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Malanji to represent President Edgar Lungu at Funeral of former Kenyan President, Daniel Arap Moi

Headlines Malanji to represent President Edgar Lungu at Funeral of former Kenyan...

Foreign Affairs Minister Joseph Malanji will represent President Edgar Lungu at the State Funeral Service of former Kenyan President, Daniel Arap Moi.

Mr Malanji has since left Addis Ababa Ethiopia for Nairobi, Kenya.

The Funeral Service will be held at Nyayo Stadium on Tuesday 11th February 2020.

He was seen off by at Bole International Airport by Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia and Permanent Representative to the African Union Emmanuel Mwamba.

This is contained in a statement issued by Inutu Mwanza, the First Secretary for Press and Tourism at the Zambia Embassy in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

Mr Malanji was in Ethiopia to represent Zambia’s President Edgar Lungu, at the 33rd Ordinary Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union (AU).

He was accompanied by Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Christopher Yaluma, Minister of Justice Given Lubinda and other senior Government officials.


  1. RIP to this great man of africa. We hope our friends in UPND will behave themselves by not politicising this trip. When his exellency does travel he gets criticized and even when he doesnt they will find a silly complaint. Let us respect the mourning of a very respectable leader. KZ

  2. This moron Edgar is still camped on Chilubi Island like a hungry komboni dog on a juicy oxtail bone …Malanji just returned from AU summit. Why on earth are we paying that old grandma Bo Inonge when she is too frail for the job but never too old for wages.

  3. Just as I said in my previous post, now look at the f.o.o.l.ish scum above and their comments. You will never rule this country with your hate. Anything pf does is wrong in your eyes and you think zambians are dull to vote you childish cows in power. You are lying to yourself. Its pf until the world ends. Contact me for help.you are mentally unstable. Kz

  4. Moving on.. I will be travelling to dubai next week to monitor the printing of ballots papers. Even when this is a government duty I have decided to pay for my own flight ticket and all expenses because I understand that we all need to play our part during austerity. So it makes me laugh when upnd demanded that we pay for their cadres to go and monitor ballot printing. Who do they think they are? Why should we use taxpayers money to fund your insecurity. Grow up ! Kz

  5. In South Africa the urban legends is that robbers uses a gas which makes everyone sleep and they can move around the house freely and steal all they can lay their hands on. Only pf caders are capable of bringing such dangerous substance into Zambia from South Africa

  6. Good thing Lungu is downgrading Zambia’s representation at this former Kenyan dictator’s funeral service.Mr Moi stole, killed , practiced tribalism, jailed opponents and he was master of corruption and misrule.GOOD RIDDANCE to dictator Moi.

  7. This KZ is surely a rabi.d dog. Regurgitating his stolen wealth and bragging about it. Further insulting those in the opposition with primitive sentiments and disturbed utterances

  8. He’s camped in chilubi to ensure that pf win the elections at all costs. The opposition have been denied the opportunity to to campaign because according to them they can only campaign on Wednesday when the great king departs from chilubi. Surely does he need 4 days to campaign for a parliamentary seat!

  9. But Malanji is enjoying, he is earning $500 (correct me if I am wrong) a day while travelling and representing Zambia

  10. Thanks Mr President for saving tax payers money by not travelling to Kenya with your massive entourage. We are suffering here .

  11. It is 2020 and someone has suddenly stopped travelling anyhow….ummmmmhhh i wonder why? oh snap 2021 is next year hehehehehehe..

  12. Queen Elizabeth should be asked to resign from being head of the common wealth.Queen Elizabeth is a murderer and a prostitute.Peter Carlos Hinds.

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