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With his Tail between the Legs, Lungu kneels before the Gay Rights Supporting US Ambassador


US Ambassador to Zambia Daniel L. Foote
US Ambassador to Zambia Daniel L. Foote

The ongoing diplomatic battle between the US. Ambassador Daniel Foote and the PF government on the 15 years’ imprisonment slapped on an innocent gay couple confirms the saying “he who pays the piper calls the tune.” Despite irresponsible statements from dishonorable and corrupt PF cadres, this immoral sentence harms our nation’s international credibility. The PF government has surpassed Uganda’s anti-gay foolishness, we are now the official gay killing nation. Even PF government’s spokesperson, Hon. Dora Siliya cannot defend this injustice in her statement.

Hon. Siliya’s statement is a child-like plea for US continual economic support, which helps pay for her rich lifestyle. In Hon. Siliya’s world, however, Amb. Foote must only praise the PF government but never criticize its evil policies. This is self-evident in her statement’s citation of the US embassy’s assessment of the socio-political trends in the nation. In order to assuage PF cadres, she nevertheless defines Zambians as God-fearing (thieves, rapists, child molesters, etc), who are anti-gay and pro-death penalty.

I wondered why Hon. Siliya brought up the death penalty, which has nothing to do with the unjust sentence. “Who does not know that 15 years in Zambian prisons is the death penalty?” I initially thought. But then I realized she simply iterated Senegalese President Macky Sall’s response to President Obama during the June 2013 Dakar Joint Press Conference. Whereas Obama called for the decriminalization of homosexuality, Sall argued that Senegal has outlawed the death penalty, which is still lawful in the United States. His country, President Sall argued, was still not ready to decriminalize homosexuality–though gay persons were not persecuted or discriminated against (which was not true). Hence, there is a need to respect each nation’s laws. Unlike President Sall, however, Hon. Siliya could not make such a statement–a gay couple is unjustly and wrongly sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. It is this injustice that horrified Ambassador Foote in a Christian nation where criminals are acquitted, while the innocent overpopulate our life-ending jails.

One could question ambassador Foote’s sincerity in his opposition to the sentence following the Trump administration’s human rights violations. From the caging of immigrants to the separation of children from parents to attempts to reverse gains in sexual rights globally, the US is no longer the human rights defending nation it used to be. Is it not only fair that ambassador Foote should clean his country’s closet first, before pointing a finger of injustice on Zambia?

This question though justified ignores the fact that most US ambassadors are career diplomats whose duty is to represent, and uphold their country’s constitution as opposed to promoting the interests of the sitting president. The cooperation of US ambassadors with the US. Congress in the impeachment investigations against President Trump (despite Trump’s directive not to do so) speaks to this point. In this regard, Amb. Foote has a moral responsibility to stand up for those on the margins–something that provoked ignorant PF cadres to foolishly demand his expulsion from the unjust Christian nation.

Madam Siliya’s statement sought to placate cadres on the one hand and to beg for forgiveness from the US ambassador on the other. Thus she wrongly employed the Westphalian accord in international relations theory (IRT); a pact that prohibits foreign nations from interfering in domestic politics. Based on this misapplication of IRT, she interprets the ambassador’s position as interference in what is purely a domestic matter.

It is not unusual for ambassadors to publicly support human rights in foreign lands. So I doubt if Hon. Siliya is aware that the non-interference protocol does not apply to human rights violations and war crimes. We live in the post-Westphalia era, in which foreign governments have the right to oppose human rights violations across borders. In ITR, it is thus within the ambassador’s duties to speak out against state-sponsored human rights abuses; in this case, the shameful and uncalled for imprisonment that even Madam Siliya could not logically defend.

Ignorance of international relations is poisonous. Many ignorant PF cadres don’t know that the US is behind the many developmental projects in the nation–from hospitals to Universities to roads to toilets to HIV/AIDS drugs to countless others. It is this reality that forced Hon. Dora Siliya to walk back the PF government’s irresponsible attacks on the heroic ambassador. She understands that without the US financial support, Zambia’s economy is dead–something that would rightly send many PF cadres and officials to jail following the 2021 elections. Hence the Lungu administration has no choice, but to kneel before this hero–the gay rights defending diplomat.  

