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ZASA acquires over 150 hectares of land in Zambia for its members living in South Africa


The Association of Zambians in South Africa (ZASA) has acquired over one hundred and fifty hectares of land in Zambia for its members living in South Africa.

Association President Ferdinard Simanya says about one million rands has so far been paid towards the purchase of the land located in Livingstone

He mentioned that one hundred and three (103) members have fully paid for different sizes of land which included agricultural, commercial and residential plots.

He said that the initiative was to help Zambians in South Africa.

And Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa who is also patron of the Association Major Gen Jackson Miti says the land empowerment program would enable Zambians in the diaspora have access to land for investment in various sectors of the Zambian economy.

He says Zambians in South Africa should make use of the land empowerment program to secure their future once they returned to Zambia.

The High Commissioner described the program as progressive and timely.

He said Zambians in South Africa should take advantage of the diaspora policy which was put in place to easily facilitate for their investment plans in Zambia in order for them to actively participate in the country’s development agenda.


  1. Another testimony and evidence of the positive economic development under pf. We have brought about confidence in our economy such that those that left for greener pastures are now investing back home in the hope that they will retire back home one day. Pabwato fye. Kz

    • Sounds good. But I me I can’t do it.
      Leaving my village in Luapula to go and live with other people in Livingstone?? Why? just because they are “some-of-us?”.
      And why are they paying the Chief for that land or that 1 million Rands was paid to Minister of Lands in Zambia? Sounds as another scandal. More than 1 million rand for 150 hectors? This is a scandal!! Should be free…..

  2. I will just recommend that you ensure you have security on those plots to avoid squatters. I m speaking from a terrible experience myself on my land. Kz

  3. Well done Zambian embassy SA ,

    Can GRZ pleas send ambassadors to Europe , especially uk with such progressive ideas and focus …

    Not these du.ll caders we have masquerading as ambassadors who only know how to attend dinner parties

  4. To be honest this is a very good idea investing back home and we will invest am one of the ZASA members we are well organized

  5. Traditional land will not cost that much. Members need to prove this transaction. Any Chief will not charge that much to Zambian citizens.

  6. So what type of transaction is this? The association buys the land then sells on land to members or members buy the land through the association. I can foresee a messy court case here surely if you are a Zambian and want land you don’t need association.

  7. My advice to all Zambians in the diaspora go home and buy the land by yourself not this ZASA thing just over pricing the land how can somebody buy land for you without seeing it they will buy a desert farm for you were cattle can not even survive and I agree with Kaiser some of you will just buy those places of squatters before you know it you will be on TV for trespassing on your own land.

  8. this is a welcome move. at list our friends from there will own land well-done Government for allowing them to have access to this land.

  9. You dont need an ambassador to buy land for you. Infact you dont even need to buy land. just visit your village and the headman/chief will show you your family inheritance

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