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The insanity of the US based gay “Reverend”


New York city

By Wilfred Sameta

The wisdom of my homeland is wisdom like no other. It is a wisdom that is simple yet somewhat celestial.

Perhaps it is because as folklore would have it, our tribe began when Nyambe, the sun god descended from heaven onto Barotseland. It is said he came with his wife Nasilele (the moon), and together they began the line of Luyi-Luyana kings. Before ascending back to the heavens, they left their daughter Mbuyu to continue the line of leadership through her male offspring.

Maybe it is this legacy of having some divinity in our DNA that makes our male folk the fine, elegant and intelligent specimens that they are; and our female folk rare specimens of feminine grace…Barotse beauties with brains that have for generations had many a Tonga bull smitten and drooling!

But I digress!

Our culture and tradition has many rich axioms and wise sayings.

We have a saying:

“Kupotoloha kacacani ka mwangalala”

The literal translation is “to go round a mwangalala bush”.

It simply means to go mad, and it is used when referring to a person showing signs of madness.

The use of the mwangalala plant was probably decided upon by our ancestors due to its inedibility.

While Lozi might have found it reasonable to go round a plant to pick its fruit for food, they might equally have found it absurd for someone to frantically go round and round a tree with fruit that was not edible.

The disappointing loony eccentricities of certain “Reverend” Kapya Kaoma, who portrays himself as a “gay rights activist” in the diaspora, provides a befitting context to this adage.

How can a Zambian pastor be a gay rights activist? It’s absurd!

Round and round Kapya Kaoma goes enjoying the mwangalala bush of men sleeping with men. Round and round he goes delighting in the plant where women sleep with women. Round and round he goes looking for fruit from the tree that moved Jehovah to unleash God’s fury upon Sodom and Gomorrah.

Can a woman produce the fruit of the womb after sleeping with a woman?

Can a man conceive after sleeping with another man?

It is sheer madness!

Kapya Kaoma is frankly speaking, just a weird weasel with a seared conscience. He is masquerading and hiding in the Christian Church to make money out of the American Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Intersex (LGBTI) society. What a shame!

He is a complete sell out. He has sold his Zambian identity to debauchery and his despicable soul to diabolos.

The love of money is truly the root of all evil.

The “Clergyman” is part of an elaborate international scheme worth millions of dollars to introduce and legalise LGBTI in Zambia. On the evidence of his writings as “researcher on religion and sexuality” for a Boston based outfit and his close association with Pro-LGBTI organisations in the US, he cannot deny this.

Part of the scheme involves discrediting the current administration of Bo Lungu on the international scene, in order to influence regime change for a government that is “LGBTI Friendly”. This is where Kapya Kaoma comes in… to defile the reputation of the current regime.

What an irreverent Reverend!

Since Bo Edgar Lungu announced that he had cut his salary, a lot of vermin has come out of the woodwork.

Much of the fuss has been mere politicking, while some as in Kaoma’s case that are driven by money with a maliciously immoral mission, have been going round and round in frenzied madness, in a desperate attempt to sully and besmirch the President’s act of goodwill.

It reminds me of a tongue twister we learnt at primary school:

God made man;
Man made money;
Money made man Mad!

Or in this case:

Gay Money made Kapya Kaoma Mad!

The Author is a Retired Journalist Tilling the Land in Central Province


  1. Bo Wilfred Sameta, well spoken.

    Genesis 1:27 King James Version (KJV)

    27 ” So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”

    This is all any man preaching God’s word needs to know.

    • Dont mind the author he is an ignorant journalist, his mind is also retired! Let him go to Israel the so called holy land and paradise for homosexuals and learn one or two facts about being gay. They will probably treat him as he would treat gays in Zambia

  2. Zambia is Christian nation with it’s own laws. We do not entertain homosexuality in zambia and it will remain so until the people through their representatives in parliament decide otherwise. Until then we expect the law to deal harshly with any man or woman found humping a similar sex. Without a man and woman non of you would be here. Think about that. If you don’t like it then use your foote to walk away to America. Kz

  3. Enough of this gay thing, it has become boring. I didn’t even read the article. My question is why did you abandon your gods and started following the white man’s God?

  4. Oh Lord, just when I hope that someone will deal with the issues that urgently need to be resolved in our beautiful country, someone spews their ignorance which is then supported by Zambia’s most famous anarchist – KZ. Christians, you do know that God created ALL creatures, right? With ALL their imperfections.

  5. Another Chinwa Achebe well done bro keep it up.We will never allow any satanic acts to be introduced in our country.

  6. Bravo author, on point, it’s true common sense is not common anymore, or maybe it has to do more with what we have been exposed to via internet or TV sets. We have reached a point of looking at the abnormal as normal. How on Earth are we going to accept a man with a man…how?

    I’m breaker and I approve this message

  7. “Reverend Kapya Kaoma should be aware that homosexuality is not normal. It is a disability. Normalising the abnormal is simply wrong and dangerous! The raping of heterosexual men is currently on the increase in countries where homosexuality is openly practiced. The Manchester(UK) homosexual,one Reynhard Sinaga has just gone on record as the most prolific rapist in British legal history. Men are no longer safe in the West.
    Africa has already been plundered enough. The “Reverend” should think again and pray that he was the product of a woman’s womb and not a man’s anus.

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