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The $250,000 Cannabis License Cultivation Fee is Fake News-President Lungu


A Canabis Cultivation indoor Farm
A Canabis Cultivation indoor Farm

President Edgar Lungu has said that the $250,000 cannabis license fee which has been widely reported on social media and other media is fake news aimed at misleading the public.

In a  statement posted on his official Facebook page on Christmas Eve, President Lungu said that the aforementioned $250,000  license fee,  which has been widely reported on social and other media,  is only fake news,  which is aimed at misleading  the general public.

The President further said that his detractors are deliberately distorting facts and fabricating falsehoods in an effort to thwart future health and economic benefits which shall accrue to Zambia from the new policy decision on Cannabis cultivation, following  Government’s recent decision to legalize the medical use of cannabis, based on scientific evidence from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and others.

The President said that through official channels, the  Government will  soon communicate the applicable license fees and other additional regulations concerning the medical use of cannabis and urged the nation to totally disregard any news which does not come from official Government channels because, those are only speculations and fake news by the cynics with the aim of misleading, creating confusion, misinforming and creating a distasteful caricature of his  Government

The President appealed to Zambians to do their part to stamp out fabrications and fake news from the Zambian society by ignoring it.


    • Trying to rule like others so childish. “fake news”, what the fuuuvk is the truth then.
      Working with tu Chris Zimba is so so childish. Is daggar what is expected of news to Zambians on Christmas, growing and smoking ibange pa Christmas? Ekutumpa uku balanda…

    • What Fake News? I am sure you want your daughter to be the one doing it, just the way you have done Mukula. Bwana Lungu, you are not the first Zambian President Neither the last. All that you have stolen will be recovered. IT WILL NOT BE WITCH HUNT BUT ZAMBIANS MONEY’s HUNT.

  1. Integrity is admitting that you have made a mistake not defending your wrongs. That way you earn respect. Too much flip flops ba PF kuya bebele fya fula.

  2. Awe sure! I really do not understand this government. Who hatched this story in the first place. I saw it on smart eagle which is run from state house. Come on men give us a break.

  3. so then who came up with the $250,000 license fee…olo you were just testing the waters to see how the public will react?

  4. Looks like we have moved our excuses from climate change to fake news. This is not misinformation but disinformation! Misinformation is an honest mistake while disinformation is deliberate and conscious deceit! A truly Christian nation abides by the “Thou Shall not bear falsehood.” God hates lying lips!

  5. Selective responses mr lungu….

    On other matters bothering the nation you don’t respond , like 42/42, Mukula EIA expose, enswatini land , we remain concluding that that is true news.

  6. No matter either lungu or Hakainde rules zambia shall not make our living standards better provided we remain with poor attitude of laziness. The greatest enemy we have in zambia is poverty or passing it to next generation. Imagine money collected in new york for revenue per day is more than putting all 54 countries in africa for GDP. It is embarrassing to be talking that we need change on the political arena. Think twice as a citizen of Zambian or an African. Lastly stop mentioning GOD in your perpetual life failing or let me say religion.

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