FAZ’s Leadership Integrity Test is a Sham Process Devoid of Natural Justice-Lusambo

Miles Sampa Kalusha Bwalya and Bowman Lusambo
Miles Sampa Kalusha Bwalya and Bowman Lusambo

Lusaka Province Minister and Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo has described the Integrity Test used by the Football Association of Zambia to screen candidates for the Post of President as a sham process devoid of natural justice.

Reacting to news that Former FAZ President and Football Icon Kalusha Bwalya will not be among those contesting for FAZ’s top Job, Mr. Lusambo said that the Ethics Committee was birthed by personal hatred and the process was now being used to fix individuals while perpetuating the continued stay of others at the apex of our game.

During the week, Football Icon Kalusha Bwalya’s comeback to Football Administration has suffered a setback after failing the integrity test after the FAZ Ethics Committee ruled that only three Candidates, Emmanuel Munaile, Joseph Nkole, and Andrew Kamanga are eligible to contest the Elections out of the Seven that filed in their nominations.

Speaking during a press briefing, FAZ Electoral Committee Chairperson Ronald Hatanga said the Ethics Committee has been transparent, and that those that have failed the test, have up to February 17, to appeal.

Hatanga who was in the company of the Vice-Chairperson Mwape Chileshe said that the ethics committee was guided by the constitution during the vetting process which leads to the final list of Candidates.

And but Football Icon Kalusha Bwalya has described the pronouncements by FAZ Ethics Committee as null and void. Speaking during a press briefing, Bwalya said he is qualified and will contest the election.

Below is Mr Lusambo’s full Statement

As a football-loving citizen of this great nation, allow me to share my very personal views about the outcome of the so-called Integrity Tests conducted by the Football Association of Zambia for the upcoming elective AGM.

To begin with, it should be placed on record that this purported Integrity Test is a sham process devoid of natural justice. The Ethics Committee was birthed by personal hatred and the process is now being used to fix individuals while perpetuating the continued stay of others at the apex of our game.

If this process adopted any semblance of justice, the individuals making up its composition would not even have been any close to it. The truth is that the composition of this Committee is questionable and therefore calls into question it’s rulings. Football House does not have any room for police officers or judges because it’s not a Police station neither is it a Court room.

By any case, if the FAZ Executive Committee really wanted to know the integrity levels of its potential candidates, it should have opened up the investigations to credible state institutions with capacity and track record in investigations and I believe that even the instigators of this bias process would have been found wanting.

By blocking other people with the passion for the game from participating in its development, the current FAZ Executive is killing the game we love so much. Their conduct amounts to that of a serial killer. With the poor results that have characterized their tenure in office, it is fair to say the people running the game today are Football Serial Killers. Their intentions are never about developing the game but getting and maintaining their positions as a way of massaging their small bruised egos.

My call is for all genuine football lovers to rise and defend our game from these Serial Killers before they struck the final nail in the coffin. We have heard private conversations in which they have unashamedly stated that they would rather have Zambia banned by FIFA than give up their positions, that for me confirms that these people care little about the role that the game plays in uniting the nation. For them, this is about egos and not growing the game.

As a nation, we have invested heavily in football. The nation lost its gallant sons in the shores of Gabon playing this game. We shall not allow selfish individuals destroy the one thing that unites this great nation. One wonders where these people were when this team went rebuilding in the aftermath of the Gabon disaster. We have people who put their lives on the line and championed the rebuilding process because they understood what the game meant to this nation. These are some of the people this sham committee chooses to disenfranchise using a sham process.

It should be stated unequivocally that the government owes the football family an explanation on what the rescue plan is from the abys we currently find ourselves in. As the biggest investor in the game, sponsoring majority of the football clubs including the national teams, the state should explain how it will put to a stop to the rapid mutilation of our game by selfish individuals.


  1. Leave FAZ alone to conduct its business with no political interference, otherwise you will be charged by CAF or FIFA. Kalu can appeal the decision without Bowman’s help.

  2. Exactly my thoughts. Kalu is not a sissy. He knows what to do when his rights are infringed up. The politicians of this country like the Lusambos MUST stay away lest Zambia attracts the CAF wrath

  3. oh pliz save us from stupidity. how could great kalu lower himself this much. I once saw u juggling a ball in chingola when Zambia played Mozambique and we loved it but we saw u again juggling the sane ball at President lungu rallies. sure my ba kalu. now u bring lusambo of all pipo to juggle it for u. I don’t get it.

  4. Bowman is the last person on earth to speaking about integrity…this is a chap who was living in a shack 6 years ago and a MMD bouncer for hire today he has several houses, businesses and he is preaching not even Jeff Bezzos doubled his wealth in such a short period. I am happy PF ball mascot Great Galu has been kicked out as FAZ would have been used as an extension of PF campaign. You can see these unprincipled characters like Sampa who was at one time campaigning with Hakienda today he is back in PF and Bowman who was a bouncer for MMD.
    What is it about Great Galu..even when you ask BUFFOON CK he will support him come rain come shine. I have friends who detest corruption but you mention Great Galu they make exceptions.