I take offense with Hon. Siliya’s presentation of the 15 years imprisonment as a matter of opinion–it is not. This is about human beings, whose lives are destroyed simply because of who they choose to love. We ought to understand that human rights are non-negotiable. Masses may see homosexuality as sinful, but to imprison innocent people due to their sexual orientation is simply wrong. We all want justice, and when justice is denied, we must oppose it at all costs. As an award-winning Indian economist, Amartya Sen’s human development theory concludes, we cannot develop holistically in the absence of freedoms. In short, upholding human rights is critical to human development. Behind Zambia’s underdevelopment is the ongoing misapplication of justice by our courts.

On a strategic note, the ambassador’s threat to review the US–Zambia relations is exactly what President Lungu and his morally bankrupt administration need. At the time when masses are starving, unemployment is out of control and the Kwacha is at its weakest, the anti-homosexuality hoopla will characterize the 2021 election campaigns. Homosexuality is the only issue the PF will run to define HH to the overt religious electorate; further jeopardizing the wellbeing of sexual minorities. As for now, the Lungu administration has finally put its tail between its legs–it has surrendered to the heroic ambassador.
All people of goodwill should not surrender to this injustice. The threat of “contempt of [disgraced] courts cannot erase the facts; Zambian courts have repeatedly insulted justice, democracy, and even human decency.
I know I am the lone religious voice on this subject. But as long as l breath, nobody will silence me. Your insults and threats are the very fuel that drives my passion–sexual minorities deserve their rights.
To the sacred LGBTQI community, this fight is ours to win.
Aluta continua!

Rev. Kapya Kaoma


  1. Kapya Kaoma please this is not news anymore so stop talking about it…thank you
    I told you Makaka Kaoma to find a meaningful job

    • Kapya you are putting salt on PF wounds. Hope Zambians have learnt who the real boss is. When you stop sending your raw materials outside the country for processing maybe then will you have some muscle power ..right now we are broke and are slaves. The lender is lord over the borrower.–wait till China starts making demands on us.There are no free lunches

    • you are right. time to move on. Foote also, the timing was bad ! in my view he could have said all he wanted before the sentencing of those two, or better still he could have handled the issues separately at different times. now people have misunderstood him and they people wont stop talking because of the threatened aid withdrawal. awe ubipina bwalishupa.

    • Edgar Lungu has no presence, no command for anything . That is why his directive to have Cadres out of markets and bus stops was ignored. The job of president is too big for this man who once store money from a widow and was subsequently deregistered by LAZ

    • I knew it was a demonic priest of SATANISTS writing supporting his Satanists’ friend’s agenda! You are a curse to yourself and to your family and I pronounce a curse upon you.

    • This Reverend is really an attention seeker. Why not just come out and state your state House intentions. We will vote

    • This fake reverend, what the heck is he talking about? What kind of reverend is he who supports sodomy? Wow. A reverend from the very pit of hell. Sorry but not even trump would support you on this issue. You’re a disgrace. Just move to South Africa or some other gay friendly country if you’re gay yourself. We Zambians respect our African culture, and Christian values that teach that homosexuality is sinful and an abomination in the site of God. I would’ve respected your opinion if you didn’t claim to be a reverend. You’re a FAKE reverend, sorry.

    • Kopala, you are right. I was horrified to find the the author calling himself a reverend. This clown should pay back all the offerings and tithes that he has stolen by pretending to be a reverend

    • Ba KOPALA, and if Rev Kapya Kaoma joins politics, where is he going to find the political space to operate without harassment. Your Pf government cannot allow even the official opposition to hold rallies and engage with the public without arrests from the police and violence from PF cadres. STOP BIENG HIPOCRITICAL.
      As to Rev Kaoma, please continue to be a prophetic voice in the wilderness. Jesus commanded us to love, yes, even gays.

  2. Why has PF concentrated so much on the gay issue. Foote brought the issue of rampant theft of public resources but as usual PF knowing that Zambians are gullible to issues of gays , they have concentrated on that issue. Dora Slit should have addressed that aspect of rampant thefts as well.

    • Is @Sharon at 3.2 in some kind of mental facility. Undergoing therapy is the only excuse for that foolish idea of a comment.

