Hailstorms destroy over 60 houses and maize fields in Samfya


Over 60 houses have collapsed in Samfya district of Luapula Province following a hailstorm and heavy rains that have left several families without food and shelter in Chief Kasoma Bangweulu’s chiefdom.

The hailstorm has also left over seven people injured with two in critical condition at Mansa General Hospital.
Samfya District Commissioner Mr. Nason Bwalya in the company of the District’s Disaster Management and Mitigation Committee was on hand to assure the affected residents of governments support.

Mr. Bwalya assured the affected residents that the President has been informed and is aware of the disaster.

“We have not come here empty handed as we know of the hardship that has befallen the people of Kafita Village and the president has been informed that is why we are here to do a comprehensive report to assess the situation and send it to higher offices in Lusaka,” he said.

The district commissioner then proceeded to spearhead the distribution of 400 bags of 12.5kg mealie meal from the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) to the affected residents of Mpata and Chimembe areas of the district.

One of the affected residents Chama Yowa has appealed to the government and disaster management and mitigation unit to help the affected families with shelter and food as they not only lost their houses but their crops as well to the hailstorm.

Government’s quick response with relief food has also been thanked by the affected residents with the Katanshya Ward councilor Medard Chama also thanking Bangweulu Member of Parliament Anthony Kasandwe for quickly providing the logistics needed for delivering the relief mealie meal to the ward.

It is clear that the destruction left in the wake of this hailstorm needs more attention from the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit as most of the residents have lost their shelter and in some cases their sources of livelihood.

By Jonas Miselo


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