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Zambia Compulsory Standards Agency says Unsafe Dangote Cement was not sold on the Market


Dongote cement

The Zambia Compulsory Standards Agency (ZCSA) has dispelled social media reports alleging that the Agency allowed Dangote cement to be sold on the market after allegedly failing to meet the required standardized tests.

ZCSA Communications Officer, Caroline Kalombe said that the Agency conducts inspections at Dangote Industries Zambia Ltd bi-annually, but that it did not conduct any inspections in December 2019 or collect any samples for testing as purported on social media.

Ms. Kalombe disclosed to ZNBC News in a statement that from the last inspection and tests that were conducted on site in August 2019, the Agency did not find evidence of substandard cement produced at the plant.

She further added that samples were then collected and sent to a laboratory in South Africa in the same month for full testing as per procedure and the results were within the required standard.

Ms. Kalombe said the Agency is mandated to ensure public health and safety and therefore, would not put the lives of Zambians at risk by allowing an unsafe product on the market.


  1. If it weren’t sold what was being recalled as reported? Or do you now have food in your mouth so you can’t speak properly? Even in the Zambeaf embalming saga some chaps wanted to defend it but it was too late, the business was shaken. Sometimes it’s better not to say anything

    • Zambians just prepare for a TB Joshua building collapse. Don’t stand next to a building that was constructed the past three years

  2. what type of nonsense is this? Someone has lost his job and you keep changing goal post. the business is also affected

  3. I have been telling people my distaste for fake news. It is worse than terrorism. We the pf and myself personally have suffered due to fake news without evidence. Fake stories have been run painting me as a criminal and violent man and yet I have no single criminal record in my name. Do the maths. We hope dangote will go after these silly fake media outlets trying to taint people by issuing legal proceedings. Kz

  4. iwe kaiza sh ut up. just because you’ve no criminal record don’t necessary mean you ain’t a criminal.
    you’ve been in the inner cycles that’s why.
    you’re not a clean person, you’re a thug and a lot of your activities have been criminal.
    what fake news are you talking about, evidence of your doings is out in the open even pk chishala can see it. so don’t start rising dust here proclaiming to be a saint when you’ve committed a lot of crimes such that if john or jane did half the things you did they’d be locked up for a long time
    so quit your bs

  5. What inspections you morons? For how long has been going on you mappets? Bribes and nothing more, when are we going to set standards that we will follow. Nonsense and someone reports for work every day? Yaba.

  6. This is just damage control. They have realized the tension they have caused in the construction industry and are trying to belatedly allay the lpublic’s fears. Also they are vulnerable to being sued

  7. i use Dangote cement in my constructions and have found no problems with it even after testing the concrete strength.This negativity is clear evidence of the Zambian PHD syndrome.Support your African business guys.

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