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A change of Presidential Candidate by PF would still , should Never be Enough


By: Anthony Bwalya – UPND Member

As the country approaches the home stretch towards a defining general election in 2021, there is an awful lot of calculation that the various political parties will put into deciding who their presidential candidate and running mate will be. And for the ruling Patriotic Front (PF), this question is as potent and palpable as ever, given the extensive breaches of trust and credibility that has occurred under the watch of the incumbent since 2015.

In public leadership, much more political leadership; credibility and trust are the basic tenets that define the quality and standard of leadership a nation gets. And these Two (2) fabrics of political leadership are defined and analysed both at organizational and individual level, in order to ascertain that both the organization and the individuals serving therein command the required sort of credibility, while inspiring trust.

For purposes of ease, credibility and trust in political leadeship simply means leaders and the organizations they lead have to be accountable, transparent, honest, lead by example and deliver on their promises.

Now, a cursory glance at the PF and the manner they have provided national political leadership over the past Eight (8), both as an organization and as a group, they have dismally breached all boundaries of credibility and trust through a combination of party and state sponsored corruption, as well as broken campaign promises.

The individuals currently peddling the failed PF agenda are just as guilty as the political organization itself, sacrificing the hopes of a whole nation in order to keep alive the organization because the organization has become a conduit and platform of favor, opportunity and privilege rather than service.

The Financial Intelligence Center report of 2018 revealed that a named political party received K10 million in kickbacks for the award of public contracts. I would challenge the PF and it’s leadership to deny that it is not they who were in receipt of this money, and while if it be the case, can they demonstrate to the public what services they provided in order for them to have received K10 million from contractors.

Today, we are talking about over $1.5bn stolen in Mukula revenue and the beneficiaries have been PF government officials, and subsequently the party itself. The party and the individuals serving it cannot and must never be held in isolation. The party is, has been and continues to benefit, both directly and indirectly, from the criminal and improper conduct of it’s members.

The same infrastructure narrative the PF are now peddling has been a cataclysmic propellent of illegality through illegal award of public contracts to friends of the party and party officials, exaggeration of the cost of public contracts, contracts being awarded to political party CADRES who get rewarded for delivering substandard works. It is no wonder, that only less than $8bn of the $19bn total debt stock has actually been spent on projects, the the rest stolen thanks to the party and it’s officials.

Zambians, therefore, need to be weary and alert. The PF will be desperate and they are desperate, to dust themselves up in readiness for next year, when they have spent the last 8 years destroying this country. Another 5 years of this kind of political leadership madness will ensure that we all forfeit for good nearly 60 years of trying to build a country we could all proudly call home


  1. Applies to Trible HH too:

    “A change of Presidential Candidate by Trible UPND would still, should Never be Enough”.

    Dont worry, the correct leader is coming . He is undergoing final touches in Heaven. EDD from Heaven will be communicated within this year 2020.

    So mwebambi na ngu mucite attend church services every Sunday or even four times every Sunday, nokubepa ba Lesa, you are wasting your time.

    • Leadership crisis pa Zed. Meanwhile the campaign trail is in Mongu. Campiagns in full swing disguised as monitoring development projects. Then why do we have ministers and other senior servants in those places. Austerity should not only be applicable to international trips but local ones as well, Ati masebela bati

  2. As long as from the same PF there emerges another ‘Mwanawasa’ as a Presidential candidate I wouldn’t mind voting for PF

    • Mwanawasa was MMD, PF have to find their own, maybe incorrigible Kaizar. But if you look at PF they are all stained, the best would be to disband, I think their next conversion must consider voluntary wind up for PF, just to save themselves from the impending embarrassment in 2021

  3. The party is already agreed that lungu should be nominated. The party has final say via convention. However our friend in upnd don’t even know what convention stands for. Apparently hh has banned the use of the word and is now claiming upnd will host a convention on 30 February this year. Kz

  4. Upnd have developed the habit of thinking only they have the solutions for this country. They are now choosing who should head PF. Them not putting together a convention since 2006 seems acceptable in their version of democracy and the worship of the infallible hh is normal. This is a sick group of people.

    • Please talk about disorganized PF. UPND have their own appointed and approved official sober minded spokespersons, and thanks for the attempt to be UPND spokesperson like lost soul Kaizar

  5. Do we honestly have a leadership crisis. What is leadership crisis? if the bible says every leadership comes from above does it mean the bible is lying?
    Anthony concentrate on your party .

  6. like it or not PF is winning because the change of wind is not yet blowing.Desperation as caused HH to fail for 5 times and this time around is gona fail believe me or not.

  7. UPND is a party funded by boers. Do not need west powers to the Chinese to Boers colonilisation
    Down with front capitalists , the stooges of economic colonizers

  8. they are fearing to be defeated by pf, thus why they are saying change batata ba lungu, the lord lifts up the humble, ba lungu is very humble

  9. “However our friend in upnd don’t even know what convention stands for.” It is doesn’t know. Mr.

  10. And what is that headline saying??
    A change of Presidential Candidate by PF would still , should Never be Enough

  11. Brother KZ, please elucidate this for me, the party has already agreed on Lungu for Presidency but we are still going for a convention?
    Is the convention then neccesary? or is it, as i suppose, meant to retire Wina honourably? I dont think the old woman can and should still be relevant.
    The PF convention would only be real if you allow KBF to stand, and for the votes to be secret ballot.
    Sir, please try and engage me formally, I would like that.

  12. Mmmmmmmh! Wait iwe! Kikikikikikiki!
    Damn it.

    ECL must hammer h² for the third time.
    Kikikikikikijukija kanveka monga ka 3rd term. No no no it is third time. You know what I mean yeah? Third time like third term.

    Then ECL’s successor must also whip whippable h² 2 times.

    That is the order of things.

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