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Government cautions media against being sensational on Gassing and Mob Justice

General News Government cautions media against being sensational on Gassing and Mob Justice

Government has cautioned the media against being sensational in reporting on issues relating to the ongoing gassing and mob justice activities that have terrorized the country for months now.

Speaking at a Joint media briefing with Ministers of information and General Education in Lusaka yesterday, Home Affairs Minister Hon Stephen Kampyongo said the media ought to be professional in the way they report.

The Minister who is Ruling Patriotic Front National Chairperson for Security said that it is dangerous for the media to continue to sensationalise their reports on the gassing and mob justice activities.

“Those Guns you see the police carrying are not toys for playing games with they are meant to be professionally used by the police to maintain law and order in the country by all means necessary” Hon Kampyongo emphasized.

Hon Kampyongo took turns to address the issues of sensational reporting when Chambwa Moonga a Mast Newspapers reporter asked if government does not feel the ‘Blood on its Hands’ as a result of the police shooting down some of the criminals who had been suspected of gassing innocent citizens and his News Diggers Newspaper Colleague Tenson Mkhala whose employee (News Diggers) ran a screaming headline accusing the Home Affairs Minister of having said that UPND’s life president Hakainde Hichilema was behind the gassing of innocent citizens.

“You see colleagues the problem we have now is that even you as Journalists want to be sensational in your reporting of these very serious matters that border on your personal security along with that of the entire nation by practicing sensationalism in the way that you report. These are very serious security issues which you as a fourth estate should play a part in bringing to an end using your various platforms of communication” Hon Kampyongo said.

And Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Hon Dora Siliya said the media have an important role to play of sensitizing members of the community against taking the law into their own hands by mating mob justice on individuals suspected to be behind the gassing.

Hon Dora Siliya says that it is more worrying when police fail to bring to justice the criminals terrorising citizens than to worry about government having blood on its hands when police gun down criminals.

The Joint media briefing Minister of Home Affairs, Ministers of information and General Education
The Joint media briefing Minister of Home Affairs, Ministers of information and General Education

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  1. Gassing is OVER, and that’s when your lazy PF coming out of state house closets. Ati people are turning into cats, these fvcking sinners awe ni loss.

  2. This issue has actually being exacerbated by social media and fake fairy tales especially from opposition. What people don’t realise is that majority of zambian now have access to social media, thanks to pf progressive development. However this also means that many people are gullible when it comes to sensational reporting of lies by mostly upnd sycophants. We need a law to curb fake news spreaders. Kz

  3. Dictator L must take charge. It is for this reason that we have tribal Ruo, thug Rusambo, suspected plunderer Chirufya taking center stage because dictator is letting them do as they wish. Even uninformed Murenga is now interfering at FAZ. Karambo has not paid agro dealers. Just what is happening, can somebody stop this gassing please

  4. Well said Steven. The media is indeed a let down. Instead of being responsible, the are like petrol to a fire. They are now totally partisan, they flout ethics for the highest fee, they are no worse than political party thugs.

  5. So Kainyo Zulu is still among the living! I thought gallant Lenje warriors lynched the still Nguni lumpen last week in a Mumbwa? They should try harder next time, that chap has too much mankwala.

  6. A fourteen year very innocent school boy is shot dead by Police at school. No mentioning of resignation from any body. Have these people heard of rubber bullets which effectively work like normal bullets but the person is just paralysed for some hours and does not die. In this age and era, surely people are being killed but surprisingly every body who is supposed to resign is firmly in their position as if all is normal. no accountability, no responsibility, life goes on, and somebody says we wait for a postmortem, a postmortem to do what?

