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We must not lose sight of the progress Zambia continues to make-President Lungu

Headlines We must not lose sight of the progress Zambia continues to...

President Edgar Lungu has reminded Zambians that as the nation is dealing with other challenges such as ensuring security, law, and order, they must not lose sight of the progress the country continues to make in addressing, among others, load shedding and transforming the energy sector as a whole.

The President has refused to be distracted from doing what the government must do in taking development to all parts of the Country.

He said his vision for the energy sector is not only to end load-shedding but to make Zambia a net exporter of energy.

The president also shared his vision for the energy sector which he says if implemented will see the complete transformation of the sector.

He reiterated that Zambia has so much potential to develop the energy sector owing to the conducive investment climate and the abundant natural resources the nation is endowed with.

However, according to the Zambezi River Authority, the water levels at Lake Kariba remain low despite the rains being experienced in the area

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  1. On point, Mr. President. As security wings make progress, let’s focus on being productive. Let’s roll….

  2. Well spoken ba President that is what we need as a nation.Energy sector needs to be transformed if ESCOM is going through a transition period why not our energy sector?

  3. we will pull through,we will forge ahead as a nation surely we need devepolment in all areas of our nation and for this Mr President we give you a credit.

  4. Most Zambians are suffering. You are the only one enjoying the stolen tax money with your caders.
    Shameless thief! Your days are numbered.. don’t think tax payers are fools. We cannot continue to sweat blood for you and your wife who bleaches her skin and wears utu ma wigi twa coronavirus. Useless people! Your time is up!!

  5. Load shedding? Stagnant GDP growth? Insecurity Bwana Lungu? Mounting debt load ? Exactly what progress Bwana Lungu?

  6. What progress are you talking about? Every Zambian I know is complaining of hunger and suffering, no money in their pockets and fear of gas attacks. Ulelya weka na Tasila. No kushilita Easter ama wig na ma jewelry yamutengo, no ku Bosha ama gassers! Look at Zambian roads, bridges, rural schools, hospitals and peoples salaries? Indians are enjoying Zambia more than Zambians.. If you work for an Indian here in Zambia you are fired after two years because the Indian will replace you with an Indian without experience just to make sure you don’t get any benefits in the future. Like what you are doing to the pensioners. Atase bane. We are not fools

    • ‘Concerned Zambia’ you are a concern yourself. ‘Every Zambian you know’ are most likely Zambians with a poverty mentality, your comments show how uneducated you are, complaining about things you don’t have evidence for, how can the head of state be using gassers in his own country as if he doesn’t have a heart for the nation?? Instead of complaining about the gassers and the money that you don’t have in your pocket look on the bright side, there is development in this nation and that is what his excellency the President is focusing on. In every situation when you focus on the negative side, things become worse but when you focus on the positive side you have a reason to fight on for better conditions of living. Please change the way you think, stop with the blame game.

  7. It’s good to be back home. Clean landing..we thank the pilot. Now off to work
    No rest for us. I have a meeting with his excellency to report back from my Russian trip. Kz

  8. The water levels at Kariba remain low despite the rains being received in the area. Just what is wrong? They should tell us the truth. After all these floods surely Kariba dam should have been filled at least up to half of full capacity at the moment. Is the water leaking from the dam wall? Are the turbines genuine? From the look of things I foresee loadshedding this year being worse than last year

  9. Let us just all agree here that Edgar may be a good person but the job of president is too big for him. The man is so uninformed on almost everything

    • Obatala
      Sometimes you cant help but feel sorry for him’but he has himself to blame this sis a case of unconcscious incompetency or recklessness,either he does not know that he is not up for the job,or he doesn’t care either way he has successfully managed to destroy the nation and his future and that of his fellow looters

    • Obatala, I disagree. Presidency is not the person, it is the office. Decision may be implemented by Edgar Lungu but for them to be executed there are various teams of advisors that are in the office that give checks and balances on his decisions so you cannot not say Edgar Lungu is a good person but Presidency is too big for him… That statement is ludicrous. And to say that he is uninformed on almost everything is an insult. How can the highest office in the country be uninformed with all the intelligence that is at play.

  10. The water levels cannot rise just now. I believe by May this year there will be a notable if not significant rise in the levels.