  5. He openly surrounds himself with ruling party politicians and he wants to stand as a FAZ President …the chap is so arrogant I bet you he has flown back to his white wife in RSA.

  6. I just pray FIFA close FAZ of Kamanga.
    Why are these tiny dictatorships? The Kamanga elections will just same as Chilubi.

  7. “….. it should have opened up the investigations to credible state institutions with capacity and track record in investigations ….”

    Which ones are those ? The ones who could not find who built 48 mansions ??

    PF are devoid of any integrity , even convicted serial rapists can be heads of girls schools under PF ….

  8. Because of Kamanga’s fights with govt, FIFA will ban us but that is just the same as failing to reach two AFCON finals and the World Cup so may be the ministers should just intervene

  9. Bowman Lusambo, you’re a politician holding national office. Stay away from FAZ politics or else FIFA will impose sanctions on Zambia. Let FAZ run its own affairs. I’m a great fan of the game but I rarely comment on it in Zambia because there’s too much emotion.

  10. We know this is not from Lusambo’s personal view. This is clear political meddling which is against football governing regulations. Kalu became a cadre and danced for the PF in the last elections. The PF is desperately trying to return the favour – regardless of whether Kalu is an ‘ex-convict’ or not. Because the PF knows no moral compass and loves those who behave in their own ‘lets eat together’ attitude.

  11. Responses coming from the likes of Bowman Lusambo will just complicate the whole issue regarding Kalusha Bwalya further putting his integrity into more questions. Trying to lobby for support from pf politicians will not solve matters at all for Kalusha. Already because of these he is being made a questionable candidate for faz as he will be an appendage of the pf. One can clearly see that this man is pf a party which as already stated has many of its members with questionable integrity. Therefore they are not seeing anything wrong with the fifa ban and his reduced sentence. They do not see any thing wrong with Kalusha Bwalya’s former vice president Borniface Mwamelo who was banned for life by fifa for match fixing. The fifa reduced sentence was not an acquittal because even a fine…

  12. cont.
    The fifa reduced sentence was not an acquittal because even a fine was paid. Bowman Lusambo wants to pass on the integrity test to the integrity committee itself begin by passing it on to your self as an individual and your pf colleges. We have many people who can run football in this country its not only Kalusha Bwalya. He had his time and its over.

  13. Why does Kalusha think that Zambia’s Football is him? Just because he is the only African Footballer of the Year from Zambia – or because Zambia won the Africa Cup with him as FAZ President? Like it or not, Kamanga has brought proper management and ethics in the management of football in Zambia unlike the chipante-pante management of Kalu, and let’s not forget the performance of the Under-20 and other junior teams. Qualifying to the Africa Cup does not mean anything if we go as mere participants.

  14. To add insult to injury …it was this same dull chap Bowman who paid Great Galu’s reduced penalty fee of $10,000…where did he get that money when Ministers do earn that in month. To hell with this corrupt chap …if you care for him tell your corrupt boss to give him a job as minister no where near sports…his friends Kano, Drogba, Mane are doing great things in their communities this Galu just want to steal without shame, he just wants to take..ask him about AFCON winnings,,,ask him about ticket sales he was pocketing…ask him about how he banned people who didnt agree with him.
    I bet you he was on the first flight back to RSA this morning.

  15. Bowma lusambo questioning other people’s integrity? Save us from shame please. Iwe Bowman football is not politics you will be banned.

  16. Stupid bowman thinks he can bring his rubbish rethoric to FAZ. Keep your lane. Kalu knows his misconduct. It’s like bring a convict to govern us. Kalu has never Bern transparent in his career. Too much kick backs and I’m sure even the delegates salivating for his money.

  17. Football icon my foot….now struggling and still looking for employment after years playing in Europe not even a house of his own useless…Kalusha should have been an employer now….not employee

  18. What a timely and shameful amendment to the constitution. You can do better ba FAZ, it is said that “umweni takokota amafupa ninshi ekwafumine alalya ayatuntulu”

  19. Only wish Zambia as a nation had a robust integrity system similar to FAZ, & Zambia WOULD NOT be where we are now, as “a bonafide Failed Kleptocratic -Sh!th0le Republic”, coz the Widow swindling J0na would NEVER have been allowed anywhere NEAR instruments of power, & “C0ffin Dozer” [email protected] would still be wearing torn overalls, & living in a putrid Rathole Shack he inhabited before becoming “muscle for hire” for visionless Charlatans masquerading as statesmen.

  20. We have more capable people than Kalu or even Kamanga, Kalu lacks personal integrity and should not even be available for consideration. He’s probably broke again and should probably be asking for a single sourcing contract form pf whom he campaigned for.
    Kalu was guilty as charged by FIFA, See why he would not step foot in the USA because charges are pending on the FIFA scam.

  21. The Zambian people deserve better representation, Lets stop idolizing corrupt individuals. Let him stand for mp or mayor because integrity because integrity is not a standard in politics.

  22. FAZ is not the ECZ, Constitutional Court,Police or the Speaker who dance to the PF.
    FAZ is the representative of FIFA in Zambia.