  7. What is required now is for chiefs, MPs, Headmen, ward councilors, headmasters, Police, teachers and all opinion leaders to hold community meetings and sensitise people against mob justice. The message should be that ” there are some people who are interested in people shedding blood, they will come to your communities and accuse people of being gassers, the interest is for people to die, don’t fall prey to these people, however if indeed there is some suspicion hand over these people to the police to aid investigations, if people are killed before they are questioned it means Police will have very little information to thoroughly investigate” in short we need practical steps on the ground and not the simplicity we are hearing from the some frightened government officials already…

  8. The next worst crime from the fanning of hysteria PF are committing ,is to convince suspects caught as lynch mob murderers to plead guilty to gassing and name opposition as sponsores for reduced sentences……

    With such a scenario, We say all those found guilty of gassing should be sentenced to death……they are after all responsible for the 46 lynch mob murders.

  9. MAST NEWS PAPER and PRIME TV If they see people rioting ,killing each other and destroying properties what do you think they can do …?

    Or what is the difference between GASSERS and MAST and PRIME TV..?

    If PF wins in 2021 I see prime tv taking a pathway of muvi tv.

  10. Let normacy return of which it is slowly returning, let peace and understanding take over, let hysteria be overcome by reason and logic, let those who have committed all criminal mob justice crimes and those who are accussed of “gassing” on credible grounds be committed to the relevant courts of Law.

    By the way where are my fellow veteran commentators JayJay and Mushota? JayJay despite his crude take on things was very logical in his analysis, whereas Mushota was always a complete clown!

  11. There ain’t no organised gassing…

    This so called organised gassing ploy was an attempt by PF to have opposition parties implicated.
    Only the situation got out of hand and they ended getting the blame.
    When lungu saw he was getting the blame , is when he comes out saying those accusing GRZ are mad. All awhile he was watching while people were getting killed.

    Now their next ploy is to convince those arrested for lynchings to admit to gassings and implicate opposition.
    That is why they are sitting on suspects without charge for all this time.

    Opposition lawyers must be ready for this scenario.

  12. Why did Sata sack Kaizer Zulu six years ago?
    Who later found himself in another smaller job like Amos Chanda who was also kicked out by Chellah and found at the Zambian mission in UK.
    Is it because he is not ‘clean’.
    It is believed that he the guy who hacked the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) website on September 21, 2011 when the counting for presidential ballots was under way no wonder he he is so obsessed with the opposition particularly UPND. He posted results that Sata had won.
    When Sata was later declared winner, the OP declared Zulu state property so that he could not be harmed and was just living in State House.
    He was then appointed deputy PS for Lusaka Province.
    Later Sata appointed him deputy PS for Home Affairs.
    As deputy PS Home Affairs, he was tasked to put…

  13. Continued
    … to put together a team of PF criminals to do dirty jobs.
    On March 9, 2013, The Zambia Prison Service transferred 600 Prisoners from the Mukobeko Maximum Prison in Kabwe to the newly constructed Mwembeshi Maximum prison situated in Mumbwa district in Central province, a project of the MMD.
    Then deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs Kaizer Zulu told Journalists at Mukobeko State Prison in Kabwe that Government was determined to improve the living standards of prisoners in the country.
    The 600 Prisoners were transferred to Mwembeshi Maximum prison under heavy and tight security by the Zambia Police Service, Zambia Army, Zambia Air force and the Prison Service respectively.
    What Kaizer Zulu did not tell journalists is that during the operation, about…

  14. Continued
    What Kaizer Zulu did not tell journalists is that during the operation, about 50 prisoners were set free by him under the instruction of president Michael Sata.
    These thugs were later incorporated into the PF machinery and currently work under Judge Ngoma to do dirty works for the PF.
    They are used in by-elections and beating citizens seen to be against the ruling party.
    Before joining PF, Kaizer Zulu was very close to lawyer Sakwiba Sikota. He was a UPND cadre but working under Sikota.
    When Sikota left UPND and formed an alliance with Sata in 2007, Kaizer remained in PF when the alliance collapsed.

