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Zambian Bishops concerned about hunger crisis in the country

General News Zambian Bishops concerned about hunger crisis in the country

Zambian Catholic Bishops
Zambian Catholic Bishops

Bishop George Cosmas Lungu, of Chipata Diocese, who is also President of the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops, recently raised the alarm regarding the food situation.

This is according to information carried by the Nairobi-based AMECEA News, a regional online news sharing service owned by the region’s Bishops under the auspices of the Association of Member Episcopal Conferences in Eastern Africa.

Lowest rains since 1981

Bishop Lungu’s call comes right on the heels of another appeal made by the Bishop of Mongu Diocese who is also Caritas Zambia Bishop Director, Evans Chinyemba, OMI.

Addressing journalists during the November 2019, ‘ZCCB Media Day’ in Lusaka, at the Catholic Secretariat, Bishop Chinyemba warned of the severe risk of food insecurity in the country due to a critical drought that has hit the Southern African country.

The areas most affected, explains AMECEA News, are Zambia’s Southern and Western Provinces.

The two provinces, in 2019, received the lowest seasonal rainfall since 1981.

2.3 million Zambians facing a severe shortage of food

According to information from the Catholic Bishops’ Conference and the secretariat of the Zambia Red Cross, the number of hungry families in Zambia has risen from 1.9 million registered in March 2019 to a current 2.3 million.

Church leaders, NGOs as well as diplomats, have asked the Zambian Government to declare a national disaster.

To the contrary, the Zambian Government insists that the hunger situation is under control and manageable.

Church calls on Government to declare an emergency

Declaring an emergency would unlock international humanitarian assistance.

“Together with some ambassadors, NGOs and civil society we have tried to convince the Government to declare a national emergency by letting the world know that we need help, but unfortunately this has not happened,” explains Bishop Lungu.

“Facts are facts: People are foraging for fruit in the forests because they have no food … you cannot hide that fact. It would have been more prudent to say openly that the situation is much more serious than we thought,” adds the prelate, expressing hope that aid will come soon for the sake of the people


  1. The only one unconcerned about hunger in Zambia is Edgar Lungu. This man authorized the purchase of luxury jet when citizens are starving. The same guy paid a huge deposit on another jet but was unable to fully pay for it and the Russians ceased the plane. We need $52 million for immediate food purchase and Lungu spends over $100 million on jets! Pathetic

    • NOW THIS!
      “African Development Bank

      The AfDB has put Zambia under sanctions for failing to repay Loans

      The sanctions entail that the AfDB has suspended releasing money to Zambia on all existing projects funded by the bank. It also means AfDB will not approve any new loan or project to Zambia. Zambia joins Zimbabwe, Somalia and Sudan on the list of blacklisted countries.”

      – Source

    • Every LGBTQ person around the globe should boycott all tourism and commerce to Zambia until they embrace humanity.

  2. The Zambian Catholic Bishop have been very silent on the happenings in Zambia. They should have hit the nail on the head, Zambia is worse than it was during the time of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD), under Rupiah Bwezani Banda!

  3. Catholics at it again. Have they brought this matter with DMMU or FAO?? Telling the GRZ to declare a disaster through the media is not how to do it.

    • The Church is on the ground. those you bare talking about are busy with workshops in Intercontinental and Siavonga, making a lot of cash from DSA. In Zambia, the have to do some assessment first for 5 months so that they make cash.

  4. Lungu says there is no hunger and there are enough food stocks.

    Are these bishops paid by HH ?

    The same HH that has deployed fitch , moodies and If he credit ratings to trash Zambia.
    The same hh has also paid IMF and the world bank to refuse loans to Zambia ???
    Somehow the same hh has something to do with the poor rains……we are looking.

  5. Lungu’s failed project, even the god’s are angry with this lying, corrupt, hypocritical thief. The day of reckoning is nigh. They will be nowhere to hide!

  6. And we even signed contracts with DRC to export maize in 2020 and that promiscuous Minister of Agriculture was telling us there is sufficient food in Zambia to last up to May 2020 a few days ago.
    The Catholics are in all the areas of Zambia and are very much connected to the people. Ignore them with your arrogance at your peril.

  7. Akainde has already declared hunger in Bwengwa. Whats the problem. Rains have started, advise all the lazy bums to go and grow the maize against next season.

    • Iwe Sungwe. You off the mark comments cause us to suspect that are Sunday Chanda blogging under a pseudo name.

  8. Really it is a worry to all zambians however we should help our neighbours by offering them food we shouldn’t only be complaining better we give a hand to someone we know in our community , the church is better placed in all communities you cannot just allow your brother go hungry while you feast comfortably in your house .
    Yes it is the duty of the government but at times it can be so challenging however we live with people with needs let us learn to stretch our hands as humans at large

  9. The money Tasila and her dad have stolen can easily feed all the starving people so my friend appeal to them to help than forcing poor citizens to share the little they have when their president has more than enough

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