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PF reaffirms its position regarding the Diaspora and the crucial role they play

General News PF reaffirms its position regarding the Diaspora and the crucial role they...

The Patriotic Front has reaffirmed its position regarding the Diaspora and the crucial role they play in attaining the nation’s developmental objectives as captured in the Seventh National Development Plan, Vision 2030 and indeed our 2016-2021 election manifesto.

PF Media Director Sunday Chanda said Diaspora Policy launched by Vice President Inonge Wina in April states that with proper management and coordination, large benefits to the nation would accrue from working with the Diaspora.

Mr Chanda said PF holds the view that all Zambians irrespective of where they are in the world need to be cared for and treasured as key human capital needed for the country’s development agenda.

Further, Mr Chanda said the PF fully understands the massive contributions the Zambian Diaspora has made in many different ways both at local and national levels.

He said the positive impact of the remittances and investment by the Zambian Diaspora in the country has, therefore, not gone unnoticed; suffice to add that this has helped in addressing
the challenges of poverty reduction.

Mr Chanda said the PF Government Diaspora Policy does not view the Diaspora as a “brain drain” but rather as a resource for national development of home countries”, he added.

He added that the PF Government Diaspora policy seeks to promote, facilitate and leveraging of remittances, Promotion of trade and investment, Improve access to land by the Zambian Diaspora, Facilitate portability of Social Security Benefits, Promotion of tourism, culture and art, Encourage the promotion of patriotism among the Zambian Diaspora for image building of the country, Safeguard the rights and interests of the Zambian Diaspora, Access to National Documents, Dual Citizenship, Political participation, Knowledge and Skills Transfer, Facilitate effective administration of the Diaspora and Establish a comprehensive information online portal and Diaspora database.

Mr Chanda reiterated that PF values the strategic role of the Diaspora and will continue working towards realizing all set objectives.

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  1. A toilet cleaner in UK earns more than a principle at a school in Zambia. A fat whlte woman in Europe looks better than one from chawama like esther Lungu.

    Here in England the racist conservatives under boris have won due to illiterates falling for populist chants. Very similar to pf winning in 2011with anti Chinese rants only to sell mukula trees to them.

    • It’s govt position that counts and not that if any political party. Govt position has already been articulated by the Rt Hon Bowman Lusambo MP.

    • We all know our value to the Zambia economy.

      We have been contributing positively to our country, even during the days when Lusambo was in exile in the Congo after he assaulted major Kachingwe. The time when he was just a foul mouthed cadre at Masala market.

      Those of us that live abroad have helped to provide for our families in Zambia, during the time when this PF government has neglected them. We even help out those that we do not know.

      By insulting us, you are really just shooting yourselves in the foot.

      Sort yourselves out fast please.

    • Some opposition leader in Zambia should keep a copy of Labour leader’s Speech about his loss to the conservatives, it will be easier to read in 2021.

    • Actually Sata, the founder of PF and captain of the gravy train most Zambian politicians are now surviving on now, was a ‘toilet cleaner’ in London in the late 60s!

      He raised enough money to start businesses upon his return to Zambia and eventually led the country as 5th republican president. I will not comment on why he fled Zambia around 1964 but just to say that there is no job that should be despised as money has no colour …

    • We want Lusambo to come out and apologise for his foul mouthed rant about the diaspora. If he can’t apologise then he must go. Yes Lusambo must go. Lusambo must go! Enough is enough. The tables should start turning and head roll. If the president won’t do it the people will. Lusambo must apologise or simply resign. If he won’t resign then he must be pushed. It is time for politicians to learn how to speak to the public and have respect for them. It is called political correctness and in my opinion it is polite and the way to go. It is illegal to be racist, sexist, anti-semetist, Islamaphobic, homophobic and so it should be to be tribalist. Please check your government right now and tell us if it’s tribally balanced. Check right now please. Enough is enough.

    • Iwe Sunday Chanda, your PF will LOSE in the 2021 General Elections if you continue thinking that merely TALKING about something is equivalent to ACTING on it. There’s no better action than FIRING this LUSAMBO thug which can demonstrate your appreciation of the immense contribution to the Zambian economy by the country’s citizens living in the diaspora. It’s also clear from this thug’s remarks that he has a condescending attitude towards those who clean his own house. Moreover, Zambians should learn from his comments that Lusambo has no regard or respect for his friends, let alone other people – Then how did such a thug become minister?

    • Lack of coordination between the brain and mouth leads to verbal diarrhea.