  23. If this grown child Great Galu had any brains, he would have used that $80,000 bribe he pocketed to build 5-a-side corporate stadiums in Lusaka and put his name on them or even better still go to China and put his name on trainers or t-shirts for sell in Zambia but the boy is too dull and selfish, he thinks people owe him its an endless gravy train for him. His muzungu wife in RSA is more of an entrepreneur than this clown. The biggest mistake he made was jump on the PF campaign bandwagon as mascot, he aliened his neutral fans now its only thieves, his bootlickers and people who lack integrity who are supporting him.

  24. If this over grown child Great Galu had any brains, he would have used that $80,000 bribe he pocketed to build 5-a-side corporate stadiums in Lusaka and put his name on them or even better still go to China and put his name on trainers or t-shirts for sell in Zambia but the boy is too dull and selfish, he thinks people owe him its an endless gravy train for him. His muzungu w.ife in RSA is more of an entrepreneur than this clo.wn. The biggest mistake he made was jump on the PF campaign bandwagon as mascot, he aliened his neutral fans now its only thieves, his bootlickers and people who lack integrity who are supporting him.

  25. We have known that faz has been highly politicised in recent times. To my brother kalu I say follow the appeal process and fight if you believe you have a valid point. Kz


  27. Lusambo talks as though he has a moral authority to do so, Kalu is a convict period.
    Accept it and move on PF will destroy FAZ

  28. The issue of Kalu reminds me a certain boss in Govt in the ministry of comdev who does things as if he is alpha and omega. Kalu led a bed and let him sleep in it. Like the same boss, he pushed people here and there without the blessings of the PS or PSMD. Now he has touched wrong button. Kalu errored initially. Its back.

  29. Why take sides?
    You need to check your lane. The man you are supporting was found guilty of corruption by fifa, what makes you think that issue will just be brushed aside and allow him to contest the presidency?
    His time is gone let other people try and moreover the man stays in SA.

  30. Bowman just keep quiet. I even doubt if its you who really wrote that. The english is just too good to come from you!

  31. People must know when they’re beat! This ka umoya of tenze bantu Kalusha has must stop now. Most Zambians don’t give a damn about him now. Besides nobody wants a FIFA convicted thief anywhere near FAZ, Kalusha kunya unomwaka ka lazo sakalanyongo iwe, ala!

  32. Let’s respect Mr. Kalusha Bwalya regardless of anything else. No one has never done anything wrong among us. It’s the same respect we need to accord our leaders whether in the ruling party or opposition. Who among us will be content to be disrespected by own; friends, children and spouse because of what we were in the past or what we are in the present? We should never allow the good, people have done to us to easily be buried by their human frailties which we are all prune to. We need to hate sins but love sinners. Love, respect and level mindedness is very much needed especially in our great and beautiful country called Zambia .

  33. Is two terms not enough for kalusha?
    ls it due to financial problems?
    Let him try politics where he can make big money like lusambo.

  34. If you have been elected twice to the office of President you are ineligible to stand again PF you think u can run away from this Kalu is ineligible just like ECL is ineligible for 2021

  35. This Galu dropped out of the FIFA elections at the last minute because of this integrity test , now because its fellow Zambians he looks down on he will go ahead because he is backed by the corrupt President and his cadres. This is the same attitude he has towards FAZ coffers, he can spend as pleases as no one can arrest him.
    To hell with you Galu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. For me as soccer fan I want kalusha bwalya not kamanga, because kamanga has failed to run football in Zambia,so that’s why he used difference ways in older to to stop kalu to stand as FAZ president, this is not good thing we want kalusha bwalya not kamanga.

  37. I think i also conquer with what Nsama Chisupa said on ZNBC take to the max football show. Kamanga is has failed and its time we move on with other contenders than keeping a failure.
    For those supporting Kamanga, Surely can we keep a man who has failed to take the team for two times for Africa Cup of nations and you’re busy praising him. Shame on you guys.

  38. During the AGM at which a flopped motion of no confidence in KALU was tabled at Mulungushi Rock of Authority, I vividly recall that Mining Rangers
    Football did raise a motion to expel Kamanga, Simaata, Kazabu and others from Football activities for bringing the game of football into redicule. The motion was overwhelmed supported by the delegates.

    But Kalu in the company Miles Sampa, Mr.Sichula from Nation Sports Council, Mr.Cavalo from FIFA pleaded the mover of the motion to withdraw the
    motio in the sipirit Reconciliation and I remember the man reluctantly withdrew the motion

    Now think of it if Kalu was as ruthless as Kamanga and Katongo are where would Kamanga be today. I wish Mining Rangers hadnt withdrawn the motion.

    Kamanga think twice you where served from…

  39. Dull Kamanga, where are you taking zambia in football?? Ever since u took over as FAZ President, we are nowhere on the world map of football. U are heartless Kamanga! Do you even go to church Kamanga. Why do u hate Great Kalu so much that u want to kill him so soon? We know you are just too jealous about Kalusha’s life achievemnts in football. That useless Integrity Committee you formed just to bar Kalusha and others are all your puppets. Shame on you and the rubbish Integrity Committee. Kamanga, u are a DEVIL sure. I hate u like I hate Lucifer. You are cursed, rubbish.

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