  11. According to the World Bank 117 million USD that should have benedict Zambians have gone to accounts abroad.
    I forgot too write how much 117 million USD is in Kwacha, but here you have it : 117 000 000USD =
    1 707 261 236,88 ZMW
    That the PF and Lungu have in accounts outside Zambia, source World Bank #FreeZambia #Notoocorruption

  12. I urge the current leadership in the ruling party to focus on reading the book of Daniel especially the writing on the wall.
    Deantony Wilder claimed that even God can not rescue Tyson Fury from him, that was blasphemous and after that fight, Wilder will never be the same just watch this space.
    Many Members of PF are on record of saying that “if God was on the Ballot Paper with HH, Southern Province would still vote for HH” another blasphemous statement which has not been condemned within PF.
    There is One revelation which has melted my heart, Just Last week HH revealed that he was made to stay in a room whose wall and floors and walls were smeared with fecal matter for eight days by the christian nation. to date no one has refuted this statement but all we hear are national days of…

  13. of prayer and without shame against this demeaning act of subjecting a life to such humiliating and unhealthy situation, Now I understand why PF members can say that they will never hand over the instruments of power should they loose because they know how inhuman they have been and still continue to be, but read the writing on the wall, GOD NEVER SLEEPS, IT IS TIME PEOPLE STARTED TO PUBLICLY APOLOGIZE BECAUSE THERE WILL BE NO OTHER TIME FOR THOSE APOLOGIES IN A SHORT WHILE FROM NOW.

  14. Ksgh, have respect for our President of this Nation. You are the same people who are sick who needs to visit the metal hospital the President was talking about, change your mindset. ma rubbish!!!

    • PWII, look around you! The energy sector is improving, why do you think there are more and more shopping malls being built in Zambia. Power is what runs things, and Mr. Egdar Lungu has a clear vision for the energy sector and it is very commendable because as a country endowed with natural resources Zambia needs to reach a stage where it is selling power to the nations around it. Our landlocked position as a country puts us at an advantage for trade. Even Dambisa Moyo, in her book entitled ‘Dead Aid’ emphasizes on international trade as a remedy that can beat Africa’s dependency on Aid.

    Email: [email protected]
    The Human Resources department of CRH GROUP OF COMPANIES Canada office has approved the employment of qualified and interested applicants into the following vacant positions available to enhance its quality service delivery: (Do not apply if you do not have Educational certificates and an International passport.)
    Qualified Medical Doctors , Service Technicians, Facility Maintenance, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineer, Heavy Duty Drivers, Chefs, Project
    supervisors, Technical Design Engineers, Welders and Fabricators, construction engineer, Sales Marketers, Human Resources and Administrative
    Executives, Geology project managers, Accountants, Environmental Experts, Office assistants, Civil Engineers, Plant Start-up…

  16. What progress?
    GDP Growth from 6% down to 2%( 2011-2019)
    National debt(Nkongole) from $3.5 billion to $19 billion(2011-2019)
    Currency depreciation from K4.5 – K14 to a $1.0(2011-2019)
    Food Basket $1,900 – K6,600(2011-2019)

    • Miss Independent…. Also add that population increase, just in Lusaka, is 1.7 million to 2.5 million (2011-2019). Zambia happens to be a young population, actually. So you can imagine what can verify the statistics. GDP growth is measured by the increase in incomes of Zambians of whom a few are rich and the average are poor, if GDP has dropped it means among other reasons the larger number of poor are the ones dragging it down, and this not to be negative but population increase is a major contributor of the statistics above. National debt, currency depreciation and food basket is also one thing that is reinforced by increase in population especially in rural areas. The poverty mentality is the biggest contributor, especially in the rural areas and the urban rural. In fact development…

  17. You are right to re-iterate what every Zambian knows about Zambia potential, but YOU HAVE FAILED TO MAXIMISE the POTENTIAL.. The only thing you have maximised are your pockets together with the Cadres that you NEED to please to stay in power. Give a chance to a leader like HH who has demonstrated in his life that he can develop Zambia. Not only has he proven his ability as opposition leader under difficult circumstances you will never face.. But the Late SATA faced, He is AUTHENTIC… ECL could not have lasted a month in opposition as leader but stumbled into the job, but the Job is too big for him and hence the unprecedented INCOMPETENCE.