      All the Asian nations doing fine economically, the first thing they did is tap into the knowledge and financial muscle of their citizens in diaspora, there is reason why the Chinese have China towns in foreign countries, same with the Japanese, Koreans, Indians, phillipinos, Indonesians etc. They know how their countries benefit economically from its citizens abroad.

    • While in Zambia being hateful and derogatory towards its citizens in the diaspora other countries give recognition to their own encouraging them to invest back in their home countries. Is it not admirable for instance that most west African countries have established their own home grown money transfer bureaux shutting out Western Union! This way it helps governments collect data on how their diaspora citizenry impact the economy! Turn to Zambia? Aawe sure fimbi fimbi fye best at disparaging its diaspora citizenry! Sunday can’t try to separate the party’s view from Lusambo for he was addressing cadres and it expresses party stance and when actors talk for the party in government who does not remember the PIG’s handling of policy? (PIG: acronym for Party and its Government).

    • When Sata was around, none of these maggots could issue these careless statements.

      Now that we have Lungu, anyone can say anything.

      Next you will hear that Lusambo has been promoted to vice president.

    • Why is he telling us without mentioning his friend Bowman, who has no intention of issuing an apology as with everyone in PF they are their own boss, the President is just a ceremonial figurehead.

  2. Sunday sometimes i feel sorry for that position you hold because every time yowa bosses utter malabish, its you who steps in to do some damage control

    • Guys guys guys ala balumendo namusosa bwino sana. This Lusambo thug or he thinks he is kabili nipa Zed, should first and foremost apologize and ask for forgiveness from the Zambian people both home and abroad and then after he has to resign from all government operations with immediate effect or the Zambian people will. Bowman Lusambo should know that you don’t ‘mess’ in the pot from which you eat your food. It’s totally absurd and ludicrous to hear such loose comments coming out of a government official about your own people. Lusambo MUST GO!!!! In advanced democratic countries, integrity and maintaining a code of ethics is everything.

  3. These people don’t care about us except themselves they would rather see us divided than United, all the unity Kaunda stood for gone, very disheartening seeing people in pf joining bowman to speak ill about people in diaspora

  4. I think its time that KK makes a statement on the regional polarisation, politics of hate, tribalism, lack of respect for one another, opportunism among many vices manifesting themselves in this beautiful country he is founding father. He made a statement on the South African xenophobic attacks, he can surely make one on his motherland.

  5. It is time Lusambo goes back to school, he is not fit to be a leader. He is a leader with no integrity. Stop such leaders addressing people in a disrespectful manner. We have problems applying for Travel Documents here in Diaspora when the Zambian Passport passport expires, we are treated like we are stupid and only those that work at the Embassy are proper Zambians, especially here in the UK. They have no empathy even when you are travelling to bury your beloved one in Zambia. People had no choice to apply for British Passports in order to educate their children and not for anything. The passport is just to help one navigate and not that one seizes to be Zambian because of UK Passports.

  6. If there was a way out, I would have forced this year to end today. It has been a stressful year. It has made a lot of people to develop mental disorders. Politicians have contributed to most people facing their early graves because of their bad policies. Corruption,loadshedding and unbearable taxes have really drained a lot of citizens. It is naivety of the worst kind to think that this government has performed to peoples’ expectation. It has been one of the worst government which will go in history of oblivion. It is only a person who is mentally retarded who will continue supporting such a diabolical government.

  7. I personally feel the leadership we have now in Chambia is the worst ever, right from their media people to the very Alfa, what surprises me is their campaign to come back again in 2021, the question is to do what?, because they have reached the apex of destroying the country what more do they what to come and destroy????

  8. OK! Now are you going to fire Lusambo for insulting the very people you are planning with to contribute to your declining economy. Are the PFools normal people to say the least. Whats going on kanshi. This one insults – the other says the important role they play – same party! We are confused. Just maintain that they are toilet cleaners and stupid people and cleaning amafi yatukote in the diaspora after all thats what Lusambo said and we heard it for ourselves. This kind of sugarcoating will not work – am sorry! The damage has already been done!!!

  9. Out of seventeen million citizens, how the appointing authority ends up appointing the likes of Bowman Lusambo as minister and Kaizer Zulu as presidential adviser is a wonder! Bigger wonder still, is how both these men embarrass the leader and he still keeps them!! It is the reflection of the appointing authority.

