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Any Political Agenda Becomes Evil if it Gets above The Lives of The People

Feature Politics Any Political Agenda Becomes Evil if it Gets above The Lives of...

An article appeared on Lusaka Times online news in which President Edgar Lungu says those accusing government of being behind the gassing of its citizens are patients who deserve time in a mental asylum. Though the article makes a lot of sense, it leaves me skeptical
Previously another article had appeared on the same platform in which UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka claim senior PF member Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba was quoted by the Daily Nation about knowledge of the people behind gassing. If it is true, the Head of State is not being direct. People like Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba are the ones who deserve time in a mental asylum?

Life is divine. I believe our first lady Esther Lungu will agree with me. I saw her cry and I cried with her.

Life cannot be bought or replaced. When you loose one you act. You don’t wait to loose another one before you act. How many more lives must Zambia loose for GBM to pick up a phone and report people he know are behind gassing Zambians?

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba agenda is clear; to destroy UPND. He must know that it becomes an evil agenda if it gets above lives of Zambians.

People involved in gassing are a public enemy. If the fight against these criminals can’t unite the country, we are on the wrong side of the reality. Unless politics is taken out of this issue, the fight will continue to be received with skepticism.

Politicians, please stop it.

By Venus N Msyani
Concerned citizen in the diaspora.

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  1. Can the relevant authorities kindly make available any lab report regarding these gassings and what type of gas was used? Until such a report is presented it is only reasonable to believe that all this is a well crafted story to create a heightened sense of fear and tension in the country by both elements in the ruling party and opposition who are merely doing so for selfish reasons at the expense of innocent people that get entangled in this web of deceit, fear mongering and mass hysteria.

  2. Ctn… If someone in the diaspora as this Venus chap is that cannot even verify these reports of whether people are truelly being gassed or not or whether someone left the charcoal burner cooking beans whilst sleeping, or whether those in the mining townships are infact inhaling toxic fumes released from the mines or whether what is being experienced is purely low air quality from a wide range of reasons, if you cannot come up with proof to back up your claims then don’t put innocent people lives to risk and say that there are people gassing others, those over 10 people who have been killed as gassing suspects are victims of the same mass hysteria you are vomiting. To promote such hysteria makes you a worthless cretin!

  3. if GBM knows those behind the gassing and those are his enemies, he must or has informed His Excellency the President or OP or IG. however, if he is just politicking then he is the enemy of the state.
    Further most PF leaders have a draconian way of talking ill of other people…. Probably it is a culture adopted from their forefather. Imagine the tribal talk by senior members.

  4. I agree with his statement. Police picked up some samples of the gas to check no any information is heard what kind of gas it is. GBM knows the people who are behind all these gassing why government is quiet not doing any action or maybe you have seen GBM is rabid dog who is backing at dragonflies. I don’t see GBM to be a normal monkey. Small head big belly all his brain went to his belly actually pregnant GBM.

  5. Surely One can not be proud to Zambian with such leaders whose occupation is to made sadistic remarks about others…… I have never heard the President condemn his own party members use tribal remarks or satanic remarks against others…….Someone like Tayali needs to be talked to by the Police

  6. GBM is hiding the criminal…. if he is aware of someone committing treason, he could have been charged of misprision of treason…. But alas he is the friend of the Party in government …. Nothing will happen to him…… Zambians we have sunk so low…. our morals have go to the winds…… Old people who are example displays base morals….. shame indeed

  7. Zambia was one of the most peaceful nations in this part of Africa. All I know now is that this government began and is condoning the violence that is taking the lives of peaceful Zambians. You guys need to have resigned after the first life was lost. And you call yourselves Christians?!? Styopet!

  8. There is no gassing….this is same as looking for those responsible for witchcraft making people sick…..

    These maruding vigilante gangs are hungry unemployed people who have seen and learned from PF caders taking the law into their own hands and being untouchable by the police…. the maruding gangs have seen how PF caders carry out mob justice on anyone they see as a threat to lungu and are not touched by the police….

    Lungu You have failed lamentably and you watching your PF thugs terrorize people is now working against you…

  9. Any pro will point out that no organisation in Zambia has the capacity or organisational skills for a sustained gassing campain. Only PF and GRZ.
    But lungu and his advisors know this but were hoping the finger of blame will be pointed at their opponents. This thought process has come back to bite them as pipo are pointing at them instead.