    • ‘Zambia in the sun’, please let us not be emotional in our analysis, there is no way Zambia could have voted for Edgar Lungu for his second term if we did not see any progress so to say YOU HAVE FAILED TO MAXIMISE THE POTENTIAL is wrong. Development doesn’t happen in a day, and I don’t think there is any government that can achieve all the objectives of their manifesto in just one term. We should also bear in mind that a party that comes into power doesn’t find a perfect nation to govern, there are problems that Kenneth Kaunda himself inherited from our colonizers such as illiteracy because of the country’s insufficient education system. Dr. Kenneth appealed to all citizen to give any amount they could so as to build the University of Zambia in 1966. When Chiluba came into power he…

  18. “Keep this in mind for what is said is meant & what is meant is said. Let the Truth of the true shepherd
    guide his sheep instead of the wolves in sheeps clothing. They are incorporated to their personal interest using personnel as stock to build up corporate interest which is in plunder and control.
    They decide to deceive by plating the seeds of deception and deciding to design designated devices to keep the mass desolate from the Truth.

  19. The so-called progress you are alluding to cannot be ‘divorced’ from the security and dignity of citizens. What progress are you going to attain when Zambia is being placed on an almost ‘no go area’ by some countries? What progress when under your watch you allow people to slaughter each other without any leadership and prompt action to arrest the situation? You cannot even deliver a straight visible address to the nation over the matters. The ‘monster’ in some citizens is your creation – 2011 to current. Deal with it or leave the office!

  20. ‘Look Deeper’ id!ot Who told you that I need your level of education to comment here. You can stuff your education up yours!!
    I dont need a PHD to be able to see that there’s poverty in the country. Three quarters of Zambians are living in abject poverty and some parts of the country are just one step away from disaster. Zambia is rated as one of the poorest countries in the world. Corrupt thieves and thugs are the ones flaunting stolen money , while foreigners like mwenyes and lebanese are abusing and using Zambians like slaves .

    • ‘Concerned Zambian’ Zambians are living in abject poverty, yes I agree, but the point I am trying to put across is contribution to the economic wellbeing of the country and not just being a player in the blame game. Busy calling the head of state names is not going to help us in anyway but stepping up to provide solutions on current issues that need attention is the right way.

  21. The Zambezi River Authority boss recently said that the water levels at Lake Kariba remain low at only about 8% usable water despite getting considerable rainfall inflows of water. He said that it will take three years for the largest man-made dam in the world to reach its maximum capacity of 180.6 billion cubic meters based on the average annual inflows into Lake Kariba being of the order of 40 billion cubic meters. He said that Lake Kariba currently has 8.36 percent of water usable for power generation despite receiving a total of 3.15 billion cubic meters as total inflows, compared to 1.97 billion cubic meters received over the same period last year 2019. The Barotse plains need to soak up water first during the rainy season and only when they get saturated do they release the bulk of…

  22. ……. get saturated do they release the bulk of the water, about 80 percent. This state of affairs sees water from this main source of Kariba Dam’s water reaching the Lake around April and May with the dam reaching its peak levels for the season around July. However Zambia has the Kafue River Hydropower plants, which depend on the Itezhitezhi dam with a much small reservoir of 6 billion cubic metres and easier to fill but generates 1850 MW, almost the same power as at Kariba because the drop of water 600m is six times than that at Kariba. The water at Kafue is more powerful in a layman’s language. The power plants on Kafue River will make up the shortfall on Kariba.

  23. In addition the Kafue River Hydropower plants have what ZESCO is boasting as “cascaded generation” arrangement, i.e, 120 MW will be generated at Itezhitezhi Dam, the same water will generate 990 MW at Kafue Gorge Upper and lastly the same water will generate 750 MW ak Kafue Gorge Lower.

  24. Zambians, this is a classical case of disasters in Human Resource (HR) practice.
    When you employ someone without giving them explicit Key Performance indicators (KPIs), you are in trouble! Your employee is free to speculate they are doing well even when they are not. Unless there are two Zambias but the Zambia I know has deteriorated in the following ways:
    1. Bad governance and loss of citizen freedoms. Ubomba mwibala run-away plunder of national resources.
    2. Exponential increase in debt from $3Billion in 2011 to over $12 Billion, Exchange rate deteriorated from K5,000 to K15,000, Fuel pump price increase from K4,000 per litre to K19,000, mealie meal from K35,000 per 25kg to K200,000 per kg, Food busket from k2,500,000 to over k7,000,000.
    Are these positive indicators?

  25. “When one with honeyed words but evil mind
    Persuades the mob, great woes befall the state.”
    – Euripides, Orestes

  26. Most comments here are unpalatable and corrosive. I wonder if there are any traits of christian values in some of the bloggers on this platform. Some do not have manners even bad ones.

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