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President Lungu’s New Special Assistant for Politics in Pictures

Photo Gallery President Lungu's New Special Assistant for Politics in Pictures

President Lungu  with his new Special Assistant for Politics. Dr Chris Zumani Zimba during the swearing in Ceremony
President Lungu
with his new Special Assistant for Politics. Dr Chris Zumani Zimba during the swearing in Ceremony

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu congratulates newly appointed Special Assistant to the President for Political affairs Chris Zimba during the Swearing in Ceremony at State House on Friday, December 20,2019 Pictures by EDDIE MWANALEZA
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu congratulates newly appointed Special Assistant to the President for Political affairs Chris Zimba during the Swearing in Ceremony at State House on Friday, December 20,2019 Pictures by EDDIE MWANALEZA

President Lungu's Special Assistant for Politics. Dr Chris Zumani Zimba
President Lungu’s Special Assistant for Politics. Dr. Chris Zumani Zimba

President Lungu's Special Assistant for Politics. Dr Chris Zumani Zimba
President Lungu’s Special Assistant for Politics. Dr. Chris Zumani Zimba

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  1. Congrats to the new presidential advisor.Its now time for millennials.As a millenial,execute your duties to the best of your abilities.

    • Dr. Nyoyonyo Zimba. Zulu to Zimba, mathole yenu.
      What kind of styupidities is of calling anything as DR?.
      Dr should only be for Medical doctors. Not utu tuma cartoons.

    • Its a Family affair Exit Zulu enter Zimba….and Zulu will be sent overseas in a diplomatic mission making even more money…we know the game wako ni wako…

    • He is a PhD candidate and not a Doctor yet. Ba LT where did you get your information? He comes from a SDF line, and just completed his masters degree!!

      1. Goats export to Saudi Arabia (failed project)
      2. Marijuana export to Unknown Destination??? (another to fail project)
      3. Importing of Crude Oil from Saudi Arabia (failed project)
      4. Importing of Electricity Power from South Africa (failed project)
      PF: Successful Projects
      1. Purchase of Presidential Private Jet ($65 million USA Dollars)
      2. Purchase of Transport planes for local use by President Lungu (Millions of Dollars)
      3. Exportation of Mukulu trees by Lungu and his Cartel (Millions of Dollars)
      4. Sale of Black Lechwe to Private Ranches (Millions of Dollars)
      5. Purchase of Salaula firefighting trucks from USA(Millions of Dollars)
      6. Exporting of maize to neighboring Countries when Zambia has a shortage of mealie
      7. Evacuation of useless…

    • Cont…..
      7. Evacuation of useless Politicians for special treatment in South Africa (Millions of Dollars)
      8. Construction of 47/49 mansions in Lusaka, owners identity hidden (Millions of Dollars)
      9. Over 100 hundred trips per year by Edgar Lungu (Millions of Dollars)
      The list goes on and on. What a tragedy

    • @Sharp Shooter. I’m saying we will soon find out if Zimba will become a bootlicker. History has shown that no matter how educated an individual is the moment they have an office next to the president cowardice swoops in.

      Presidency these days is about managing a country’s government machinery, the politics and the economy. It seems to me that the aspect of government is adequately established. The Presidency in Zambia doesnt seem to be well staffed in the areas of Politics and Economics. I doubt if One Political advisor and One Economic Advisor are adequate if this office is to make decisions that place the country competitively in the larger community of countries.

    • The appropriate title is: Chris Zumani Zimba PHD.
      Black peoples, Don’t call yourself “Doctor” if you don’t write drug prescriptions.
      We appreciate your educational achievements but don’t go around misleading folks that you are a Doctor.

    • Nostradamus
      Unless you are referring to honorary doctorates, your misconception that – “ Dr should only be for Medical doctors.” – needs correction.
      Medical doctors are given the title of Dr. by virtue of their jobs as physicians or surgeons and not because of their qualifications. In Zambia, medical doctors only have bachelor’s degrees which take a total of seven years to complete: BSc (Human Biology – 4 years); MB (Bachelor of Medicine – 4 years), and ChB (Bachelor of Surgery – 3 years).

    • Nostradamus
      In contrast, lecturers at universities are the ones more deserving of the title of Dr. because they actually obtain doctorate degrees after a minimum of ten years of rigorous research and study: BA/B.Sc. – 4 year; MA/M.Sc. – 2 years); PhD – 4 or more years.
      For your own information, a medical doctor without a Masters or PhD does not even qualify to teach at UNZA.
      By the way, Chris Zimba is not a lecturer at UNZA.

    • Twitter and Facebook campaigns will be lit, as parties target the .com generation, is this appointment a counter to HH’s found love among the .com generation on social media? I see 2021 been fought both on the ground and social media.

    • “Mr Zulu’s replacement Chris Zumani Zimba, is a Ph.D. holder in Political Science and lectures at both the University of Lusaka (UNILUS) and the University of Zambia.”

      “Denny Kalyalya was named governor of the Bank of Zambia today, after the country’s new president selected the World Bank official to replace Michael Gondwe. The appointment takes immediate effect and comes a day after the monetary policy committee (MPC) voted to keep the key policy rate on hold at 12.5%. Kalyalya previously served as a World Bank executive director – a role he took after leaving the Bank of Zambia, where he held the post of deputy governor responsible for operations.” End of quote.

