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No Student Will Be Evacuated From China, says Chilufya

Health No Student Will Be Evacuated From China, says Chilufya

Government has maintained that it will not evacuate Zambian students studying in China in the awake of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Health Minister CHITALU CHILUFYA says Government is, however, monitoring closely the wellfare of the more than 4 -thousand Zambian students it has in that country.

Dr CHILUFYA says Government is working with the Chinese Disease Centre to ensure that all students are checked on a daily basis.

Dr CHILUFYA was responding to a follow up question to his Ministerial Statement issued in parliament by Mwinilunga Member of Parliament NEWTON SAMAKAYI who wanted to know if Government will evacuate all Zambian students.

He said students are being helped with food, masks and other nececities to cushion their stay during the current lockdown against the disease in China.

Dr CHILUFYA said the Zambian Embassy in China and the Chinese government are working together to look after the students and that as of today, there has not been any cases of coronavirus recorded.

He has also disclosed that there has NOT been any case of coronavirus recorded in Zambia from the time the virus broke out.

Dr CHILUFYA stressed that 16 alert cases have been screened coming from China and have all tested negative.

He further stated that suverlliance has heightened at points of entry and sensitization messages on Community Radio stations are being done.

This was after Livingstone MP Matthew JERE wanted to know what measures are in place to contain the disease.

Dr CHILUFYA has appealed to MPs to ensure that they sensitise members of public in their constituencies.

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  1. On this matter I must congrat the health minister. The should not allow them to come to Zambia those student until we are sure that the don’t have the disease. We don’t want those students to bring the disease here takana. We are very innocent and government doesn’t have the man power to control that disease. So for now let them be in China. Thanks

  2. Who in a normal state would want to bring 4 thousand potential virus carriers back to Zambia? Do people know how many airports these people will have to touch the rest of the world to reach Zambia. These people are better of quarantined in China and not spread the disease world wide let alone to Zambia were we do not have facilities for them.

  3. @Awkward pliz don’t think negative or maybe u have been polluted this prayers declared to the nation. We are talking about a virus. So pliz let them suffer in China than coming to make us suffer more. By the way government should block they phone. The should not showing us they suffering bcoz that person I know can change his mind in the name of Christian and political gains.

  4. @ Papa ” We don’t want those students to bring the disease here takana. ”
    HAS THE CHINESE STOPPED ENTERING ZAMBIA EVERYDAY? You allow strangers to enter but dont want your own people, typical chifita mentality

  5. Dr Chifufya Inga uyu umulopa mufyaya by coming to our houses and force us to give you blood wanshi?
    How are we going to know whether it’s your people or ritual blood collectors? I think this is wrong timing or maybe there’s something we don’t understand about this blood collection

  6. I’m afraid I have to agree with a P.F person on this one.
    Returning these Citizens to a broke failed Nation with no functioning Health service is OUTRIGHT SUICIDE!!
    These students are better off in China, as if they fall victim to the Corona virus can be treated in proper institutions with qualified personnel, & medicines available.
    Only Seer 1 will benefit, coz as soon as ZAMBIANS start perishing en masse, P.F Government Bandits will flee en masse to South Africa, to see if their…

  7. @Ameno that’s your problem if u hav relative that side or Chinese entering Zambia. All I care about are the poor who won’t afford to takecare of themselves once the disease hints Zambia. U guys u Wil leave us with our low Zambian university or hospital Nd go to south Africa. Takana. Just like u choose to study Abroad pliz b abroad. Dr chilufya pliz don’t allow anyone pliz

  8. @ TIME will tell. I have a relative in China but it’s better he remains that side for good health services and good economy than he brings the virus here. Believe me once we hit with that virus Zambia won’t survive. These same people will flee to south Africa for good health facilities leaving us

  9. For consistency’s sake, will they bar all people coming in from China? I don’t think so, especially AVIC representatives.

    By the way, what is the logic behind the government sponsored blood collection. Are these guys in their right minds to do so at this time? Do they even have the mandate to collect blood samples?

    This PF government think they own Zambia and its people.

  10. He is back from Chilubi this crook when its beyond that point of evaluating anybody from China…its like he went this the keys of all the offices and cheque books at MOH, you can not even hear the Chief Medical Doctor or his girlfriend the PS make statements when he is away. What poor managers these crooks!!

  11. I also heard that it’s the government collecting blood sent by Dr Chilufya. I hope it’s fake because where will we run to if it’s the government gassing us

  12. Are you really ok upstairs? I can’t believe you were/are advisor to the President, yet alone even allowed into state house. Why would you really need to be announcing here that you are on a high-level mission to Russia on this platform. It is as if ever since you were ‘fired’ you have sought relevance by all of a sudden having an online presence.

  13. Email: [email protected]
    The Human Resources department of CRH GROUP OF COMPANIES Canada office has approved the employment of qualified and interested applicants into the following vacant positions available to enhance its quality service delivery: (Do not apply if you do not have Educational certificates and an International passport.)
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    supervisors, Technical Design Engineers, Welders and Fabricators, construction engineer, Sales Marketers, Human Resources and Administrative
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  14. @Kaizar Zulu © this guy is not normal. Pliz have some value or we call umuntu. Serious this man is the advisor to the president???? Mmmmmmm what a shirt advisor

  15. All other responsible nations are vacating their people but ifipuba fyesu fyebele iyoo, we aren’t vacating! Anyway, most of these students are children of politicians, even in Wuhan everywhere you step it’s ChibesaKunyo here Kankanyo there and Luonyo all over.

    • @njangwamuloty thanks for your concern but apa let’s support the minister. Serious do u think china is enjoying the disaster alone or the are enjoying what the are passing through with the virus.? Those guys the can lie that the Zambian student are clear to go while knowing that the have the virus. The also want other countries to experience what the are going through. Now here in Zambia we don’t even have state man power. Pliz let the Zambian student stay in China for better medical attention. Pliz let’s support the Dr apa Pina the doctor is thinking about the poor.

  16. In Myanmar, 59 Myanmar students, who had flown back from Wuhan, were warmly welcomed by their fellow countrymen and women , who supported them free food, internet & many others items. All of the students now went back to their homes happily after staying 14 days in a quarantine

  17. @proud Myanmar. We are happy for you Myanmar. And I know u are proud of Myanmar. But y comment on Zambians. Can’t u mind your business with your country. U are same people destroying other countries. Maybe even suspected gasser. Mind your business.

  18. “Government has maintained that it will not evacuate Zambian students studying in China in the AWAKE of the Coronavirus outbreak”
    Lusaka Times, it should be:
    “Government has maintained that it will not evacuate Zambian students studying in China in the WAKE of the Coronavirus outbreak”
    The standards are getting low and low. Do you even proofread your news articles. Almost all news articles are riddled with laughable mistakes, it’s likee readding a Facebook from a typical Zambian.

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