    • Because you choose not to understand the context of Foote’s argument. It was about the two gays who have been jailed for 15 years. Then your Foote brought in other issues to substantiate his support for homosexuality. So the debate is about homosexuality but anyone is free to bring in other issues like Foote did to drive the point home.

    • You id1ots cheering for Foote would be the first ones to protest when America begins to interfere in other areas of our Zambian life. Polygamy is illegal in America. When was the last time you heard a Zambian ambassador in the USA holding a press conference to denounce the criminalization of polygamy in America? They would immediately kick him out for interfering in a sovereign country’s affairs. It’s Zambians themselves who’re supposed to protest this issue, and not a foreign diplomat using aid as a bargaining chip. Zambia is a sovereign nation and we’re not a colony of America, nor are we their protectorate. If the laws are unjust they should be changed by the Zambians themselves, and not some foreign diplomat. We don’t have a colonial administrator in Zambia.

    • Sharon – @3.2. @3.5 All your comments, whatever the subject; always shallow. A curse for who? Is it your A N U S they use? Move on!

    • I don’t know what to say. Donald Trump does not support homosexuality. Look at how many times he has remarried. He has a huge family and I think he doesn’t not encourage his family to practice this abominable thing. Zambian let us embrace our culture. If you people who advocate for this had your parents practice this, would you be there today to defend this rubbish. It take it as an utter nonsense, insult to our mothers who kept us in their lovely wombs until we saw the sun. Shame on you gays and lesbians. And may I tell you that never abduct other people’s children and teach them this perverse thing. God is watching. Even dogs don’t do it. Shame on you. May God deliver you.

    • @Ali Nyirenda spouts ignorance and stupidity. Homosexuality and heterosexuality are innate. You don’t teach sexuality. You don’t get to choose, you are. As with adults, so it is with children, sometimes from four or five years of age.
      Further to your comment, besides man, over 1500 species of animal on this planet have both gay and straight members.
      While gods and religion are sick creations of man, nature shows truth, but you must not be blinded by wilful ignorance.
      Giraffe, for example, have much more gay encounters than straight. Still, as a species, there are many individuals and their ongoing extinction is rather doubtful.
      Even lions have gay members. Dogs as well, despite your groundless claim.

  3. It’s now cheap to be a Reverend or Bishop in Zambia as much as it’s so cheaper to be a General like Kanene. Whoever feels like a fart can easily call himself Reverend, Bishop or General I almost forgot Doctor

  4. The PF government must appreciate that Ambassador Foote’s pronouncements beside the gay issue are representative of the general feeling in diplomatic circles and non – governmental organisations about the state of affairs in Zambia. He was just courageous enough to raise his head above the parapet. This administration has little respect from its “associates” and an awake government would know that. The unbridled corruption in government, shrinking citizens rights, harassment of the opposition, a compromised judiciary, incompetence don’t paint a positive picture of the PF administration. Lungu will only cut off his nose to spite his face by mishandling this diplomatic spat.

    • Naimwe – Foote was discussing homosexuality and brought in corruption and other crimes to justify his point and support for homosexuality – awe kwena. The reading culture is bad. Foote bane was shocked with the sentencing of the two gays. Other things he brought in where examples on how he felt gays were badily treated

  5. “Diplomats should not represent their capitals when they attempt supplant people’s fundamental values and culture in the the countries they serve.It is our sincere hope that diplomats serving in Zambia including Mr Foote, will use diplomatic channels through Ministry of Foreign Affairs to express their opinions on matters of mutual respect.

    • When fundamental values exclude basic human rights those values are worthless. Denying your own culture to appease the white man’s god and its religion are not only foolish but sick and immoral.
      Respect has to be earned. Abuse of minorities, because you want scapegoats for your corruption, will never earn anyone any respect, at all. Disgust and revulsion is the only possible outcome.

  6. “Despite irresponsible statements from dishonorable and corrupt PF cadres, this immoral sentence harms our nation’s international credibility.”

    It is in our laws, it is not an immoral sentencing kikikikiki. Zambians this is why you should read. This Rev. is a danger to the untrained mind.

  7. Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    Can’t find the Zambia Police email (only phone numbers on their website and website admin email address). Please forward en masse.