  15. It is very evident that you are trying to instill fear in people using the police. You don’t even seem remorseful about the blood that has spilled so far. Don’t you know that innocent blood cries to the creator. Ever heard of Abel’s blood crying to God and Him responding? You think these are fairly tales. These bullets you are exhorting ignorantly will soon be at your door steps. Just pray that the hand of God is not up against you. When your destruction comes it will be sudden. Don’t get too excited.

  16. This is true as a country let us also be careful with what we post on social media , let us not take every little issue as a joke . let us also remember that not only Zambians read what we post on social media , but people from other countries also read what we post.

  17. Says good governance activist Sikaile Sikaile the first priority for every politician in Zambia should be about protecting the image of the country by speaking good about it. Lusambo should face reality. How does he dare Zambians to praise a thieving regime like PF he doesn’t have respect for democracy by calling UPND, the largest opposition political party in the country, a ka small party that should be dissolved?” Sikaile asked.

  18. Politicians are the ones causing this kind of talk let them change first people like Lusambo,Kaizer,Kandu luo, Sunday Chand,GBM, Nyela,Biziwell and the vice president etc.

  19. Very rubbish. Face the problems highlighted by the media head on and not always trying to downplay or deflect it by forcing the media to report only what seems favorable for you. You cant wish the problem to be different than what it currently is, that is why the failing govt is always short of great ideas and plans to alleviate or end issues at hand. let the media be free, don’t hinder their job because what they report does not suit you. arise to the challenge and sort out the issues people are faced with and the media will have nothing but good to report about your achievements.

  20. HAHAHAHA. The job of the media is to report what their findings are and not to tell people to stop the terror or the injustice, the platform they provide as media be it online, paper, or broadcasting is for you leaders to use to pass on that message. alas instead of passing on information that builds or encourage you the same leaders misuse these platforms for selfish gain through tribal attacks, insults and disrespecting one another. As grown up men and women in leadership you should all be ashamed of yourselves for acting like children you left at home. Now when the media reports the results of your doing you call them sensational and threaten them into keeping them quiet? you are all a bunch of jokers and zambians should think twice when electing people this time, dont look at which…

  21. contd: party that person belongs to but whether they are capable and responsible leaders that will bring development in the areas and country at large. Party affiliation has nothing to do with personal abilities so judge them by such and elect people on merit.

  22. I have lost the iota of possible confidence in this government. Just look at Hamble, he has failed to address the nation on such a critical matter but today he finds it in order to brief European diplomats about the issues. And through the same channel of addressing European diplomats he sends the message to us that he cannot address us his own people because his ministers have “adequately” addressed the issue. Really? And you want votes from us? Well, PF, I advise you to go get the votes from “your own people” who elected you, the diplomats.
    PF, 2021 no vote unless you present another candidate to stand against Trible HH. No vote for Trible HH either, who has so far refused to apologise for his Trible 2006 “election”. That refusal stands for confirmation that he believes it’s…

  23. …PF, 2021 no vote unless you present another candidate to stand against Trible HH. No vote for Trible HH either, who has so far refused to apologise for his Trible 2006 “election”. That refusal stands for confirmation that he believes it’s time for his Trible to rule, not even a lozi, luvake, choke, tumbuka, swaka none! Well, sorry Trible HH, you will have to change the constitution first to rotate Presidents among trib,es. Short of that forget the presidency.

  24. Zekolatu sounds like he knows what he is talking about can you tell us more about those prisoners maybe there the ones behind gassing.

  25. …just look at this Trible HH, he has the audecity to criticise Veep Inonge after she reminded him of his Trible justification to lead Trible UPND in 2006. The poor underfive sinks his head in the sand thinking that he is hiding from what we all know.
    Please 2021, No Trible HH, and No Hamble!

  26. No decisive action was taken from the leadership while all this was going on. Innocent people died under their watch, including their GREAT LEADER. No MP’s or ministers worth their salt came out robustly to suggest how to end the mayhem, except for threats and innuendos from the likes of the useless kampyongo and Lusambo. Now a bunch of them comes from under the table they were hiding to castigate the press who were at least on the ground.

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