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Zambian woman shares her experience with racism in the Netherlands



  1. Please we in the pf are the only party to introduce dual nationality. Can you use it to your advantage. It is backward to cry about being treated like a foreigner when you are indeed a foreigner. Zambians are now doing much better than those abroad seeking asylum. Mention one zambian millionaire abroad and I will mention 20 based in Zambia. Kz

  2. Hey Rachel .. just want you to know you are not alone in your struggle and experience. Living abroad has broken me somewhat and usually one feels like no one understands. People say just come back to Zambia but you are there for your family. It hurts when you are a qualified person and yet treated like trash abroad because of your skin colour or nationality. Do not let them steal your smile, do not let them destroy that beautiful Zambian spirit. Crying may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. Be there 100% for your kids.Love them and experience the joys of motherhood..those racist *****s should not be given anymore airtime in your life. Focus on things that make you happy. Talk to people back home often and connect with friends.Its lonely living abroad.Wish you strength

  3. Why complain about racism as if you dont have a country you can call home…just move back to Zambia and stop imposing yourself in places where you are not needed

  4. Millionaires yes Politicians and cadres….you cant be a millionaire in Zambia unless you steal from the government…why do you see the same millionaires suffer and lose everything once there’s change of Government…stop hallucinating Mr KZ…majority of us are in the diaspora because of quality of life….and quality life isnt cheap..and its all about choices…as for me i have been in America for over 25 years and am loving

    • So true. If you annoy the ruling party, they will block all your business opportunities and make it very difficult for you to do anything inside the country. You can only live and operate successfully if you are a member of the ruling party. Ask GBM and Kambwili who prospered when they were in PF and became failures when they left. If you criticize the ruling party they label you an enemy of the nation. This will happen no matter who takes over power because all Zambians are the same. Whether it is Sata, Lungu, Chiluba or HH the behavior will be the same. Those of you asking her to come back home don’t pretend like you are the ones who made the right decision by staying in Zambia. You just haven’t had the opportunity she has

  5. Shame. The Dutch and Germans are the most racist group of people in the world. Their hate for black people is satanic. They are guilty of one of the worst crimes against humanity, apartheid.

  6. The goal is to get what you travelled there for and come back, for most it’s education. My son a practicing MD got two medical degrees in Europe and is in the process of opening a clinic back home.

    When you are abroad working or studying or both, your main goal should be to come back home with three things: educational skills, work skills and life skills.

    • Your son must be one of the rare African progressives. Most Africans flee the continent after they get qualifications abroad. They don’t think they should come back to help Africa develop. That is one reason this continent is not developed because Africans think the developers of the continent will come from somewhere else.
      I had a friend who went to Britain and got qualifications and came back home with a British wife. He had so many airs after returning. He tried very much not to identify with his township friends. He pretended to have been an Upper Class all his life when he grew up playing chimpombwa in our dust. He returned to Britain obviously seeing it as his home. We all could see he did not get education in Britain but just a qualification

  7. And Rachel you haven’t seen anything yet..wait till you get old…you will remember the same Zambian black brother you dumped for a Dutchman…..and if you dont have any investment back home you better live the rest of your life with the racists and be treated like a maid by your so called husband

  8. Hey Rachel, nothing is bigger than your family. The people discriminating against you are not happy and therefore are trying to make other people unhappy. These are usually are very uneducated people and probably would never get a job. Jealous because you are black and beautiful, speak the language and got a job.. I do care about you and nobody except your family is worth of your tears. I am so sorry that this has made you so upset. I am not in the Netherlands but I am in Europe as well. I have been discriminated against as well but they can just kiss my big black arse! Honey, you have a set of skills that are in demand anywhere. How about being your own boss? Ba mulamu, Rachel should not shedding tears on this.

  9. That’s the reason I came back home. There is no need remaining in a foreign country and continue complaining about being mistreated when you have a place you can happily call home and come to. You can come back and create conditions that you have been enjoying in a foreign country. Remember to bring with you the money you earned and the experience you gained. The food at home is good too.