    Hi ZP,

    I would like to bring to your attention scammers who are stealing from people by pretending to be car dealers selling repossessed vehicles on behalf of the banks at ridiculously cheap prices. They pretend to run a legitimate business at a Garage called Prestige Motors website prestigemotors_dot_co_dot_za, address cnr great North and west st Pomona Kempton (a lie because the address is for a different company). They operate internationally under different aliases and disguise websites, e.g. caryandi_dot_com (Zambia); cartsenga_dot_com (Swaziland).

    They use some of the following numbers to communicate with their victims via WhatsApp: +2773 409…

    • Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

      …They use some of the following numbers to communicate with their victims via WhatsApp: +2773 409 0208; +2781 051 4535; +2767 664 3090.

      Please investigate and arrest these criminals before more victims lose their money and livelihood.

      P.S. I was looking at buying a car for my nephew who lives in Zambia. I almost fell victim to the scammers but I was suspicious and started investigating them. It didn’t take me long before I discovered that they are a big scam.

  8. Beggars are not choosers!! You don’t bite the hand that feeds you!! People that live in glass houses should not throw stones.
    PF is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Where will their next meal come from? The gay issue should now be laid to rest because we have not yet seen any spread of gay life style in Zambia, anyway!! People of Zambia know very well that it’s not a life style they can freely display in public. Move on and focus on the real issues- Corruption, poverty, lack f employment, health care, tribalism and ignorance — pettiness. It’s a PF issue, leave HH out of it!!

  9. The Gay Rev is talking nonsense, Zambia will not bow to EVIL for your information. If the SATANIC money you have eaten from the Whites is bringing you hallucinations go to hell. GAY rights shall never make headway in Africa until USA makes Gay rights headway in CHINA, and SAUDI ARABIA. The USA likes following weak Nations that cant defend themselves this is the cowardice of a Super power. The white-man project of leading the African race to extinction by starving family reproduction and progression through gay marriages, after the failure of HIV and AIDS project is destined to fail in Africa and Many other middle East countries. This Project is from the pits of Hell, you Kapya Kaoma and the like of your kind are agents of the DEVIL

    • How does permitting gay people to love and live in peace have any effect on extinction of the African race? Is the African race so special that love is not allowed? How is it different from the human race?
      The Pit Of Hell, you seem to be off your meds.

  10. Zambia has gone ballistically gay!
    Looks like Zambians will continue arguing about gay things till their Jesus comes!
    Let America cancel ALL aid to Zambia so that we see who is stronger between PF and the USA! Can’t wait to enjoy this thriller! An Ambassador is inseparable from the country they represent! Slap an Ambassador and you will have slapped that nation! Slapping an Ambassador is an act of provocation. What is horrifying is how the US Ambassador’s statement has been taken out of context by the PF GRZ and their few religious bigots! What are you waiting for? Go ahead and expel Foote! Are you not a sovereign state?

  11. 2 Corinthians 11:13-15 ESV

    ” For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds.”

    Rev. Kapya Kaoma you are playing with a fire more deadly that what wiped out Sodom and Gomorrah. The flames that burnt the alter and put to shame Baal the false god; when prophet Elijah called on the Lord. Zambia is Jehovah’s, you will know why he is called a vengeful God if you continue on this path.

    • @Nzelu. Which Gods did Afro-Americans pray to before slavery? Which Gods did Africans pray to before the colonizers came?
      Taken over much? You know more about their God than the people that introduced him to you….

  12. like I said 15years is too excessive they could have given them a maximum of 5 years see what this sentence has caused

  13. Ambassador Foote never advocated for homosexuality. He was shocked at the length of the sentence given to the two gays when people who steal government resources thereby denying patients of drugs get lighter sentences. He mentioned a number of issues which Zambians have been raising as well but knowing the PF, they have just picked the gay line.

  14. At last a man of God who understands that sin is sin. Thieving. Adultary. Slander. Swindling. Drunkenness. Homosexuality . Etc. 1st cor 6 verses 9 to 11. Others think its only homosexual acts which are sins. Zambian Christians 90% indulge in adultary and drunkeness so no heaven.

