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Zambian pensioners are in anguish


I wept when I watched this video – Listen to This Woman’s Deep Anguished Prayer of Pain and Hurt!

Fellow Zambians, let me quote a scripture below…

Come now, you rich, weep and howl for your miseries that are coming upon you! Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are moth-eaten. Your gold and silver are corroded, and their corrosion will be a witness against you and will eat your flesh like fire. You have heaped up treasure in the last days. Indeed the wages of the laborers who mowed your fields, which you kept back by fraud, cry out; and the cries of the reapers have reached the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth. You have lived on the earth in pleasure and luxury; you have fattened your hearts as in a day of slaughter. You have condemned, you have murdered the just; he does not resist you.
James 5:1-6 NKJV

Watching this woman and listening to her prayer as she spoke on TV about the injustice of her situation is so painful I don’t even know what to say. Consider the following

  • Over K230bn in unpaid pensions are outstanding
  • Some civil servants who retired over a decade ago are yet to be paid
  • With LASF, the situation is even worse
  • Many pensioners have died without seeing their money

Companies have been closed, people retrenched or downsized, and a good number chase up their money (which they faithfully contributed through payslip deductions) for years. This woman exemplifies the hurt, anger and pain of such a situation.

Now, I challenge you. We all know Deut 28 blessings right? Take a look around our nation today and tell me if this is what you see among our people.

Now, take a look at the curses in Deut 28 (from verse 15 to 57) and see whether or not they haven’t manifested in our nation. If you see what I see, then what is the cause?

The answer is in the prayers of people like this woman. Imagine how many pray this prayer, cry bitterly, face injustice, get wrongly imprisoned, guilty walk free, justice is averted, deaths occurring – all because of reasons outlined in that portion of scripture.

What is the Solution?

Repentance – and sincere genuine repentance. Then followed by serious restitution (read what that means). It must be done. If we don’t do it as a nation, we shall continue to see the Curses of Deut 28:15 manifest. This must be a national all inclusive repentance. Its not about who is in charge – this problem was there long before the PF came into government.

I know some will say I am being negative, but please watch that video again and tell me a better reason.

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  1. You wont see this suffering on ZNBC.The Minister of Justice even walks past these suffering retirees every other day.
    Buying a Presidential jet for $68million instead of paying retired civil servants their dues.This has to come to an end.

    • To all you politicians if you love your children you better find this woman and beg for forgiveness and ask if she can reverse these curses, pay them their money, otherwise your children and generations to come are are doomed.

    • It is sad to see an Old mother in such a state, sure how can we allow our people to suffer like this. Yet the so-called Elite corrupt are busy buying Jets, expensive Champagnes. This woman curses Lungu and his Ministers. It is sorrowful that they sleep in the Grave Yard of The Late Presidents.

    • When i tell you guys that Politicians are evil…globetrotting in a Presidential jet….nice one bandit President Edgar Lungu and your minions in Government

    • As late Chipimo once said, “only bullets in the Head” would do the trick!
      He was right, because come elections, they will STUFF the Ballot boxes – so hoping that the election will offer deliverance IS ONE BIG JOKE – THIS IS DEEP INTERIOR AFRICA – With KAIZER, actually better named “Hitle-r of Zambia” will lead the charge to make sure that Lungu remains in place – elections are basically a Tick-box exercise!!
      We will have to sacrifice just as our independence heroes did, because the evil we are facing is worse than the colonialists – colonialists had a home to go back to, this evil has Nowhere else to go so they will make sure it only happens over their dirty dead bodies!!
      Look at Hong kong – people who have tasted freedom – see how much they are resisting Beijing! Prayers won’t…

    • Mr.Mwambazi, PF has been in power since 2011, why do you want to exonerate them when this problem squarely lies on them. PF inherited a growing economy and we all know what Edgar and colleagues have done. What Zamnia lacks is leadership. Lungu has failed lamentably .

    • Treat your fellow human beings with dignity especially when in power or position of authority for every dog has its dominant day..

    • The level of tolerance for corruption in Zambia is unbelievable. In west Africa one day you are the top dog, then you become dog meat.

  2. Royal or no royal.Sandy Lane can not come here and murder our people.Gate closed for one.No access to all.Boycott.Peter Carlos Hinds.

    • “There can be no faith in government if our highest offices are excused from scrutiny — they should be setting the example of transparency.” — Edward Snowden.