  10. Apartheid is a baby of the Dutch people. Let us make life difficult for white people in Africa like Robert Mugabe showed us to do

  11. @Chester. Unfortunately you cannot create the conditions. You have to have funds aside to satisfy all the corruption and thievery that has created the millionaires the dumb twat KZ is mentioning. Zambia is a beautiful country, with the best climate, the kindest people(unfortunately with the most corrupt leadership) and the best food.
    KZ instead of showing off about the life you are living at our expense, how about being a hero for a change? Create these conditions so Zambians can come home. No Zambian should have the personal phone numbers of people in service providing institutions to get things done!
    Rachel, keep your head up! Love is love and you are above and beyond color. Let the haters hate. And nobody, NOBODY, is worth your tears!


  13. Arabs, Indians, Russians and Chinese treat blacks worse than dogs. In most of Europe there are good and bad people. But Zambians burning fellow Zambians alive is not better than Arabs, Indians, Russians and Chinese racists

  14. I feel for your pain. The whiteman has never accepted a black person as a fellow human being. The whiteman just tolerates us blacks for selfish reasons – extortion and exploitation. I studied and lived in Europe. I was always reminded of my blackness, through actions and referring to me as a monkey. But I resisted all temptations to revenge, rather focusing on what I was there for.

  15. This is one of the reasons i hate this political party that is sponsored by the imperialists.
    For some of us who visited U.K in particular we shall always testify racism especially in highly industrialized areas.And whites don’t hide their displeasure at black People.They show 100% that they dislike niggas and sadly many European players still believe that blacks are subjected to second class in the society.Unexpectedly I received good reception in China and i wondered hoping Chinese were staunchly racists .

  16. The people who say things are so good and so so in Zambia and people should return to Zambia re delusional. The sam Zambia with high level of unemployment and entrepreneurship is challenged by poor economic fundamentals such as fluctuating currency, sky-rocketing prices of the staple food, rolling black-outs due to load shedding etc. Not to mention the recent unexplained killings and mob justice. Yes, we love Zambia, it is our home…but the circumstance at home are very challenging and seem to gravitate from bad to worse. So while being in a foreign land brings with it real challenges like racism and xenophobia, we should not act like returning home is the only viable option!

  17. Zambians are the time worst racists. Look at nkandu Luo and the way they treated Guy Scott, born in Zambia but being told that he will be deported. Zambian politicians are a disgrace!

  18. I stay in Amsterdam… been here for 6 years and some how i do not believe elements of this story. Nothing is being mentioned about the husband who is Dutch and never did nothing.

  19. In the Netherlands,its more of a case of anti foreign immigration than racism.
    Because the local blacks don’t like the Africans.

  20. Just stay were you are and dont move. Bringing up children means you are gaining pension points which in Zambia are 0 %. Fight for your kids and your pension.

  21. I will go and live in Zambia when i get my pension in 8 years to come. The German pension is paid monthly till you die and your children may inherit it on conditions. The minimun pension is more than what a medical doctor at UTH earns. It will be crazy to exchang this futune to anything.

  22. Kaizer Zulu, you and your PF are very dull. You never introduced dual nationality. For your information some Zambians abroad and foreigners in Zambia have always had dual nationality. There’s absolutely no need for any Zambian with a British or Germany passport to inform the Zambian government that they are also citizens of the UK or Germany. Many of the Asian and Lebanese friends of the PF may have Zambian passports but they are also citizens of their countries of origin. So Kaizer stop boasting of a non-issue.

  23. There is no place in the World where a foreigner is liked by everyone. Don’t expect that. It is not the majority that is racist. Mostly it is those that cannot manage in their Countries that tend to dislike foreigners that are doing well. People with proper income for example in Denmark do not care who is who, however people on Social Help are the ones that are not happy, when they see a foreigner driving an expensive car. Look at the Arabs they work hard running businesses and live in luxury. Some people hate them when they see these Arabs driving expensive cars, and yet these guys are very hard working especially in the business sector

    Ignore the racists and mind your own business, which is that. Racism is there to stay. It will never end for as long as more blacks success, believe…

  24. Cont…..
    Ignore the racists and mind your own business, which is that. Racism is there to stay. It will never end for as long as more blacks succeed, believe me you

  25. What’s this video about? You can’t write a short article about this video…what happened to writing skills.

  26. South America, China, Asia or even Europe itself after WW2 didn’t develop by exporting people abroad. The problem Africa has is its education system which wires people to just study hard and depend on a job. That’s why they run to the west. Look at Indians, Lebanese here, they don’t come looking for work but business. That’s why the current political set up is retrogressive where anyone in opposition sees those in GRZ as enemies and seek to undo anything their rivals have done, even good things; instead of us fighting, we need unity of purpose. We need GRZ to change the education system to one that suits our environment.