  15. Ba Kaoma,your homosexual patrons have made you sell your soul to the devil.Please wake up. The West is on a slippery slope to atheism and bestiality. Africa is no longer an Ape,will no longer “ape” the West. Sexual deviance is a genetic mutation meant to protect our human genome. Your efforts to normalise the abnormal is illogical.Try to convince farmers to raise homosexual livestock. They will not welcome you with open arms despite your “clerical “ collar.
    If homosexuality is legalised in Zambia,believe me you, decriminalisation of bestiality will be next.Extinction of the human race will indeed become inevitable!!

  16. Wow….Zambia, i don’t understand.

    Honestly of all serious and important issues affecting the nation at this time,, you choose to to make Gayism an issue as government?

    So what has the country benefited from sentencing the innocent lovers to prison or how has it contributed to the economic development of zambia?

    So many corrupt cases in Govt and issues to look at to help improve people’s lives whose standards of living are almost 100 percent below the poverty datum line.

    Poor health care, high unemployment, embezzlement of funds and of all these important issues that as country should we prioritize we are busy wasting time and a GOVERNMENT for that matter on isses of homosexuality.

    Because what was happening between the two of them is nobody’s business. They were…

    • I think Christians are mad people to some extent, especially Christians living in Zambia. I support HH and I am a Muslim, I know for a fact that he is not gay and the PF is a bunch of uneducated fools.

    • @20.1 Help and Hope ( HH) die hard. I could understand if you called one’s reputation into disrespect for the foolishness of religion but to insult anyone because of the innate quality of their sexuality is sick and immoral. Even your imaginary ALLAH must be outraged, unless his seven beautiful lads are amusing him, of course.
      Changing your religion is done very frequently in places where you are permitted freedom of thought, however sexuality is immutable. You are what you are!

  17. It’s Simple don’t steal from the Hand that feeds you and don’t be Arrogant to your Boss! Zambia should learn a lesson from Zimbabwe.

    You need to work with the Boss!! so that one day you can be a Boss yourself.

    Americans a Patriotic they put their country and people first we on the other hand will “sale” our parents to keep the pockets full.

    It’s just such a shame the world if leavings Us Africans so far backwards because we can’t change.

  18. Comment: sometimes iam disappointed by the shallow thinking of us Zambia’s, honestly why support the wrong things, the USA ambassador was vary wrong to start interfering with internal matters , we the people of Zambia have a constitution which guides us in every thing, so the sentence given to that gay couple was constitutional. I support you my president, if they want let them pull out. what is wrong is wrong and we should never compromise the Bible’s teachings and mother Zambia’s dignity all in the name of aid. #team Zambia

  19. This whatever ambassador should be worried of his future. He might soon be out of work if his boss in Capital Hill is flashed out of office.
    Zambians you are more educated than some of those Atsamundas trying to make you trade Morals for their blood stained dollars.
    And can our gallant soldiers on Plot 1 main entrance stop saluting some of those peasants’ vehicles carrying foreign flags. That guy once out of that Lusaka Mansion will be so depressed in his motherland. It is there that he command that respect. Let him not preach immorality to us just cause he has his dollars.
    And Zambian can we work hard and develop our country. Let us stop these cheap politics and power struggles, allowing these cheap sheep shearers trying to take advantage of our economic ills.

    • I wonder whether Mr Foote has explained to Zambians that there is more AIDS cases among people engaged in gayism than any other group of people ,and not only in AIDS but also in suicide cases amongst the particular persons he is encouraging , it is a shame to encourage something harmful to innocent people who know little or nothing at all about the repercussions.

    • @nshilimubemba When you can be murdered just because of whom you love, of course the suicide rate will be higher than for people who can parade their love.
      Claiming that the rate for AIDS is elevated for gay people is just ignorance talking. Gay people are no more prone to AIDS than straight people.
      Address any other ignorant statements to any wall for the proper response.

  20. Myles! Sodomy and bestiality are not procreation activities. We have no problem with your species.Just do not sanitise bestiality and homosexuality. Regardless of the euphemism you use, your kind are a mutation,once we have identified the “ Myles” gene , gene therapy may available to all patients.

    • When you hate people for their innate qualities you are the mutation. The world has no use for such evil creeps.
      If you never engage in sexual activities for pleasure then you are mentally ill as well.
      You poor thing.

  21. Myles, this may resuscitate your grey cell: In homosexuality, the haploid gametes of one gender cannot combine with the haploid gametes of the opposite gender to lead to stable diploid cells i.e, embryogenesis. Nature’s way is to manage the disposal of the male gametes into non-genital orifices. For females, it’s less complicated. Avoidance of the male will suffice.

