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It’s unacceptable for Western Countries to Dictate How Africans Should Govern Themselves-President Lungu


President Lungu with Sudanese Ambassador s to Zambia at State House this Morning
President Lungu with Sudanese Ambassador s to Zambia at State House this Morning

President Edgar Lungu has said that it is unacceptable that some western countries want to determine and dictate how African countries should govern themselves.

Speaking when the outgoing Sudanese Ambassador to Zambia Awad Ali paid a courtesy call on him at State House Monday morning, President Lungu said that it is, however, gratifying that Africa has woken up to the reality that it can only advance if it looks to itself internally for realizing the potential that lies within the continent.

“I think that Africa has woken up to the reality that we can only advance if we look to ourselves internally for realizing the potential that lies within the African continent.

“The most important thing is that we have woken up as Africans, and let’s not allow manipulation by the East, West, or any other outside forces, but we only so if we get the best practices from one another” President Lungu stated.

Some have had their leaders lead from 1952 and they are still around and they are Presidents, they are Queens, they are called whatever titles..

President Lungu shared the view that systems of governance shouldn’t be dominated by outsiders because democracy has got many variations and each one country in the west who boast of democracy have got their own versions.

“The system of governance shouldn’t be dominated by outsiders. Democracy has got many variations and each one country in the west who boast of democracy has got their own versions.

“Some have had their leaders lead from 1952 and they are still around and they are Presidents, they are Queens, they are called whatever titles but for Africa, we have had this era which is slowly phasing where some of our friends, especially from the west dictate to us how we are going to govern our people, what structures of governance, what institutions we are going to take, and I think this is unacceptable.” President Lungu added.

And Mr. Ali thanked President Lungu for facilitating his stay in the country. He said he enjoyed cordial relations with the minister of Foreign Affairs and other Ministries. He added he will continue strengthening the Zambia/Sudan relations wherever he will go.


    • Democracy is the Western governmence phenomenon.
      To make sure that you are doing it right (their way), they send observers.
      In this light, Dr. ECL, they have dictated their way of Governance. You should be loving democracy right now. It unbonded us from the K² one party york.
      Sorry I missed the context of this article. I hope LT is not misfiring here.
      On the values, I stick with our guns. Man shall never wire another man of the same gender.

    • Don’t mind this hypocrite, he has no shame why don’t you apply the same principles when it comes to begging? You are still annoyed by Foote for calling you out on stinking corruption even when he is out of the country. Why is he even saying these things to Sudanese Ambassador if you have things on your chest call for a press conference. Cost of living has skyrocketed you are still talking about irrelevant issues.

  1. If Africans were governing themselves well they wouldn’t be asking for help frm the west with money to buy medicines.

    • Isn’t that what he is exactly bemoaning? The absence of self-governance such that even our resources are hauled out of Africa to the benefit of outsiders without any expectation of protest from us or our leaders. These foreign powers have become so accustomed to this arrangement such that any person or African leader who shows some sort of backbone is looked upon as insolent and deserves so e disciplining. Whatever form that may take (assassination, overthrow, sanctions, embargo, extra.) Andf examples of such cr@p on our continent abound. And African leaders are very much aware of such subversive foreign forces and the fear is real. So it is no surprise that much of Africa has been reduced are reduced to a place of beggars and a population in need of charity.

      Just because we won…

    • Continue…..

      the so called “political independence” does not really mean we are independent. Quite evidently, our political independence did NOT bring us ECONOMIC EMANCIPATION. And this was by design by colonial powers. The riches of Africa were simply too good and immense to be left to Africans alone.

      By the way, have you ever asked yourself why these same colonial and neo colonial powers insist on the so called “DEMOCRACY” today which they NEVER practiced or bothered to make sure it takes root when they were in charge of most of the African continent? How do you expect real “democrats” to emerge overnight out of a place that the only values you inculcated in the population are those that reflect the waste characteristics of our human nature? Behaviours such as the…

    • Continue…..

      normalization of brutality and mayhem, greed, subjugation, superiority of one over the other, extra. The most glaring example of this is Apartheid South Africa. I mean, can anybody tell me what good values, if any, that system taught Africans or S/Africans in particular?