  27. Hi honey listen to Mutabaruka ‘whiteman country’ He says it no good fi stay ina white man country too Lang’s. His advice is them shoot the queen shoot after the pope n you take it fiajoke! And then he says if you black get back. Please get back. If your husband can’t protect you HE DOES NOT LOVE YOU. GET BACK.

  28. Too long, I had to skip to the end. People, keep your messages short and get to the point quickly if you want to be heard. We’re not here to listen to biographies. The fact that you’re still alive is what matters. Others have been lynched, thrown out of speeding trains and swerving cars or simply shot dead by hardcore racists.

    We all have episodes to tell as foreigners living in a far country. In fact, not only Black people face segregation. I’ve seen white people face racism too! I personally believe in divine protection and predestination in life. No one can run you out from the place you were meant to be. I remember when I lost my way once and ended up in a Neo-Nazi gathering somewhere in Germany. Guess what? No one touched me. One of them even shielded me from the rest and…

  29. We all have episodes to tell as foreigners living in a far country. In fact, not only Black people face segregation. I’ve seen white people face racism too! I personally believe in divine protection and destiny in life. No one can run you out from the place you want to be if you stand firm and fight because the earth belongs to all mankind. I remember when I lost my way once and ended up in a racist gathering somewhere. Guess what? No one touched me. One of them even shielded me from the rest and politely and showed me the way out. Just stand firm and hold your head high because social media wont do it for you.

  30. Sorry Rachel for your experience. I’m Zambian and i live in the USA i love it here i’m not bragging but sharing my experience, yes there is racial discrimination everywhere. I work in Corporate America with a 500 fortune company i have two Master’s Degree in Finance and in Project Management i earn a six figure salary and i live in an exclusive neighborhood, i have a house that we bought at $375,000.00. What I’m trying to say is that depending on what you do when you are abroad will bring racism to your door step. A lot of people working in healthcare industry they experience that racial discrimination those are the same old people now who used to be Kkk (ku klux klan) and now if you are wiping their butt for a living, how do you expect them to treat you? I have white people,…

  31. We are all race biased in some way. Who is taking care of your kids while you are making that nonsensical video?. If you have no tough skin to be an immigrant, GO BACK TO ZAMBIA and do your hair before your return to Zambia, because Zambians will also call you names if you show up looking like you just rolled out of bed with sour baby milk all over you and want to talk. Bye!

  32. One mans trash is another’s treasure

    , I love the developed first world.
    I also love my home country Zambia but the injustices are just too much for me and the first world were things run like clock work suit me fine…..if power goes , I get compensation, if any one aggrieves me I sue , if I don’t like anything I bought , I get a refund no questions, I contribute to many pensions knowing after I retire , money comes in no if or buts. All me and family medical stuff is paid for ,

    Can’t complain and feel compassion for my fellow country men finding it hard in diaspora

  33. Listen to Mutabaruka,: it no good to stay ina white man country too long. “Dem shoot at de queen, dem shoot at de pope n you take it fiajoke; it no good to stay in a white man country too long! Then this line: if you white stick around if you black get back:it no good fi stay ina white man country too long…

  34. Distressing. This lady is obviously very distraught and needs support. Doesn’t the Zambian Government have an embassy in Holland – to help Zambians In strife?

  35. Sorry about the injustice.before you leave your country do the home work .it rough out there people pretend that all is well .when they being called all sort of names out there..

  36. Corrupt Zambian millionaires don’t count, Only those millionaires who have earned their wealth outside of politics and single source non competitive contracts have my respect.
    I don’t admire wealth earned by greedy corrupt means

  37. Rachel, Darling, Our fellow Compatriot, your pain is felt and understood. Ignore the hash Zambian comments but take away life affirming comments. I agree with Dennis above who correctly points out that you are distraught and should be able to go to the Zambian embassy to ask the First Secretary to approach the Holland Govt to highlight your treatment which is inhuman. We do have embassies but most staff are insensitive to citizens abroad because there is no money and all they are instructed to do is wash their hands of you and let you disappear. What prevented you taking a Human Rights case against the company, police and the family?

