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Bishop Chomba warns Controlling Officers fixated with politics


LOCAL Government Permanent Secretary Bishop Edward Chomba has warned Local Authority Controlling Officers to stir off politics as they are civil servants.

In a stern warning to Town Clerks and Council Secretaries, Bishop Chomba said he will not tolerate the involvement of controlling officers or any or any other local government officers in politics, “be it, pro-government or opposition.”

“Why are you so fixated with politics, I am sending you a clarion warning, I will remove you, yours is service delivery, do just that,” Bishop Chomba warned the house of Local Government Controlling Officers in Ndola.

Bishop Chomba who was in Ndola for the official opening of the orientation workshop for Local Authorities on Accounting Policy Framework and other policies observed that Public resources have not been properly accounted as Local Authorities have failed to provide information to the auditors.

“I am urging the Town Clerks and Council Secretaries to take a keen interest in the audits and also ensure that all the information required by the auditors is provided with the stipulated time… I am aware that some are even experts at responding to audit queries, I will be sitting with the Auditor General, we have expert liars,” he cautioned.

He said Financial Statements and Accounting records will be audited using Public Finance Management Act No.1 of 2018, he urged Directors of Finance and Council Treasurers to adhere to the provisions of the Public Finance Management Act in order to avoid being found wanting.

“Provision of information to External Auditors as and when they require is a must as Section 82 of the Act may not be too kind for those who will ignore the advice. Ladies Gentlemen, the Report of the Auditor General on the Accounts of Local Authorities for the Financial years ended 31st December 2015, 2016 and 2017 findings included the failure to prepare Financial Statements, lack of updated Valuation Rolls, lack of title deeds, failure to fill key positions, failure to maintain properties and failure to adhere to the provisions of the Environmental Management Act,” he observed.

“Other issues contained in the Report include no-remittance of statutory contributions to the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA), the National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) and Local Authorities Superannuation Fund (LASF). This shows that financial resources are not managed prudently. Further, as Councils you are obliged to collect fees and levies for various services you offer, which most of you have failed to do.”

Bishop Chomba also noted that the many financial challenges of councils are facing can only be alleviated when principal officers put more effort in revenue collection.
He said government is resolute that markets and bus stations will be run by the councils and no cadre interference would be tolerated.

“Ensure that Revenue Management systems are put in place that would prevent issues of theft, delayed and non-banking of Revenue. You should further take advantage of various Information Technology Innovations and Automate the Revenue Management systems,” he said.


  1. Timely warning especially as we approach 2021. We don’t want to give upnd an excuse to cry foul when they lose again for 6th time. We don’t want them wasting courts times with legal proceedings based on election losses. Our record speaks for itself. I am working night and day to ensure pf gets even a bigger share of the vote. Kz

  2. ‘Oh my foot !
    ‘Timely warning especially as we approach 2021. We don’t want to give upnd an excuse to cry foul when they lose again for 6th time. We don’t want them wasting courts times with legal proceedings based on election losses. Our record speaks for itself. I am working night and day to ensure pf gets even a bigger share of the vote. Kz

    You fools have not answered or told the Zambians ;
    What Chavula was doing in a computer protected zone ?
    Who gave him the password ?
    Where he is ?
    Why has he not seen his day light in Zambian court up to now ?
    What he was doing ?
    Who sent him ?

  3. This man has carried on just like normal after ordering a bridge unsafe and he is here preaching. I think this man is connected and this is everything that wrong with this govt.

  4. Acknowledgements of thieving in government and local authorities. Warning in themselves does not prevent corruption and ukabolala mu PF. It must begin to the head. Edward Chomba has a saying in his native language, will try ‘Ukushininkisha kubola kwe isabi kumonela kumutwe’

  5. Zambia has been ruined by the politicization of everything especially the high courts,the police ,the ACC and the auditor general’s office. Bishop Chomba is just being a hypocrite coz he’s been serving amidst these evils.

  6. Why does the media refer to this chap as Bishop? A bishop is an ordained, consecrated, or appointed member of the Christian clergy who is generally entrusted with a position of authority and oversight.

  7. If PF loses in 2021, I will run naked from Arcades to mandahill during the day. Can HH also pledge to do the same if UPND lose?

  8. @ metu you are killing my positive vibes while am enjoying my whiskey. If hh is so confident that pf have been useless then why can’t he pledge to do like I am pledging. It is because you know that upnd are losing

    • Positive energy nonsense are your business based on your personal interpretation. HH is not Zambia and neither is Pf. You are lost cause. We the people are surviving on less than a dollar per day and you claim to have given us development. What development and at what price? Development not on par with human development is in itself irrelevant. Presidential advisor, what’s that about, how? We are in this conundrum because of people like you. Mr. Do you know me, pathetic. You are the worst person that ever happened to our politics. Winning elections is one thing but improving equity provisions for the betterment of the people is what matters. Right now, anybody as long as they are not linked to Pf they would do. What has Pf got to show, infrastructure that will be paid for by children that…

  9. KZ Zambians know what you did 2016, this time around don’t think you will easily rig the elections that easy just to cause more load shedding and stealing. Your PF has completely lost direction and time has exposed how useless Lungu is. The chickens have come home to roost, your stinky corruption is haunting you. IMF will not borrow you money and it is just a matter of time before you start defaulting on the wasted loans. Don’t think talking about HH this and that is going to save. The man is handing to you pants down without abusing public funds like you guys are doing. Work instead HH this and that, remember the TItanic people in it didn’t think it was going to sink and it did killing them with their puffed up pride

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