    • And the stealing of millions of dollars that was meant for new embryonic cells in hospitals that have no medicine , as highlighted by Foote ???

    • Even the white man’s god knew that sex was not just for conception, but also for pleasure.
      What floats your boat only works for you.
      Get a life.

  22. HH, this is a serious and important issue for Zambia, come out in the open and put it on record that you and UPND dont and cannot allow this gay and lesbian nosense in our country. President Lungu and the PF have made clear and on record that its NO to this rotten behaviour. Keeping quiet implies you are yet again on the wrong side of the the people. So those billions of dollars pledges where tied to this dirt? Forget 2021 bwana. We can’t trade our values with temporal pieces of silver NO.

    • What is innate requires no invitation to be anywhere. It is and always has been. The nonsense is all of the homophobes who want gay people in jail because they dare to love.
      Hating love must make your life miserable.

  23. Taking a stance against human rights for all citizens of Zambia is sick and immoral. Now that you have put gay people on your list of those you would deny basic humanity to, who is going to stop someone else from putting your people on that same list?
    Are you stupid or just ignorant?

  24. Sata called such fake reverends “reverend of fa. e. c. es” . Ka kapya iwe, how can you lead a flock of Zambians if you subscribe to such rubbish?? Moslem Imams can’t be swayed by a few dollars to warrant them sell their national morals and values. YOU ARE A DISGRACE.

    • I disagree, Imams have held together the cultural values of the Arab communities. They fiercely oppose western ideas like these. Rev. Kaoma represents how useless our clergy and church is. Like Telesphore Mpundu, they are divisive and easily bribed-they cannot be custodians of our culture.

  25. They can keep their backsides to themselves, all that I am concerned about is the corruption bit, please Ambassador tell us more before they expel you.

  26. Foote was really on point and in plain simple English. It’s great that President ECL seems to hVe understood the message, unlike his cadres and Ministers. Those that protested against Foote have really embarrassed Zambia to the international community. Especially with the ver org and hatred towards him and America. They can now leak their arses and learn to have respect for other people and the finger that feeds them.
    Amongst the issues raised by Foote,mcorruption in abuse of the judicial process is the sticking matter here. Zambia needs professionals who are fair and honest to be appointed to such positions. I have written several letters to Presidnt ECL asking him to account for those people he appointed to decision making positions. We demand that the international community…

  27. Myles, denial that homosexuality and bestiality ( sex with animals) are abnormal lifestyles is the major problem. The use of euphemisms such as being “gay “ is a case in point. Medical therapy: gene or stem cell therapy are/is our only hope for the future. The law, religious or secular has clearly failed to balance the twin interests of moral values and human rights.

  28. What foolishness is this? Trying to equate either heterosexuality or homosexuality with beastiality is like comparing horse manure and maize. No possible connection exists except in the heads of moronic fools. Nobody uses gay as a euphemism for anything and never has.
    When morality and decency are stomped on by the law or by religious creeps, it becomes evident that basic human rights are being violated. Such laws are disgraceful and must be abrogated or the venue becomes a place worthy of ridicule and disgust.
    How, in your twisted mind, did homosexuality ever become abnormal? That is as foolish as saying that left-handed people are the devil’s servants. What an *****ic mess!

  29. Comment. Hello. I don’t support gayism and for his comment Foote was concerned about the lengthy sentence and he later compared it to how as a country of good morals we have allowed our leaders to steal at grand scale money donated by foreign tax payers for the vulnerable Zambians and yet none of these voted for thieves have been prosecuted. We celebrate them instead. We now say we can turn to China. China doesn’t give donations but loans you Zambians will pay through your nose. China is here. Chinese taking your birthright, your human rights…Land and you say China. Shame. If we have a listening and caring Government, they would sort out this issue indoors with Foote. Foote is not at the level of these foolish pf cadres backing from their ignorance. Corruption in Zambia is killing…

  30. I disagree, Imams have held together the cultural values of the Arab communities. They fiercely oppose western ideas like these. Rev. Kaoma represents how useless our clergy and church is. Like Telesphore Mpundu, they are divisive and easily bribed-they cannot be custodians of our culture.