      And as we speak, France is embroiled in a scandal of its colonial past (the CFA franc.) A colonial currency which France has used for more than 70 years to remotely control their 14 former African colonies. Because they figured (and quite correctly I might say) that whoever controls your money (your bank account) has you by your b@lls. They can do anything to you economically! Now France is frantically trying to ‘put lipstick on a pig ,’ as the saying goes. Unfortunately, too often this has been…

    • Contiinue….

      the sad reality in Africa for centuries now. A continent where we can not even set prices for our own commodities even if we tried. So it is not surprising that they feel it is perfectly okey to dictate the kind of “Democracy” Africa should follow when, as Pres Lungu has correctly observed, there is no single version of Democracy that suits all. This is true even among the so called Western countries.

      As though this is not enough, they also want to dictate the kind of foreign CULTURAL NORMS we should accept and abide by. Otherwise, …… ( fill in the blank.) Therefore, the concern and bemoaning of the current crop of African leaders about how Africa has been treated over the years, decades, and centuries is regit and refreshing at the same time. It is about time…

    • Continue…..

      Africa stood up for herself. We can no longer afford to delegate our problems and entrust our children’s into foreign hands that have always looked at us as LESS THAN…… The time is now or it will be too late!


  2. lun gu, you don’t know the difference between a monarchy and a democratic system where people vote for their leader?
    if someone says there’s rampant corruption that you conveniently chose to ignore, they are not dictating to you how to govern. these countries are answerable to their tax payers for their budget, you say that on one hand and then the other hand is extended for the west’s aid, you want them to just give aid and not have any say? bwana presid ent, you can’t have a cake and eat it too
    all the west is saying is that be transparent, stop locking up anyone who’s in the opposition and says something that you don’t like. don’t muzzle the voices, znbc is your mouth piece, what do oppositions have?
    are you hinting that you want to be there forever because the west ( I…

  3. It’s unacceptable that you pretend to play the moral card when you can’t back it up with your current track record. Why do you even go to these countries. It’s like you think they don’t know your secrets.

  4. Is there any thing like wise words from a thief who stole from a widow, a drunk running down a country and probably the worst president on earth?????

  5. I concur with my boss here. We had a conversation about this during political briefing two weeks ago and these were the sentiments many had. Africa is unique and will need its own unique style of governance. For us in Zambia pf is providing just that. Kz

    • It’s unique for sure. Corruption, no salaries for working class, load shedding due to inefficient management etc, etc.

  6. Is he referring to Queen Elizabeth when he mentions 1952? A figure head monarchy. Is he suggesting that there would be nothing wrong if HE
    HIMSELF stayed in power forever? There maybe ‘variations’ of democracy but some claims of the same are not. You can’t be repressive and
    ignore all fundamental rights that people possess for example, and still claim to be democratic.

  7. Thats true. Africa must stay ‘Woke.’ Especially indigenous populations that have not lived abroad, as those abroad are targeted to be groomed to promote Western interests by misrepresentation of African politics through the use of Ingrained discriminating profiling of African politics raised by colonialism.

    The West merely want control of African resources through influencing which candidate wins based on their grooming of a controllable asset.

    Govt needs to sensitise home based citizens to understand the differences between them and those that live abroad. That’s the Battle.

    • Whatever the mode of the transport you are using they are coming from West countries you are denouncing.sudan is nothing bwana lungu

  8. West is´nt dictating Zambia or any other African countries. The west want to help, the Africans leaders and countries. So when then the western country see that the investment they try to do, just make the Government richer and not the people, because of all the corruptions (and there is alot of evidence and prove to that) Then will the western countries have quranties. How Zambia is ruling today, will the western countries stopp there investment here, and invest in other african countries like Ghana Senegal Ivory Coast where they can see there investments.

    • Whatever the mode of the transport you are using they are coming from West countries you are denouncing.sudan is nothing bwana lungu

    • What investment, colonised diasporan??? Echo Bowman ami tukila. The illicit capital outflows every year are to help the population??

  9. Parliamentary system British, clothing European, judicial system British, ……

    Kikiki, even the speaker of parliament is still putting on colonial gown and wig.

  10. Hypocrite Lungu ,the same man who asked for debt assistance from Turkey and then corruptly took delivery of donated fire engines from USA.

