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Zambia requested to provide more troops for the UN operations


Zambia has been requested to provide more troops for the UN operations. This is in recognition for the country’s proficiency based on its previous contributions to UN Peace keeping Missions.

Zambia was last year ranked top in quality of peacekeeping troops in its missions by the United Nations. The country scored 90 per cent in competence based on its contributions to UN peacekeeping operations.

In an interview after making a presentation on the current and planned mechanized capability of the Zambia Defence Force at the 20th annual International Armoured vehicle conference held at Twickenham Stadium in the United Kingdom, Brigadier General Mudas Musukwa, Brigade Commander Armoured Brigade, Zambia Army said the British Department of Defence team is expected in Zambia to train more troops preparing to go for the UN Peace Keeping Operations.

And during the presentation, Brigadier General Musukwa said, Zambia has decided to mordernise the Defence force for it to be relevant in the era of dynamic security environment.

Brigadier General Musukwa said in order to meet the demands of new threats, the Zambia Army is in the process of realigning and reorganizing its forces as it also looks at revisiting its policy.

He said government has continued to support the modrenisation agenda by ensuring that the Defence Force acquires new equipment.

He told the conference that although the security environment in SADC and Zambia in particular is not yet volatile, the status quo in the security environment cannot be taken for granted.

Brigadier General Musukwa said Zambia Army Command desires to see a professional, modern and versatile army capable of preserving national and International peace and security by 2025, saying this will enable the Army to carry out its mission to preserve the sovereignty and defend the territorial integrity of Zambia and contribute to the maintenance of the world peace.

Defence Attache General Oscar Chapula with Brigadier General Mudas Musukwa, Brigade Commander Armoured Brigade, Zambia Army at a conference in London
Defence Attache General Oscar Chapula with Brigadier General Mudas Musukwa, Brigade Commander Armoured Brigade, Zambia Army at a conference in London
Brigadier General Mudas Musukwa with Defence Attache General Ocsar Chapula at the International Armoured Vehicle Conference in London
Brigadier General Mudas Musukwa with Defence Attache General Ocsar Chapula at the International Armoured Vehicle Conference in London


  1. Unfortunately, the UN is failing to help failed states to recover because it’s not thinking beyond traditional boundaries. It’s wrong for example to just organize elections and then walk away. If someone has been a bushfighter the past 25 years and suddenly they find themselves in elected public office where they’re expected to make decisions that affect millions of their fellow citizens, they’re bound to get it wrong. It’s not fair to expect such leaders to negotiate contracts with sleek international business corporations on behalf of their countries. They’re bound to get swindled or dign one-sided contracts that don’t benefit their people. That’s wht the UN is allowing to happen in places like South Sudan.

  2. Further to the comment above, it’s difficult for leaders in developing countries that aren’t failed states to negotiate water-tight contracts with international business corporations, wht then do u expect to happen in states just trying to rebuild after civil war? The UN is a joke.

  3. Develop Nuclear beef and no one will touch you. Chapwa. On a serious note, we should stop this self hate of always thinking African countries are failed states. Name one country on this planet which failed it’s people without the interference of outside forces in the name of UN resolutions? What has failed us is the so called democratic capitalism. If we are not learning anything from the ongoing US impeachment trial then we deserve all the nonsensical foreign interference especially with quid pro quo as demonstrated by that expelled US ambassador.

  4. FutureZed: I don’t know wht u’re trying to say. Yes, there are failed states in this world. A failed state is one where some parts of its territory or the whole territory where the government is unable to exercise its power through its usual institutions such as the police, the army, the courts and prisons. In other words, in a failed state govt is unable to enforce order by arresting criminals and, make them face justice and imprison them if found guilty. Somalia is a failed state, Haiti is a failed state, D.R. Congo is a partially failed state. If you’re robbed in certain parts of the Congo, there’s nowhere to report. If u don’t know this, it’s pointless having this exchange wth u.

  5. Zambian army is one of the most useless in the world. They only know how to sing and dance, if a war broke out they would be the first ones to ‘take cover” They are too fat and lack proper military training…
    In May 1973 Zambian troops fired across the border and killed two Canadian tourists on the Zimbabwean side of Victoria Falls .

  6. New weapons systems are developed and soldiers need training to operate and handle them. This can be done by developers themselves or other armies that hv already acquired those weapons. This happens all over the world. If u don’t know, ask. Canadian tourists were swimming in a military operation area. Wht were they doing there whn Rhodesia was under sanctions? That’s why u were unable to graduate from military training school.

  7. Our men and women in uniform are well regarded and in demand due to the discipline instilled in them under pf. We shall continue on this path. Kz

  8. What Brigadier Generals, this are civilians so please stop missusing terms. Which war have these fatchaps ever fought? Kunya!

  9. Zambia Army has been regarded as a disciplined force since time immemorial, and, of course, very competent, regardless of whatever political party is in power. Well done!

  10. A standing military is an insurance policy. Whn u take out insurance, does it mean u want your house to burn? Don’t talk about war. It’s a nasty thing. And if u think it’s only soldiers who are affected by war, you are deluding yourself. Ours is a peacetime military which can be used to achieve a lot if it has enlightened and informed civilian leadership. In USA, the US Army Corp of Engineers do amazing things.

  11. UN, we need the troops ourselves to restore peace in Chingola at the moment than sending them to foreign peace keeping missions.

  12. @Nemwine, it’s good that you highlighted the countries you claim to be failed states, now I would urge you to go and read up on why these countries are at war and maybe you’ll get up to speed to my level of analysis. The point I’m trying to put across here is that the so-called failed states are caused by outside interference or conflict of interests by the very powers you lookup to. USA being the number 1 country on this planet responsible for the suffering of millions of people worldwide. I feel for our innocent soldiers being drafted to wars they don’t or will never understand. Why do you think the DR congo will never be stable? simple answer…it has too much wealth under it’s belly and at the moment this wealth is in the hands of the so called world superpowers. So going back to…

  13. Look at these officers in the photo, walking around with briefcases at a military arms fair as if they have got billions of dollars and nuclear codes in there!!

  14. In the first world war, blacks were sent first, then the whites would come in last, the blacks were called human shield, UN is planning on hitting Iran after Iran bombarded their base in Iraq, how sure are we that the soldiers these whites are taking are not another HUMAN SHIELD…message approved

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