    • Imams are just as corrupt and evil as any other religious creep. Accepting lies as truth renders your morality questionable.

  31. To any crime, there are witnesses. Who are the witnesses to this homosexuality act, is it just a rumour that two adults were sharing a room? Who saw these two doing it? So in Lusaka if you see two males hugging then they must be gay? If two males share a room they must be gay?

  32. The Illuminatti agenda pushes on. Quick question; Will that gay couple share the same cell or serve in the same prison because it now becomes rather redundant because they will still do each other or other gays in prisons.

    • Does your wife permit you to have other sexual partners? Most gay couples practise monogamy, so your insinuations are nonsensical and moronic.

  33. The first question i would like to ask is, is Daniel Lewis Foote the first American ambassador to Zambia? If the answer is no, then why is Foote interfering in our internal affairs. Gayism is a criminal offense in Zambia and foote knows this just like polygamy is a criminal offence in America. Before Foote came, we had Eric Schultz and before Schultz, we had Mark Storella and never had any such stupid issues we are having with Daniel. I would propose that America withdraws Daniel and give us another person who will respect our laws, culture and identity and send this Foote elsewhere.

  34. Watch jomo kenyatta on you tube when Christian amanpour interviews him about homosexuality in Kenya.

    The man emphasizes that homosexuality is rejected by the majority of Kenyans but also insinuates that as long as it is not flashed in public, it is of no major importance to Kenyans and the problems Kenya faces.

    Very clever president that jomo kenyatta, not our fraud convict lungu who goes no to tell the USA they can keep their aid when that aid keeps hundreds of thousands of Zambians alive

  35. Very soon we will hear that incest has become legal in America,Cause everyone has the right to love whom they want. The next thing it will be your two sons having s£x with each other since it’s there choice they love each other why should you stop them.
    Uncle Foote leave the Zambians alone.

  36. The PF Government has concentrated more on the gay issue simply because we do not support gay rights and its a curse, for example looking at animals they do not do it so why should a normal human being do such an outrageous act.

  37. Nkole Mwanakashi change your mind set its just too dirty. mind the way you talk and respect women and the Government of the day. what is wrong with you how are you going to teach your children’s? Charity begins at home. And don`t take things personal. Zambia is a christian Nation and Gayism is a curse.

  38. Myles, your grey cell is now awake. The culture of normalising the abnormal may have no limits, hence the slippery slop situation. There is the connection with the other sexual deviances. Heterosexuality is normal,hence your existence. Passing on your genes will throw back the human genome many generations. This is why nature has wired you to eject your gametes into non-genital orifices. To you this is normal in a way. Unfortunately this flies in the face of natural science.

    • Natural Science. Abnormal. Fitting descriptions of your attempts to refute normal, but not sensible in any way.
      Check out all the gay animals and tell us what you consider to be normal.
      Better still, pray to your worthless white man’s god for direction or at least knowledge and wisdom.
      Is it able to think or do anything?

  39. It’s clear in Zambia we are ill informed in basic human nature and of course lacking substance with abundant knowledge resources available, which is not the fault of the people but is a whole other subject.
    Foote is there making issues about the constitution and stance of the Laws of Zambia to the US Govt that would be an attack. People in America go to clubs shopping school work and you never know when a gun wielding person will end your precious life, they have been debating in DC for years. Stop meddling in Zambian affairs and cure this problem here in the US. This reverend is referencing a 15yr sentence as a killing? Mwebantu bakwa Lesa. No open your minds and really look at this and debate with maturity this is a country and citizens being taunted here not a government or company…

  40. Rev kapya kaoma, go back to your village try to pratice gayism there, you see what will happen to you before any other person know about it. Your writing look like you are one of them,

  41. Irregardless of who is wrong and who is right in this argument. As Zambians we will all never agree on the stance of homosexuality. People are really bothered by homosexuality that by the time they get tired of this topic a loaf of bread will cost K15. K20. Eheee. Politics. Most of you here supporting PF’s antics Uzamuziba Yesu.

  42. It is rather foolish to try to control what consenting adults do with their genitals.
    How is it anybody else’s business? How does it affect you in any way?
    Does life render the price of condoms to high for you or do you have nobody who cares what or whether you have love?

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