Zambian Government is committed to ending AIDS by 2030-Esther Lungu

First Lady Esther Lungu

First Lady Esther Lungu says the Zambian Government is committed to ending AIDS by 2030.

Mrs Lungu also said Zambia is committed to achieving HIV/AIDS epidemic control by 2021.

She says this has been demonstrated through strong political leadership and commitment for the national response as demonstrated by the engagement and participation of different political and community leaders including President Edgar Lungu.

She cited the establishment of the national HIV Prevention Coalition which is being co-chaired by the Ministers of Health and the Minister of Finance as an effort meant to eliminate the disease.

Mrs. Lungu also said the Government of the Republic of Zambia through the Ministry of Health with its cooperating partners have made remarkable progress in addressing Mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

The First lady further sated the government was committed and had embarked on the process of Elimination of Mother to Child Transmission –EMTCT- of HIV and syphilis in its continued effort to improve health outcomes for mothers and children.

She said the EMTCT of HIV & syphilis National Operational Plan provided guidance for rapid scale up of strategic interventions towards dual EMTCT of HIV and syphilis in the country.

Mrs. Lungu reaffirmed the Zambian Government’s commitment to the core values and principles of the United Nations and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The First lady said this in a speech read on her behalf by Ministry of Health Assistant Director Cancer Prevention, Dr. Sharon Kapambwe during Organization of African First Ladies for Development (OAFLAD) summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

This is according to a statement issued by Inutu Mwanza, the First Secretary-Press and Tourism at the Zambian Embassy in Ethiopia.


  1. Our mother has spoken sense as usual. It is worrying that we never hear from Mutinta Hichilema whose husband is vying for the top job. She appears to not be a people person or is detached from the common man. Our humble mother, esther, has a caring heart and speaks for the weak in society. We look forward to another 100 years of PF leadership and I am happy that tasila lungu is learning from you. Tasila has a higher chance of leading this country than HH will ever have. I would like to see a situation of where tasila takes over her father. very intelligent and level headed humble lady. i think after our father lungu we need to have the first female president in zambia and tasila ticks all the boxes. kz

    • Imwe ba Kaisa when did our mother become the government spokesperson? I have never heard Boris Johnson’s wife talking on behalf of the British government even Donald Trump’s wife keeps her mouth shut.
      Is she another Mrs Mugabe who wants to take over all the husband’s appointed portfolios like that one of Dora Shiliya, na Davies Mwila na Amos Chipampe?

  2. Don’t mins this Chawama old hen reading a speech like her dull husband if the yanks pulled the plug on support you will have nothing…if Chilufya was not that corrupt we would be supporting ourselves but you are very cupidity

  3. Achieving epidemic control. Americans have been all weather friends in the control of HIV. With there support the Zambians are nearing the HIV epic control threshold. Good job ZAMBIA.

  4. Nonsense, how is Zambian govt committed to end to AIDS when u can’t promote or support the Sondashi formula? Don’t jst talk,talk those talk show meetings won’t do anything ad there jst waste of tax payers money.
    The SF is there bt whn you hv leaders who always look to foreigners for everything, we won’t be self reliant. Wake up, Awee Africa

  5. I think Zambia has done extremely well among many African countries. We are on the right track and must continue the course. Any alternative will be as dumb as Mr. Dumb himself. It is the reason he has been losing all the years.

  6. I think she is on arvs herself, it’s an imaginery thinking to say aids can end in 2030! First you have to deal with poverty levels which mostly to sexual behavioral changes.

  7. Aba bamayo like to be insulted.
    How can HIV finish in 10 years?
    She can’t even explain who Tasila’s mother is, ati aids will end….

  8. “Zambian Government is committed to ending AIDS by 2030-Esther Lungu“-LT

    Politics versus research and development.

  9. I notice first lady delegated attendance at this foreign event, and ECL has done the same with Joe malanji at OAU and now the funeral for Moi in Kenya. NO FODDER for the cows on about expenses blah! blah! blah!

  10. AIDS is a scam. They can end AIDS right now, or could have ended it 20 years ago, by just testing samples from surveys the same way they test samples from individual patients. And use statistically representative population samples instead of mainly testing pregnant women, with only 1 ELISA P24 test.

    So HIV/AIDS statistics are based on fraud. Zambia doesn’t have 17% or whatever HIV infection rates. And this was clear decades ago.

  11. Vision 2030, Yes we can end AIDS by 2030 only new epidemics like Corona and Ebola will remain killing people.
    The strategic plan includes the following ten (10) Legacy Goals which the MoH believes will transform the health sector these are:
    1. Reduction in Maternal and Child Mortality
    2. Elimination of Malaria
    3. Recruitment of 30,000 health care workers
    4. Introduction of Health Care Insurance to increase coverage from 4 percent to 100 percent
    5. Introduction of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy and Programme
    6. Achieve HIV Epidemic Control, Reduce HIV new Infection from 48,000 to less than 5,000
    7. Construction of 6 new specialised hospitals and 500 health facilities in the next 5 years

  12. No comment, but our esteemed First Lady seems to be in campaign mood too, like His Excellency Her Husband who seems to be solely focussed on 2021 above anything else.

  13. Imwe ba Kaisa when did our mother become the government spokesperson? Is she another Mrs Mugabe who wants to take over all the husband’s appointed portfolios like Dora Shiliya, na Mwila na Special Assistant to Lungu for Press?

  14. My friend MrK, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Don’t believe every conspiracy you find online.

    Mrs Lungu, you will not achieve HIV/AIDS epidemic control by 2021 if you keep ignoring the sex workers. This is where the biggest problem is.

    Education, support and de-stigmatisation is what is needed.

    It’s a shame that if the US pulled the plug we wouldn’t be able to handle it ourselves. True definition of a failed government.

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