There is no evidence of ritual killings in Zambia – Deputy Inspector General Kapeso

Southern Province police commissioner Bonny Kapeso
Southern Province police commissioner Bonny Kapeso

Zambia Police Deputy Inspector General for Operations Bonny Kapeso has said there are no ritual killings happening on the Copperbelt and in Lusaka or anywhere else in the country.

He said no report of ritual killing where body parts have been removed for ritual purposes has been reported to the police anywhere in the country since the gassing of houses were first reported in Chingola.

Mr Kapeso said from the bodies picked so far as a result of murders, none had a body party removed for any purposes.

The Deputy Inspector General also reiterated the call on members of the Public not to take the law in their own hands as police are working towards bringing to an end the gassing of houses and other facilities in the country.

Mr Kapeso has described as childish the burning of Police stations and attacks on Police Officers deployed to quell riots that have broken out in some parts of the country.

He said the Police are equally concerned with the spate of gassing currently going on but emphasized that attacking the Police officers will not help address the situation.

And Mr Kapeso says disclosing the chemical criminals are using to gas people is dependent on medical personnel concluding investigations on the chemicals submitted to them so far.

He said Police are not medical professionals to disclose the chemical that people are using to gas houses.

Mr Kapeso advised that whenever a person is gassed, they should immediately rush to the Hospital as Police are waiting on medical authorities to give guidance on the chemicals under investigations.

Appearing on the Hot FM Breakfast show today, Mr Kapeso said the chemicals are under investigation by medical personnel and results will soon be made known to the public.


  1. This is not happening in opposition strong holds because the opposition caders will arrest them.

    It is only happening in PF strongholds were PF caders and police are watching. They know who is causing the unrest.

    Ask them properly.

  2. Thanks for the update. It was a tense meeting we had yesterday but we are now making progress and will continue to keep the national informed. Please note that hh Facebook is not the official government source of information. You can follow his disinformation at your own risk. Kz

    • KZ, See how dysfunctional your so called government is ..Police IG:“I also wish to inform the general public that results of chemicals being used in gassing households are out, however, my Command has decided not to announce the chemical for security reasons. Announcing the chemical may mean giving information to other criminals”,
      And then this: Appearing on the Hot FM Breakfast show today, Mr Kapeso said the chemicals are under investigation by medical personnel and results will soon be made known to the public.

  3. KZ

    Tell your boss to make progress in providing jobs and lowering the standard of living and maybe you won’t have to resort to these dirty tricks to distabalise the nation in you quest to divert attention from the suffering people

  4. I like how KZ is playing with bloggers’mind here(his comments seems so complacent).Be careful you who like insulting and even becoming social media champions.
    Ignorance has big cost….

  5. They are quiet on load shedding, soon they will be quiet on the prices of mealie meal,so are they on Kwacha rate to the Dollar, quiet on the hunger situation. Our God is great, he has answered all these. Come to the byelections, we have walloped them and their pants are down. Come 2021, they will be gnashing their teeth.

  6. 1. Kapeso should arrest Sunday Chanda for his accusations on opposition parties.
    2. Some commissioners like one on completely are also too superstitious. How can she say that people turn into cats?
    Superstition in Zambia is the worst thing, they have news of things happening in Nigeria on ZNBC. It only country heard of word “satanism”.
    Close all country like China closed Wuhan. Close it.

  7. @Spaka
    Tell the KZ wanna be boi. Thanks to social media the truth is out there so we won’t be duped by the government controlled police puppet show. These things are really happening, that is why ECL is ‘acting’ on it. The government knows exactly what’s going on. This has become a usual occurrence during the run up to the elections.

  8. most zambians claim to be christian but the superstition and spiritism levels are roof level high among them, it seems that day that police lady mentioned turning into cats, its seems that sent them into a frenzy. immediately that was said, it was no longer a chingola issue anymore. level headedness is required to sought out this mess in our country.

  9. Aristotle

    That is because the whole leadership believes in witchcraft,

    Until the day a pragmatic leader who does not believe in that rubbish rules , Zambians will be wasting time on rubbish.

  10. Next you will hear Kapeso was seen with Seer 1….the police are also involved…. What is sad is that the opposition lies have destroyed the reputation of ZP instead of pushing laws in parliament to reform it.

  11. KZ you and your boys have messed up this once prosperous country. All the blame lies with you people in Government it’s just not managed properly. Everything is “belly up” we need change of mindset or change of personnel

  12. What academic qualifications does Kapeso hold? He failed to give emergency phone numbers for people to call if attacked. His English is of 4th grade level. He mixes up the tenses and has very poor grammar. I am sure everyone who listed to Hot FM this morning are not in doubt of how incompetent the Police are.

  13. PF caders are hired thugs and paid killers for PF goverment.
    There’s a video making rounds to prove my statement, a video of a PF cader (KAPONYA) showing off K200, 000 (Two Hundred Thousand Kwacha cash in bundles) and boasting that there’s more on the way…
    What kind of job does a kaponya do for PF for him to earn more than Two Hundred Thousand Kwacha ??

  14. PF should be weeded out and brought down! So that he spirit and unity of this great land called Zambia will once again be revived.

  15. PF should be weeded out and brought down! So that the spirit and unity of this great land called Zambia will once again be revived.

  16. Please can you help us with the definition of ritual killings.Isnt the gassing of innocent people with intention of killing equivalent to the same ritual killings.Can the police please step up on this issue.Almost 4 provinces have reported on these same issues n some arrest have been made but still no lead honestly???

  17. When there is poor leadership that only thinks of itself, there is neglect and anarchy follows close behind.

    These police are still taking things lightly. How does this guy contradict his boss who said they know the chemical but will no go public. Where is the consistency when it is urgently needed? This is where a void in credible information is filled by misinformation and rumors.

    Zambians, let’s find a new direction, before we lose our beautiful country.

  18. ZP is still waiting to find mutilated bodies around corners b4 they take this seriously. This is what’s upsetting pipo resulting in attacks on police stations. It’s obvious ZP is out of it’s depth here, hence the denials. Pipo r terrified out there & it’s tym to earn your keep. Be sensitive when making “official statements”. The attackers r definitely as dull as the cadres you are used to whipping, so think & act smart coz lives are at stake.

  19. I’ve ever said that this is the government of wizards and witches. They survive on prayers and fasting but without action. Myself I pray and act. I don’t just pray for something a d sit DOWN. STEALING IS CURSE!

  20. PF is in a hot soup, lies have no legs my friends. The cancer you have sown has come to eat and finish you up. Lungu will be left to nurse wounds as if he was alone. Learn from what happened to Cbiluba!

  21. It is stupid for the opposition to start doing foolish things when Zambia is a democracy , there is no freedom fighting we suffered to win our freedom from those who forced themselves over us we suffered for this nation : you don’t have to subject innocent people to such cruel acts as has been explained by those caught doing evil against there own brothers and sisters.
    If you fail to win an election just go home and forget it is the majority that rules there is no other way but the ballot box .

  22. I doubt Zambia is still being called as a Christian nation…!!!!!!

    We living in the life of fear..!!!!!!!
    May Jehovah God act accordingly

  23. Ni chani ma Zambians? Why taking law in your own hands? You still believe in rituals and that it is real? Bola ife aMalawi tili ndi nzeru than you Zambians cuz we believe in human rights and respect the law enforcement agencies. You cant solve this situation on your own by killing innocent souls. Give room for law enforcers to investigate and come up with the truth of the matter while on a bigger note, seek God’s intervention.

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