  3. You jail homos minding their own bussiness for 15 years yet tolorate massive corruption that if checked can pay these suffering old people ???

    That is what ambassodor Foote was alluding to , and that is what upset lungu and his gang….

    Foote was right , if lungu checked his and his gangs corruption , these old people would get paid.

  4. Where there is no visionary leadership, people perish!
    We can choose to elect competent leaders to do the right things for us or we can be careless about choosing leaders and continue begging them to do the right things for us! Don’t choose bad leaders and start blaming God for your bad choices!

  5. Start by selling that mansion in Swaziland n flog the mysterious 48 mansions in kabulomga.Presidential jet will bring in a substantial amount, but good luck with fire trucks as they’re next to junk. GET IN THE RECOVERY MODE Now. Zambia has been stripped but naked by corrupt leadership.

  6. This woman and many other retired citizens are denied a pension pot that is rightfully theirs and yet Lungu and his counterparts can very freely be flown over abroad for medical treatment, drive free government vehicles, steal money, fly in private jets, etc, etc. Why can’t all Zambian people see the wrong in this money and do the right thing for humanity?? Please vote wisely and don’t be fooled by Lungu’s false testimonies of his christian faith and calls for a house of prayer to be built in a country that has 95% of people gong to bed without decent food. Prayer alone will not put food at your table..fight for your country and don’t let this man in again!!

  7. I feel their pain. Mental, emotional and physical, today they are crying on their sufferings and yet when Lungu and his minions are in their town giving out chitenges and campaigning, they will forget about the pension money. It’s on them and they have to pay the price! When it is election time they vote for PF and Lungu so let them dance backwards ad these people don’t learn a lesson about politicians and their tactics. Blame on yourselves on this one and move forward

  8. Surely the messages from the cries fof this miserable mother are very clear!!!! a responsible govnt should listen to these cries and respond to the needs of the people… its only in Zambia where political leadership is meant to mistreat vulnerable people!!! Respect the cries of the poor and give them what is rightfully belong to them!!!

  9. Ba pf mwamona nomba, you’ve obliterated people’s livelihoods with dununa reverse, disappointing the very people you were handing out vitenge, mealiemeal n kapentan coercing them to vote for you. Man up n rescue them now that they need the favour retained.

  10. The problem at hand is because of the DEFINED BENEFIT TYPE OF PENSION which the public service has been using. It is very important that the pension schemes in the country are reformed so that only individual and employer contributions become the basis of benefits as opposed to having money on paper that does not sit anywhere

    • You are very right Chishinte. As much as we have a useless leadership the pension scheme needs to be looked at so as to benefit the employees not govt when its time to pay.

  11. Mmmmmmm so only pf has to pay the retirees how about during the mmd period olo mu unip olo maybe in the next upnd times anyway just passing by.

  12. Lungu be careful na bonse abo mwalya nabo indalama shama pensioners ,you will die in aplane crush for not giving this old retirees their hard earned money. Is it the very reason you wanted a collective pension scheme in Zambia to be on one umbrella so that you can chew all the money for all pensioners in Zambia . Lungu you have failed. Just call for early elections or hand over power to some body with Brains. Lungu you are not a Christian at all , uli chi monister ichilya abantu. Wila fisama ati uli mu Christian. Knowing you from child hood in Kitwe ,you are not born a leader. You are a scrounger, MAKETULA , a thief , sadist and manipulator of a President surrounded by ignorant fools, *****s in his government. Lesa akakunda nomba line. Impupu ati ifintu ni Lungu. Leka nkwebe muli…

  13. Dr. Musokotwane, stop that nonsense. If i recall very well, those retirees who are crying for their pension benefit, i suppose their benefits have not been paid for more than 30 yrs i guess, even during the time when u were the Finance Minister. As a Minister of Finance at that time, why din’t you allocate some funds to pay them? but today you want to come out as if PF does not care for those retirees.

  14. mmmmm why are you so hard on ECL since him just inherited this debt.Think big don’t politicize how many people are suffering in this country are you telling me these are the only people who are special,this is not animal farm were some people are more important than the other wala.Any way ECL sort them out to shame the devil.these critics will never stop they think hh will solve the problem of this country it will worse because then there will be no rule of law men will be sleeping with their fellow men.

  15. ECL sort them out and the other monies which the govt is not remitting as monthly life pension to the spouses of those pensioners who have diead.2020 is the year for you PF now to show your strength ni mu 18 now.

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