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ECZ expresses concern at the behaviour of the political parties during the just ended By-Elections

Headlines ECZ expresses concern at the behaviour of the political parties during...



The Electoral Commission of Zambia, ECZ, has expressed concern at the behaviour of the political parties during the just ended campaigns, where leaders and their members were promoting violence and perpetuating hate speech causing unnecessary misconduct.

Speaking during the meeting held with political parties yesterday, Commission Chairperson Hon. Justice Esau E. Chulu however said political parties should instead take pole position in preaching peace and sending out positive messeges that promote unity in the nation as they carry out their Camapign activities.

He called on especially the political party leaders to curb hate speech and stop inciting violence among their party cadres.

He urged the parties to abide by the electoral code of conduct which provides guidelines to all stakeholders, in maintaining a peaceful and inclusive electoral environment, where all have equal space.

Justice Chulu also cautioned the Police to be professional as they carry out their duties during campaigns and elections and to ensure that all parties are accorded equal treatment as provided in the Electoral Code of Conduct.

And Justice Chulu has reiterated the Electoral Commissions commitment to ensuring that it manages elections in a credible, impartial and transparent manner.

He announced that the commison would also continue to address any challenges that political parties may be faced with.

“We remain open to all interested stakeholders to engage with the commison on issues that may concern them including clarification where need be,in a bid to be inclusive and enhance our electoral process,” he said.

He said the Commission would at no time relegate its constitutional mandate but would continue to strive towards becoming a model electoral management body and be fair in the execution of its mandate.

The main objective of the meeting was to provide an update to stakeholders on various electoral issues that the Commison was undertaking in preparation for the 2021 General Elections which included the delimitaion exercise, printing of Ballot papers, registration of voters, results management, prisoners voting and the enforcement of the Electoral code of conduct.

ONE issue which was extensively discussed was the proposal by the Commison to produce a new voters register targeting 9 million voters for the 2021 General Elections.

Stakeholders expressed concern over the issue of the register citing little time and huge cost of implementing such an exercise comprehensively. The Commison then proposed that stakeholders perhaps update existing voters registers instead of producing a new one.

Stakeholders appealed to the Commison to review its decision to stop sponsering political parties to observe the printing of Ballot papers, an exercise they insisted would promote transparency and creditbity of the process.

The Commission however stated that there are no funds for the said exercise and en outraged the stakeholders to perhaps look to their cooperating partners for support.

The meeting was well attended by party representatives who included Presidents in some cases and Secretary Generals among other representatives.

This information has been made available by ECZ Public Relations Manager, Margaret Chimanse.

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  1. Comments have been noted and will be passed on to our party secretary general to ensure that action is taken, if needed. Thank you ecz

  2. We all know that in the civilised provinces of Luapula, Northern, Muchinga and Eastern there is no violence. Hate speech, violence and tribalism is common in the bantustan provinces where savagery is celebrated as witnessed in Sesheke or Kaoma. Even if the right honorable Judge Chulu didn’t pinpoint which PARTY-WE KNOW WHO THEY ARE!!

  3. So sad to see we never learned from the bloody political repercussions of hate speeches in Kenya 2007 and Rwanda 1994.

  4. Electoral codes of conduct should be amended.As long as we have these electoral codes of conduct violations of democratic rights will continue.
    Others laws must be amended and constituted .Example ,today Zambia has developed in to regional politics this alone has caused tribal politics,tribal supremacy and regional politics.Outcomes ? Bitterness, hatred, jealousy and division of amongst Citizens.ECZ should improve on laws that equates free and fair elections in the Zambia.

  5. Kaizer Zulu have you replaced Dora Siliya? Open a Tweeter account so what you say can at least make some sense. How can a senior government official be blogging pa Lusaka Times Hahahaha
    You have lowered yowa standard.
    Mbuya Zulu you sent DEC to arrest the Bugatti because you don’t have one. Siya ma jelasi iwe bululu

  6. Judge Essau Chulu…. That’s a very sensitive position you are holding were if not handled carefully can easily set the country on FIRE. I understand there’s so much pressure from the people you report to, but I urge you to be bold as you execute your duties, What happened in Chilubi was very unfortunate, all the electoral violence we’ve witnessed over the years is unacceptable…. lastly if the commission has no money why cant we look for a cheaper credible place were we can have our ballot papers printed, over the years SA has been printing our ballot papers & we’ve had no problems… if the seat is too much for you to handle step aside and maintain your dignity, by so doing you would have sent a message to the general public.

  7. What is a Bugatti when you have power to manage an economy worth trillions. Please we do not get phased by small toys for small boys

  8. Chulu is one of the most corrupt persons under lungu you will find…

    In Chilubi , who was a violent party ? Who chased others from campaigning ? Who was bribing voters ??

  9. Zambian citizen, your days of ranting are numbered. Parliament passed a motion to compel government to criminalise hate speech, issuance of tribal sentiments etc. If your government is one of rule of law you will surely be nabbed and taken to where you rightly belong.

  10. But munzinvela ba Kaizar Zulu ati small toy when I’m managing an economy Hahahaha. Manje fakako nzelu economy yako to improve why you can’t bring it back to 7% growth like Mwanawasa did. Uli pa 2% iwe bwana

  11. So that statement is coming from mr chulu. Very strange indeed. It’s clear to see that he didn’t mean wat he was saying.

  12. Very rubbish. ECZ are responsible for letting Zambia down. They couldn’t act during campaigns when the PF were attacking and hindering the opposition and now that the by-elections are gone that is when they call stakeholders to come to them? You can’t solve problems in the aftermath when the agitator has got what they wished for. There was nothing praiseworthy to note that ECZ did in the chilubi by-elections. ECZ are cowards that are coerced into doing a job they are not mandated to do, and will never deliver credible elections as long as they remain compromised and biased.

  13. What are those two people on the left side of the screen doing? I am I seeing properly or its a matter of poor photo taking.

  14. @Kubeja: I think you will agree with me that the truth hurts. I didn’t create that statistic but it is a reality for every Zambian to see and judge for themselves. Secondly, when was that “motion” passed?? In which sitting of Parliament?? In the parliament of Dundumwezi?? Lastly, keep your threats to yourself, Zambia is a country of laws. Just that threat shows you people’s affinity for violence!!

  15. Demolish existing structure and build a new one on same plot!
    In one case, there is the attendant cost of demolishing and modifying drawings and plans whereas in the other case, just the drawings and plans get the project going.
    Surely this should be day to day issues the ECZ should be running with. By now they should know which option is optimum – update existing register or enforce re-registration of all eligible voters. one wonders, with the full fledged organization structure and supposedly full-time competent personnel, why the ECZ can’t make voter registration an ongoing concern? Conducting registration each time there is a general election is what breeds suspicion and mistrust to stakeholders.
    Government and ECZ can work together with Mobile service providers to efficiently…

  16. Government and ECZ can work together with Mobile service providers to efficiently undertake the exercise and save the long suffering people the anguish of walking to voter registration stations and queuing up for hours on end!
    The same can be extended to voter education and maybe just maybe, we can put an end to medieval politics of violence and insults.

  17. Ba ChuLu, since you see yourself as a sworn democrat that speaks & stands for fair play & justice in our electoral system, please tell us; WHATEVER HAPPENED TO SAMUEL CHAVULA, the P.F hired operative, illegally found in that server room???????????????
    It’s been hell of a long time now, without any answers!
    P.F cadre [email protected] ChuLu, “YOU CAN FOOL THE PEOPLE SOMETIMES, BUT CAN’T FOOL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME” -(Bob Marley).
    Lastly, #P.F.KUYABEBELE!

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