged the people to vote in masses on December 5th, 2019.

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila promised that his party will conduct peaceful elections.

President Lungu has been in Milenge for a two-day working visit to drum up support for the PF candidate Chanda Masheke, in the forthcoming Milenge Council Chairperson by-election.


  1. BILL 10?
    BILL 10 Major Content-Apparently..!!!!
    It is impossible to defend the contents of Bill 10 because they are entirely injurious and against the will of Zambians.
    No one Patriotic Zambian can defend this….
    1. A President who can negotiate his or her way into State House after losing an election, via a strange coalition clause.

    2. A Parliament where the ruling party can increase its seats at will.
    3. The Cabinet being able to contract debt without any control and then also waste it as the FIC is weakened.

    4. The President being able to create and realign provinces and districts at will.
    5. Limitless Ministers and the return of limitless Deputy Ministers.
    6. Elections that are academic because the ruling party can achieve 2/3 majority in Parliament by just increasing…

    • Luapula has had a president in the name of Chiluba, it has 4 ministers in current govt, the most from any province and yet it is the poorest. Luapula has the most natural resources and yet despite heavy representation in govt it is the poorest province. People of Luapula, please don’t be cheated again and again

  2. 6. Elections that are academic because the ruling party can achieve 2/3 majority in Parliament by just increasing nominated members and then be able to change the constitution as they please.
    7. A Bank of Zambia with no control over money or on financial banks.
    8. A President whose mental and physical capacity to hold office cannot be investigated.
    9. The ruling party that can legally use public money to campaign during elections as Ministers stay in office.
    10. The President being able to increase or reduce the number of Judges in the Supreme and Constitutional Court at will.

  3. Lusaka stock exchange has been stagnant since this Administration came into office.

    Reading this article the first word came to me socialism.

    “Stock trading allows businesses to raise capital to pay off debt, launch new products and expand operations. For investors, stocks offer the chance profit from gains in stock value as well as company dividend payments. Stock prices influence consumer and business confidence, which in turn affect the overall economy.“

  4. There is a joke going around wherein a country’s name is tallied with a natural disaster that has befallen that country. For Instance;
    1.Kenya – Landslide
    2. Japan – Flooding
    Zambia – ECL
    The extent of the damage he has done to this lovely country is immeasurable . But then what do you expect from one whose Political adviser is deranged and a common law thug!

  5. #Tarino Orange
    one of the most important things to do during elections is campaigning for the main reason of you standing up for the elections. So i don’t understand why you saying that campaigns are not important, political campaign is the ability to raise large sums of money, especially early on in the race. … Campaigns often dispatch volunteers into local communities to meet with voters and persuade people to support the candidate.This is just the reality of life and this is how all elections must be handled .The PF government is not wasting any state resources!!!!!!

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