    No amount of prayers or military or police will fix this.

    The solutions are economic….it might be too late , but the way out was to call for a GRZ of national unity….

  10. Most clever nations would have called for a GRZ of national unity ,seeing how divided the country was after those gisputed 2016 elections and has gotten worse.

    A GRZ of national unity would have driven this country with a united purpose towards development and unity.
    But we are now a divided rotting from within country.

    Who is the winner ? Only the corrupt, arrogant greedy few in power who are rich beyond their wildest dreams…..

  11. I watched HH’s press briefing. For first I tolerated to listen to his voice for more than 10 minutes.
    98% things he said made sense. And Zambians have stopped killings of innocent suspects.

  12. We are in this mess because of having people like GBM in our midst. I am PF and you know how this character really destroyed our name for no reason which he has confessed when he went to UPND, he is now busy destroying the name of the UPND, and as a ruling party we must dictate decense in politics. We must not embrace every jim and jack because we want numbers. We should embrace people with a track record not this guy surely. The only good thing is most Zambians of sane mind know that even though this is politics, this guy called GBM is never taken seriously by anybody. He is a joker

  13. Who knows maybe GBM reported the matter to relevant authorities.Don’t expect GBM to inform UPND supporters that he has reported the matter.
    Keep on yapping until your mastermind is nabbed.

  14. We need Freedom Sikazwe’s smile to reduce tention in the country. Since seer 1 requested individual cadres to return his things, grandpa has completely disappeared from the scene. Is he in South Africa still negotiating terms with seer 1.?

  15. I remember Nakatindi Wina telling president Chiluba that she knew of the Captain Solo coup. She was arrested immediately by state agents. GBM should also arrested for failure to tell the police who the people who are gassing people are.Failure to report a criminal activity is a crime on its own.

  16. The question we should ask ourselves is how many people have died from the actual gassing against those that have died at the hands of marauding mobs of injustice on suspected “gassers”?

  17. @Aristotle you are as wise as your username suggests.

    Just as King Solomon asked two women fighting over a child whether to cut the child in half, the real mother said “no give the child to the other woman so that no harm comes to the child”. Those who continue to raise the issue of this alledged gassings instead of focusing on stopping these instant justice gangs are akin to the other woman who lied to claim a child and wanted the child to be cut in half.

    Let’s focus on stopping this unZambian criminality of attacking innocents, then if at all there is any gassing which took place let the Police investigate that.

  18. What the First Lady and Lusambo did maybe like what GBM was doing in UPND – a lie since there has been no truth in PF! She never broke down when Mapenzi was killed in cold blood. She never cried when Vespers was killed in similar manner. She never shed a tear when many lives were lost during bye-elections! Why is she crying now? Unless she has lost a relative but even then, as a public figure she is, consistency in conduct is very important! Remember that many Zambians have studied Psychology and can tell just from body language if one is acting or not.

  19. Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu Wazabanga or “the almighty conqueror who goes conquest after conquest leaving fire in his wake.”

    dictators in history, Mobutu Sese Seko . A man who ruined his country, Mobutu ruled with brutality, corruption, and extreme case of narcissism. He also arrested and killed rivals and political opponents and elections were rigged..Much of the foreign wealth in the country that his government took channeled to his pockets. He also squandered profits from his country’s exports. He sold Zaire’s huge diamond, cobalt, and copper to western countries and kept much if not all proceeds. Instead of giving the benefits or profits of his economic policies to his impoverished people, he funneled it to his own bank accounts. Mobutu used sheer brutality and ruthlessness in order to maintain control over the government, military, and his people…”SOUNDS FAMILIAR”!

  20. Mwebantu this gassing thing is a mith in that many people are crying wolf wolf when there is no wolf. What is happening is a matter of hysteria and the criminals are taking advantage of this situation and innocent lives are being lost. Mob psycology is working. How many cases have definitely been confirmed that it is indeed a gas attach on the victims. Any bad odour filtering in your house …I have been gased and if you are a passerby when the occupants shout you are dead meat. The route cause is there is so much lawlessness in my country now it’s unbelieviable. My over six decades on this mother zambia I have never experienced this magnitude of lawlessness bordering on criminality. The IG Kanganja has failed us. I wish for the days of ba mobilo this nonsense would have been sorted…

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