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Zambia must aggressively fight and stop the coronavirus from entering the country – Nevers Mumba

Health Zambia must aggressively fight and stop the coronavirus from entering the country...

A few hours ago, I flew into Kenneth Kaunda International Airport. I am alarmed at how casually we are handling passengers coming from China. The measures put in place to fight the Coronavirus are totally inadequate and pose a great danger to the nation’s safety.

Zambia must win this war at the prevention stage and not at the treatment stage. The size of our economy cannot sustain a full fledged fight of the virus once it starts to spread in the country. Our only hope is to be uncompromising in the manner we handle those coming into Zambia from China and any destination where the virus has started to spread.

We advise that anyone who has visited China in preceding 14 days must be quarantined at a special location so chosen for such a purpose for a period of time.

Zambia must invest in top of the range testing equipment and treatment kits. This is where we should be prepared to spend as a nation. Until more information on the spread of the virus is available, we must not leave any stone un turned. We must NOT allow the Coronavirus entry in Zambia. We can’t afford it. We should be bold enough to shut down some businesses in public interest.

By Nevers Mumba,

President, Movement for Multiparty Democracy, MMD.

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  1. We are working hard and doing everything within our powers ba mumba. Why can’t you appreciate for once? The UK a first world country has contracted the virus while here there is still no case of the virus. Let us be realistic. Kz

    • Comment: Dear Kaisar Zulu, with all respect, yes, it hasn’t arrived yet but it could. You said, we are doing all we can. Don’t think so. Once it arrives, and the possibility is very high, (Chinese entering Zambia every day) that’s it and even you might not be spared. Read my comment below for more…

  2. Knowing us, I would agree with Nevers. But the minister of health is on record that Zambia is adequately prepared and that measures have been put in place – I even saw some clips of it on ZNBC a while ago. Was Nevers himself coming from China to see that he just breezed through customs?

  3. Nevers Mumba stop making noise Zambians are worried about food and employment so stop bringing unnecessary issues…..and just stop Politics Mr Mumba your MMD is not going anywhere

  4. There is nothing wrong in what Mr Nevers Mumba said about putting measures to prevent the disease to spread to Zambia. Don’t your differences to shoot down Every good thing.

  5. Never Mumba is so right, prevention is better than cure. Quarantine those coming from the China for at least 1 week otherwise it will be disaster once the virus sneaks in.

  6. Dr Mumba is correct, let’s learn to have some sense of emergency.There are many people returning from China, of which some are our own relatives, truth is; we haven’t seen Government act in any way upon the arrival of these people and so far no one has been quarantined. Please let’s put measures to this pandemic. We are all know that we can’t afford having this Virus in our country!

  7. Thank you Dr. Mumba. Looney Lungu is just Chilubiing instead of being serious. This deadly virus will wipe us out. We lack capacity to prevent, treat and avoid a catastrophe. God Forbid.

  8. Comment: Yes Dr. Mumba, I said it before. Don’t allow aircraft carrying Chinese landing in Lusaka and if it should land, don’t allow them to disembark. It only takes 1 guy or girl. That’s it. Letting them just only go to the screening facility is too far. One of the officers will catch it, and then??? Let the horror begin. Imagine it hits the compounds. Am speechless, cannot spell it out. It can still be blocked if decisive action of blocking them being taken, even at the cost of the economy. Lives are worth more, or?

  9. Honestly Kaizer Zunyo, have you contracted coronavirus already to be this demented that even when someone is saying something so logical but only because its against the government you spring to the government support! Awe sure kachi.kala iwe ka Malyamungu ubunangwa uleke. After all your shenanigans when still in power, you will sooner than later have your day of reconning, you will die like Castro Chiluba. Sooner than later, someone will shoot you in your stupid head to teach you a lesson. We have not forgotten your foolish stupidity acts, you will pay a heavy price soon.

  10. Comment:Lyonse fyonse ma politics. Dr Mumbai is narrating what he saw.We are always reactive instead of being proactive. You will not talk if it breaks out.

  11. Stop Chinese from entering Zambia until further notice. In Kenya people scampered in different directions and left the premises when a Chinese man entered a popular restaurant they were eating at.
    Fear of Chinese is now very high in many countries. Stop eating anything from China

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