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Huawei to plant 24 Hour cameras across Lusaka

General News Huawei to plant 24 Hour cameras across Lusaka


Chinese tech giant Huawei has been granted a go ahead to mount security cameras across Lusaka in a project to turn Lusaka into a Smart City.

Last week, the Lusaka City Council during a Special Full Council meeting approved 2019 the Huawei proposal to turn Lusaka into a Smart City.

Progressive Cities in Africa like Cape town and Kigali are already Smart or ICT managed to enhace Revenue and curb income or cash leakages from human handling of cash.

Huawei already has similar ventures with the Cuth of Kigali in Rwanda and

Huawei proposal will supply Smart Street, Market and Bus stop Lights that have electronic billboards to maximise income from advertising.

The Chinese company will also install cameras to be used for 24 Hrs security surveilance at markets and bus stops.

The Cameras will also be used to monitor car parks in the Central Business District and charge motorist based on video captures away from manual man approach of staff demanding and receiving cash payments from motorists.

Huawei is also proposing to install Wifi within a 30 meters radius and allow residents to browse for free for the first 10 minutes and later buy a recharge voucher from a booth as a way of increasing revenue for LCC.


  1. Please avail commercial part of this transaction and how HUAWEI was offered to do this project. The last time l checked they are a handful of entities who can do offer similar solutions.

    • Who is in-charge of privacy? What are they going to do with videos and pictures of street kids smoking petrol and the blind having sex in street corners?
      It is better Miles Sampa get guidance from Ba Sumaili in which areas the cameras should not be allowed.

  2. In a country that is ravaged with poverty and other serious problems, this is what they give priority to. It’s not enough that the people are suffering so now they want to watch you suffering for 24 hours via live feed. How degrading to say the least


  4. How much ??????

    We remember last time lungu was minister of home affairs, he was ready to sign a $150 million cctv project for Lusaka , a citizens out cry stopped that deal because lager cities than Lusaka were doing it for even $50 to 70 million.

    You see, lungu started long time being a crook.

  5. More unnecessary debt in an impoverished country. It’s like someone living on a council estate and borrowing money to buy a Lamborghini and meanwhile there is no food to feed his/her family !!
    Priorities matter in life my friends!!

  6. Well done Zambians you have invited in the” social credit score “ game into the country. This is only the beginning.China a dystopian authoritarian communist country shall introduce face recognition etc etc to clamp down on individual freedoms etc etc. All this “massive infrastructure development” etc etc for “win win” and all the bs that goes with it is for themselves whilst they replace you the sleepy Zambian. Enjoy the ball games on dstv if you have the electricity.

  7. Let’s just appreciate the hard work of our strong, humble and intelligent president because HH will not have any route or way of planning to steal votes in Lusaka or making foolish movements,infact let this be done country wide….well done HUAWEI

  8. It’s slightly disconcerting……breach of privacy potential, possible miss-use.

    But HEY…. ….the up side to this is UPND thugs on facial recognition monitoring….good eh!!!! Improved security, um,….um…let’s see……free WiFi for 10 minutes …from LCC!

    It’s a bit 1984, Orwellian brought to life. Get used to this….they even have cameras down your loo spying you up……..ooooooooooh!
    Progress I guess!

  9. I can’t understand this government, while the country has big problems such as hunger, electricity and water, that’s when they’re making these deals. It’s clean to see how they are stealing money. This is just to close people’s eyes so that it looks like the money is being used to develop the Lusaka. And Western Province nothing is being done there.

  10. Zambians needs financial empowerment to sustain their lives and to compete in sadc region and Africa , our Government needs to understand the Zambians are smart to understand what is priority.

  11. This is why i always say some people are very difficult to reason with, they are like Arabs. What is wrong with putting cameras! Understand the reasons why government has taken that route.

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