Saturday, June 15, 2024

Prime TV’s alleged Doctored Footage about ZESCO MD



  1. Prime tuvi are in trouble with this clip when ZESCO come after them. Ba hh nabo, he doesn’t learn, rallies and crowds don’t mean votes!!

    • I watched that footage of journalists been taken for that media tour while prime telly was focused on getting to the root cause, as to why we are in this quagmire, some journalists busy taking selfishly taking selfies and forgot that Zambians need the truth, nothing but the truth, so help us God.

  2. This is saddening that people trusted with media licences are abusing them for political mileage. The media fraternity is meant to be neutral in approach. We know which party is funding you and soon the law will catch up with you. Fake news is more dangerous than terrorism. For example today according to Zambia watchdog I have been promoted to private secretary. They got one thing right about me still being employed by state house. However the rest in terms of the position is hogwash. No one yet publicly knows my role. I don’t need to tell anyone what I do when I work in a sensitive office such as OP. kz

    • You must be on medication whose side effect is Foolishness!! This is not Fake News, evidence is there for you to see. No wonder the country is in dire situation.

    • For as long as it’s for shamming PF, it’s fake news. Ba Kaizer, eat while you have time and power. But always remember that time judges EVERYONE. Your time will come sir, it might not be 2021, but it shall surely come and you’ll dance dununa reverse. All the best for now and happy New year.

    • Ba Kaizar, we can see you are blogging from U.K.
      How is this so, if you are still employed at State House?
      Also, as an employee of state house, being a civil servant, you are not allowed to engage in politics and political debates as if you are not a public servant


  4. Haaaaaa, thinking Zambians are dull now wants to deny what he said. The video is very clear, compare his voice and it’s the same on the two incidents. Zambian citizen tell us how Zesco will refute video evidence unless you blind and deaf otherwise it is very clear and straight forward. Remember Lungu with uwamwibala he failed to refute, so even Zesco won’t be able to refute where are they going to get other evidence, the burden of proof will be too much let Zesco keep quiet. I hope Lungu doesn’t believe this GM lying through his teeth

  5. The full unedited video has been posted online. Audio is available of ZESCO officials(or OP guys) clearly threatening and attempting to bribe the Prime TV journalist who covered the story.
    There is no No fake news as alleged but the truth
    Watch the full video and judge for yourself.

  6. Prime TV you have not lent a lesson don’t you know that boma ni boma hoooo bokwana.
    Can some one please responsible take charge of this TV station before it brings Luanda in our country.Please Prime be professional and do what is expected of you and stop writing sensational,fake news.

  7. IBM revoke the lincence for Prime TV enough is enough why do you allow nosense to continue in this country.

    • But me I don’t understand, zambian people don’t like good and nice things on my view prime TV is doing a great job this video is very clear and real there is nothing fake about this video prime TV reported what was said so what’s wrong with that sometimes let’s try to appreciate what we have as a country you closed the post newspaper now it’s prime TV and mind you 2021 the post newspaper we be back.

  8. Post newspaper will be back soon and the post newspaper should be compensated for all the losses for the years it has been closed for no proper reason.

  9. I cant see what is doctored here. I also cant see what the fight with Mundende is about. He is not saying anything terrible when he talks about those civil servants. That is the way they always work. The await instructions from political appointees. They cant make up their minds on their own. We all know how the government works

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