      Notice that my brother the Bank of Zambia Governor is from the Southern province. Both the men above are highly…

    • Haas ok is a Dr in political science. A Lecturer at University of Lusaka, never heard of such a university. And he is a ghost Lecturer at UNZA.
      I wish your Lungu had appointed a former ambassador or ex-managing director of a government institution like Chibamba Kanyama or Mutubila.
      We thought after appointing Chipampe he will mature, no back to play with street kids!!

  2. We need to sort out Kaizer Zulu now. He was hiding under the shield of the president but time has caught up with him. We cried a lot under this lunatic. It is high time we looked for him. He needs to pay for whatever crimes he committed. A lot of people used to live in fear because of this criminal. He will now be with us the people he tortured. He had all the blessings from the president, now, that shield is gone. We need to squeeze his balls so that his demons are exorcised. Wherever we find him he needs to pay for his sins.

  3. Good decision to dispense with Zulu.
    Hopefully, Zimba will advise the President correctly, and the President will use the assistance meaningfully for Zambia and therefore, for his office.

  4. welcome to the house of corrupt members. as we welcome you we expect to adopt yourself quickly. one of the qualification in this place is to forget your so called education achievement here you do as follows. be corrupt, respect no one, especially learn to hate the opposition leaders more hh.no regards for the critism from the public or anyone. dont fear any one, get rich quickly and many more you will be told soon as we go on.

  5. KZ will live a very sad life from now on.

    Especially when PF exit, no place on earth will be safe for him.

    KZ will be made an example of

    ” not how to behave when in power…..”

    Everything will be grabed from him….

    • Sadly nothing will happen to him. This is Zambia where people have memories of ants, William Banda, RB’s sons are still around, Kaizer can live a quiet life if his arrogance allows it and enjoy his loot abroad, he is probably been given a position as Campaign Director. He is more likely to be crushed by his fellow cadres and cabinet ministers who feared him than one else.

  6. this new guy needs to learn a couple of things about wearing a jacket…you don’t button up both buttons on the jacket.
    what’s the nonsense of appearing humble? his body language doesn’t inspire me. I wouldn’t hire someone like him he seems too timid. maybe it’s a Zambian/African thing. he doesn’t seem confident enough to offer his view or even oppose lungu, i know kaiza was just a thug in a suite

  7. What was KZ doing for 5 years ? Do we really need that post? A position held by a grade 12 drop out now requires one to have a PhD !!!!!

    • Those are the qualifications of such a job because you have been exposed to mediocrity for so long you think State House is just a lodge. During KK’s time State House head hunters used to employ the top students from UNZA. Its when Sata came in that all these riff raffs including Lungu came in.

  8. KZ was sacked mainly because lungu recived the wrong advice leading up to and regarding the open spat with the USA ambassodor.

    Lungu has realised he was wrongly adviced on how to react and KZ is more trouble in any case.

    Lungus reaction to Foote was very dangerous and lead to the mukula plunder leaks by EIA.

    Had lungu continued down that root , more worse damaging leaks were guaranteed.

  9. I don’t know why we worry about these tuma little people surrounding the president. They are his prerogatives and whether they are competent or not we would n’t know. We should only worry about his cabinet because those are the channels of delivery he has to us.

    • I think the position of advisor to the president is exterimlly important …….look what happened with the case of the gays ……Zambia risked losing hundreds of millions in forigne aid , critical to the survival of millions.

      An advisor to the president should know the countries global geo political weight and advise the president as such to gain max benefits from the west……..

      Not a thug advising lungu on world affairs like KZ ?

      You find lungu upsets the wrong countries and ends up sanctioned and black listed and have damaging revelations of his dealings exposed.

    • Fred Mmembe’s proxy?? It worked on Sata not ECL. That’s a non-starter. Fred thought he could take on ECL and ECL is just showing who’s who…

  10. There is a long que of people waiting to get their hands on kaizer. The fists of those in that long que are itching to inflict pain on Kaizer’s body. So kaizer do your best to copy katele kalumba’s tactics of hiding.

  11. JOB VACANCIES at CRH Global.
    The Employment office of CRH GROUP OF COMPANIES Al Ahmadi Kuwaiti and Manitoba Canada offices has approved the employment of qualified interested applicants into the following vacant positions available to enhance quality service delivery.
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  12. Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    His body language screams insecurity and scared! Doesn’t inspire confidence at all. All this respect n0nsense is what is dragging us behind… this was supposed to be a professional relationship where you look your boss in the eye. It’s not some traditional Induna kwa hae respecting the Litunga loyalty (that’s a total different setup for governance). I can’t see him standing up to this lazy, corrupt dictator we call president Lungu.

    By the way why is everyone fascinated with being called Dr in Zambia with zero real world demonstrated experience? It’s ridiculous! Leave that stuff to researchers in an academic field.

  13. We were very critical and surprised at lungus reaction to west’s dismay at the jailing of the gays.

    No one was saying allow gays , just understand world opinion, that is critically important for a country like Zambia that actually relies on western aid and good will for many things…..lungus attack on Foote and the west was very very ill advised.

    He got dose what the west knows of him in that Mukula leak…..

    Intelligent diplomacy is a win win.

    Not KZ thuggery carried over to global arena….

  14. congrats Doc for a new position may God almighty grant you grace,wisdom and understanding,this is what we want, young gents occupying such positions once again Doc congrats.

  15. His real job is being a spin doctor for the prez. which is making sure the Zambian people are fed bs and make the gov’t look good so we will see if he is a doctor!

  16. Well thanks Mr president but just to advise you that you have joined out party too late and all the foods and drinks are finished!!!!!!..try next time.

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