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Electoral Commission of Zambia targets to Register 9 million Voters

Feature Politics Electoral Commission of Zambia targets to Register 9 million Voters

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has said that it is targeting to register 9 million voters ahead of the 2021 general elections.

Speaking on ZNBC’s Sunday Interview, ECZ Chief Electoral Officer, Patrick Nshindano said that a new voter’ register will be used in the forthcoming general elections, adding that the Commission will start the countrywide registration of eligible voters in May this year.

Mr Nshindano further explained that from the estimated 18 million population, ECZ is targeting to register 9 million eligible voters and that ECZ has put in place a robust countrywide sensitization campaign program.

Mr Nshindano explained that ECZ will use three systems during the voter registration exercise which include mobile, online and stationary registration.

He said the Commission decided to come up with a new voter register following recommendations made during the post 2016 general elections review.

Mr Nshindano pointed out that the 2016 voter registration was contentious as stakeholders and political parties raised a number of concerns.

He said among the concerns raised was that the 2016 voter register contained names of foreigners.

Meanwhile, he clarified that the old voter’s cards should not be discarded as they remain valid until next year.

He indicated that the old cards can be used in an event of a by-election stating that the new voter register will only be effective in 2021.

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  1. And 8.5 million of those votes will go to his excellency EC Lungu the rest will be shared among opposition. I have already promised to run naked from mandahill to arcades if pf lose. Can the upnd top leadership also vow to do so?

  2. KZ. You move naked always, you think you are dressed? What were you doing in Mumbwa with the Indians yet you claim to be in Russia? Residents should have just burned you alive. Come to copperbelt crime masterminder. UNZALAZU and I quote, only *****s will vote for PF. So, you’re number 1.

  3. Kaizer no one will be interested to see you dirty ntwanikane. As you walk naked, people will be looking away to avoid seeing your dirt ntwanikanem which cause them to lose appetite.

  4. I have never seen a civil servant commenting on political affairs like he’s a minister, KZ your time is up, just look at the negative responses to your comments, no one likes you or your PF. 2021 you go away like UNIP never to return to politics buried and dusted….

  5. Lets imagine for a minute that you are an employer about to interview some candidates for a job. Remove all the titles of president or opposition leader with 4 people vying for a job. Who would you employ to improve your organisation based on their background… Lets be honest… Candidates are Chishimba Kambwili, Nevers Mumba, Hakainde Hachilema, Harry Kalaba, Alex Mulyokela, Edgar Lungu
    They would be tested on the following; Honesty and integrity, Confidence, Inspire Others, Commitment and Passion, Good Communicator.
    Decision Making Capabilities, Accountability.

    Here would be my priority list;
    1. Hakainde Hachilema
    2.Nevers Mumba
    3.Chishimba Kambwili
    4,Harry Kalaba
    5.Alex Mulyokela
    6.Edgar Lungu

  6. What this PF mob forget is that Zambian people are the employers and when you are given the privilege to be in power by the people, you should serve them and not your pockets and the PF thugs and cadres. I only hope that the identity system used to register voters will not be manipulated. Why cant the polling stations announce the results immediately they are completed as is the case in many countries..This prevents people cooking the results on the servers. Its the only way the results are going to be transparent as the results will be verified by each party representatives. I AM VERY SKEPTICAL ABOUT THE 2016 RESULTS as there were only 100,530 votes difference! between PF and UPND….How did that happen if PF was that popular? Who is that foreign national who was caught in the server…

  7. Who is that foreign national who was caught in the server room were results were verified? Where has he gone? Has he been charged?? And we claim to have law enforcement? The employers are going to have a final say on this mismanagement of Zambia such that we are a laughing stock!

  8. After Chilubi where ECZ seemed to be abating and supporting PF dirty tactics like chasing away the opposition and bribing voters , ECR is already losing credibility fast

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