  38. Am yet to encounter racism in all my years in America. But I don’t tolerate any sort of nonsense from any one. Americans love to dominate and am very good at pushing back regardless of who they are and they will respect you if you are not a push over.

  39. Rachel, the irony is that the International Human Rights Court is at the Peace Palace in The Hague (Netherlands)! Please go for legal advice on how to file a case there. As soon as you do they will be all ears and will want to do something. Approach the Zambian embassy there and tell us what their response is so we can lean on PF if they do nothing. In the meantime do get some Holland govt assistance, it’s there to help when thinbs go wrong. Try not to dwell on it so as to let the problem consume you. Try to move on focussing on your family who are struggling with your depression. I hope your doctor is providing you proper medical care. A few antidepressants for a shirt while should help. The comment I supported was Zennia above not Dennis…..!

  40. Some one here is quick to brag about millionaires in Zambia, let me remind you that migration is not about being a millionaire. It’s all about better opportunities, a better quality of life, better education, better security and a promised future for your children. Hopelessness and insecurity in some countries is not the order of the day

  41. Many millionaire Zambians in the US, South Africa and Europe.
    Wealthy from hard work and you will never see them Bragg and flash the wealth to show off.

  42. @The Engineer, this is what I am wondering!! WHERE IS THE HUSBAND,THE LOVER THE WOMAN FOLLOWED FOR BETTER FOR WORSE TILL DEATH…? In most racist societies, a fight gets easier when the spouse who is a national of the country gets involved! The Husband who is Dutch himself and knows the corners of his country and all under currents should be leading this fight but he lets a woman fight it alone! The fact that our sister is crying could tell other stories, she may be feeling abandoned by someone she so surely relied on and now she is forced to remember that after all she NOT DUTCH BUT ZAMBIAN!! Let our Embassy look for this lady, get the true story and see how they can help her. But then, the lady who is appealing for help, goes on ranting to insult those who may not sympathise with her,…

  43. So you want us to use tax payers money to investigate a matter that happened on foreign soils involving some one who has taken up another citizenship? We have more serious problems to deal with than bend our backsides for someone who chose to move away. This is a matter for the authorities there to investigate. What will it help you to cry on social media?

  44. LAURENS ZORG (CARE/RETIREMENT HOME) CAN BE FOUND ON FACEBOOK. Feel free to #supportrachelbotha by leaving comments that side

  45. Watching your video Rachel made me feel very distressed about your situation there in the Netherlands..but i must also recommend you for your courage to fight the system there head on and do not relent becoz justice will soon prevail in your favour. We live in a society where the black race is still an issue and unwanted. Netherlands has laws that are similar to other western world and they will listen to you. Do not go back to Zambia and please please, ignore the *****s on this platform who seem to be very ignorant and foolish. I envy your fighting spirit and remain focused..

  46. @Kaizar Zulu, the Zambian govt have a duty to assist any citizen in such circumstances where the host country has failed through it’s various Judicial justice processes. In this case she was treated inhumanly, and no country should ignore human rights. The task for the govt in this case is not to spend money, but to highlight the plight of this citizen regardless of her immigration status. It’s as simp!e as requesting the equivalent of the Minister of Justice in the country to be aware of her treatment and request her matter is dealt with, after all if this was an incidence in Zambia where a Netherlands citizen was maltreated they would even cut economy aid! Recently the UK govt assisted a youngster victim of a gang rape in Greece by protesting the court decision that the youngster…

  47. @kaizar confinued………Recently the UK govt assisted a youngster victim of a gang rape in Greece by protesting the court decision that the youngster was at fault. Your comment cannot be an official comment from our govt. It’s callous and inhuman on top of her existing suffering. It’s disappointing

  48. your story is very sad and heartbreaking.
    How i see it you’ve got two choices. option one, get yourself a good lawyer and sue you’re employers, if need be take them to the European court of human rights.
    Educate yourself on your legal rights coz information is power.

    option two, start making plans to go back and settle in zambia with your kids. This in my humble opinion is the better option as you need to protect your kids from
    going through a similar experience. Home is always home.

    Im also curious to know how your Dutch husband has reacted to the discrimination and racism you’ve been facing?


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