  11. May I also state that it is unacceptable for Zambians to be subjected to such mediocre and poor leadership as portrayed by the PF government.

  12. Ba President u hv failed, wht hv u done for the country, u think roads is development whn people can’t afford a staple food, mulekwatako nesoni, ebuntu. Kaizer uli chibuba fye. Ad you’re enjoying over the poor Zambians, things are bad ad you support. Your days are number, wht goes up definitely will come down.

  13. Zambia has been misgoverned resulting in malaria deaths ,the high debt burden and a failing economy.What’s there to defend Bwana Lungu?

  14. I can’t believe this guy ECL cannot differentiate between a Monarchy and Political leadership. The UK Queen is like a the Head of State who actually does not run the country in the way Presidents like Mr Lungu do. If he wants to run a parallel, he point out a UK Prime Minister who stayed in power for too long. We have had serious Brexit issues and the Queen never intervined. You win Elections in the UK,the queen invites you to form Government.

    About dictating to Africa, ECL should remember that he who feeds you will have a say in your affair. If you use taxi dollars from another country, you risk the country looking into how you spend the money. The best way to avoid such interference is to clean up thy act and make run your economy well so you are self-suffient. Very few people…

  15. Western countries and even China will always determine and dictate how African countries should govern themselves because we have selfish leaders in Africa including Zambia. Leaders who think they are gods and enslave their own people. Leaders who steal from their own people. These guys fooled us over Chitotela case. It was stage planned to just make fools out of us that he was appearing in court when it was all planned to “rest” the case. This case will come back when we have good governance in place. Even master minders of such trickery and deceit will be in trouble one day- mark my word!

  16. there simply telling you how you should apply donor money and not abuse it by sharing it amongst yourselves. They have every right to same something amid corruption among other evil we are seeing today.

  17. There are Seven Traits of succesful people and personally I think Dungu has none of them.
    1) Proactivity
    2) Starting with the end
    3) Doing first things first
    4) Think Win Win
    5) Seek first to understand then be understood
    7) Sharpen the saw
    If He at least has one of these please point it out for me

  18. If its was not this western democracy, Mr ECL would have not seen this throne. However, I like the point so maybe we go back and had over the leadership to our chiefs and forget about politics which are enriching the few pipo.

  19. looters who go and stash the loot in the colonial countries who use the same to immidate us again if all this money they stl was not stolen these countries would be strong economically

  20. What’s unacceptable is for outright thieves and criminals like Edh.gar Lung.u to be stealing Public Resources with impunity and other nations watching without intervening! Lung.u is just an and the sooner he goes the better for ALL of us

  21. Respect is earned not forced. Even the west do respect progressive nations regardless of where they are. In fact, they can’t dictate when you are doing very well, they invite you for discussions.

  22. You cannot even run your country without begging them for money, and you want them to keep quite?

    You are unrealistically naive. Your country has been a beggar since 1964. Him who plays calls the shots.

  23. Sir, we can easily ignore those muzungus and their rantings (!)if you, our leaders, provide exemplary leadership that guarantees quality life, equal opportunities and justice for all Zambians

  24. Stop cheating yourself iwe Lungu, the copper u re mining there the prices are still dictated by the western world. USA will forever be the judge, jury and executor for the whole globe. You need to be courageous like the likes of the late Gaddaffi and Mugabe for the western leaders to feel your weight!!!!

  25. Sir are you not troubled by the deaths of our compatriots drownoy in the Mediterranean while feeling African hunger,war,joblessness? Is blocking opponents to enter towns,blocking opponents using National Television which everyone in the country pays for?Is using state money to sponsor Pastors to support what most intelligent Zambians know is a scheme to extend government? Isn’t the rule of law the same in everywhere?

  26. Talk is cheap! Do something about it Mr President and stop begging and borrowing money from the west, because it is very easy to control somebody in debt. Zambians can change Zambia if we have an effective government that sets priorities right. Lets tell the west to go and hang! I am sure there will be suffering for a few years, but in the end Zambia will be the envy of the world. Lets make Cars, mobile phones, send a satellite to space, develop serious commercial farms, set up industries… before you know it, living starndards will be very high that tukalaleta abasungu bakaboyi na ma maids.

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