  10. ECL is very proud of Lusambo’s utterances. very soon you will hear of his promotion. The government of clowns. kkkkkkkk

  11. Sunday Chanda, Lusambo is in government and you are not. His statement is the government’s stance, yours is the party’s. Castigate Lusambo openly and directly or shut up

    • @PWII you just hit the nail on its head bro. I like you man…..I totally agree with you 100% bro. People don’t realize that when you are in government, what you say is or becomes policy so there is no room for error or some nonsense. If you ain’t got nothing to say then don’t say it. STFU..! I’m alluding to SC.

  12. Too late! For most of us, this was the last straw. And like @M.Mulenga has pointed out, most of us have the foreign passports only because it makes life easier – still Zambians (heart and soul)! Get rid of those corrupt infested workers at Passport office, treat us like we are people who are bringing in some of the forex the country so lacks. Unbelievable how well you treat foreign nationals in Zambia because all you know is to ask bribes from them.

  13. Honorable Lusambo you are young and have some positive energy about you which makes me think you have leadership potential beyond your current scope. Now, one of the qualities of a good leader or an aspiring one is humility and I would strongly suggest to you to make a statement about this. In simpler terms apologise. To save face just say you misspoke. That kind of talk post social media or even pre-SM is totally out of line. You can think it but you can’t voice it out the way you did. You won’t be forgiven by those you have injured but history might just look back and give you the benefit of doubt. As somebody who has lived and worked in the diaspora I understand the anger you have caused. Apologise and you won’t lose anything.

  14. Only foooools would vote for this group of failures. The damage done to this country by them and their Chinese mentors shall last decades.

  15. Good afternoon fellow diasporas aka ‘toilet cleaners” its end week “pushing ma filo pushing ma filo”….lets us raise money for our tickets to fly home in 21 and vote…where have you seen a grz fighting with everything and everyone…church, ambassadors, fellow politicians, and now the diaspora? After getting high in a few stolen dollars you spew ill about those who work outside our country….okay…

  16. Lusambo is a reflection of lungu,
    We all remember how Ck went on air to disparage and issue tribal attacks against people of the south , on national tv and radio, lungu just watched.

    I don’t think there is a past president who would have
    accepted a senior minister issuing tribal attacks on air, only lungu.

    I have not a thread of confidence in lungu. He is as hopeless and corrupt as they come.

    • Sadly that’s an opinion not shared by majority Zambians, Spaka my guy. The problem is our people in diaspora are the ones we are suppose to be calling Trade Kings yet you perch in your comfort zone there and insult the Zambians we elect as leaders. Bowman was correct to say you push menial jobs to keep up appearances while komboni boys are cadres who grind the wheels of politics. If you prefer hh, let not your choice hinder other Zambians’ preference. Let democracy prevail and accept the outcome.

  17. Sunday Chanda I know you have brains unlike Lusambo. I personally have nothing against you and ordinary members of the PF Government. We know who is who in the PF. Some of us know Lusambo as a thug and should say my reaction to what Lusambo is reported to have said was arrowed at him (Lusambo)

    My Advice: It is time the PF Government appointed a media spokesman on all matters before these are linked to the press. As it is at now everyone in PF is a self appointed spokesman, which causing more harm to the Party than gains

  18. From the comments above from the toilet cleaners it is clear that Lusambo’s messsage has sunk in. There is no damage done that has to be controlled. The fact is that the Ass cleaners have heard it. I am sure namumfwa. Mwilaisa ku Zambia with pomp when we know mukolopafye ifimbusu no ku pipa amafi yaba kote. Then mwaisa no ma jeans utununka amafi…
    At least now you know. Pakwisa muleisa namusamba sana.

  19. What I still don’t understand is why there is so much animosity against the diaspora. Just getting out of one’s country is a very, very hard decision and those of us who have made it have not had it easy. Toilets or tutoring; wiping bottoms or helping nuclear tops it takes GUTS to jostle with others you hardly know to articulate your knowledge and persevere against odds. Elo ka Lusambo kaletumpa shuwa! Sunday na iwe wine katumpile uko!!! We will see who will lose ba makaka

  20. My fellow toilet cleaners, it gives me a lot of pleasure to tell you that ka Bowman will one day end up like us because knuckleheads like him always fail to hold on to the ill gotten wealth because it takes intelligence keep or grow wealth. And he will be the biggest toilet cleaner.

  21. Where is my duel citizenship, I’m waiting for two-years and nothing.
    So much for caring for the Diaspora.
    Lusambo calls us toilet cleaners, but the PF want us, confused people

  22. I think Lusambo has heard. The best thing Lusambo can do is to apologise to the people of diaspora. He will lose nothing. Am very much PF but i do not condone any careless speaking of any sort by anybody irrespective of his position. Please my dear Lusambo do the right thing. An APOLOGY.

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