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The rise in carelessly constructed, tribally divisive statements a threat to peace-Nevers Mumba

Feature Politics The rise in carelessly constructed, tribally divisive statements a threat to peace-Nevers...

MMD President Nevers Mumba says the recent rise in carelessly constructed, tribally divisive statements and practice threaten the stability and the very continued co-existence of Zambians in peace as the famed “land of work and joy in unity.”

Dr Mumba says one of the foremost tasks the MMD have set for the coming campaign is to re-establish the long journey of those who came before them, a journey that created a more UNITED, just, equal, free, caring and more prosperous Zambia without any prejudice based on one’s ethnic background.

He says he has chosen to run for the Presidency at this moment in history because he believes deeply that Zambia cannot solve the challenges of its time unless they are solved together.

Dr Mumba has noted the need to deal urgently with those people who would want to gain political capital by dividing the nation based on tribe, race, or religion.

“We understand that we may have different names, yet we hold common hopes; that even though our dialects may not sound the same and we may not have come from the same place, still, we all want to move in the same direction – towards creating a better Zambia, and a better future for our children and our children’s children”, Dr Mumba added.

He said this belief comes from his unyielding faith in God, and in the decency of the Zambian people.

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  1. I repeat, let’s look into the issue of criminalising hate speech. Magufuli has done it, Ethiopia has done it. Let’s reclaim our African value of respect for elders and each other. Too much nonsense on social media.

  2. There is only one leader who is tribally inclined. He has lost 5 times but continues to force himself on his party because to them only a Tonga can rule them

  3. I 100% agree with Dr Mumba – united we stand, divided we fall. Working together cobwebs can tie a lion – there is power in unity. One Zambia one nation! God bless Zambia!

  4. People when are you going to accept it? This country is already divided and the Tongas are the ones who started it by wanting no one else but a Tonga to rule UPND. Nkandu Luo also should not have preached tribalism in Chilubi. Two wrongs do not make a right. Of all the people she should have known this

  5. Events of 15 years should not be exhumed for political expedience. If that is the PF yardstick, we might as well bring out the issue of someone not having a vision to govern. Let’s desist from these tribal sentiments. The likes of keizer Zulu if indeed, he’s the same disgraced assistant to the president,should be tamed. He is a serious danger to governance.

  6. Those practicing tribalism are nothing but cowards. I strongly reject them to be public office bearers and should just stick to their homes since they are islands. With grown ups like Luo, they are just a shame to society worse than gassers and to even call them mothers of this great nation is misplacing the good will of real mothers at large. They disgust me. Puke, puke puke….

  7. @ Zambian Citizen , am actually surprised that you can speak sense for once.i remember admonishing you that Zambia belongs to all of us as a collective .And now i believe you have a split personality disorder : one Zambian Citizen who on a good day can actually talk sense and preach good values such as respect for elders and each other, criminalizing hate speech and give good examples of countries which have actually done it . The other Zambian Citizen practices hate speech, is a tribalist and fails to reason beyond the PF ideology. Am actually impressed with your other responsible side and hope Kaizer Zulu will copy this virtue from you. Indeed i see hope.

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