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Kitwe Mayor Kang’ombe suspended for refusing to line up and greet the First Lady


The Patriotic Front on the Copperbelt has suspended Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe from all party activities for gross indiscipline over his refusal to line up and greet First Lady Esther Lungu during her recent visit to the district.

PF Copperbelt Provincial Chairman Nathan Chanda announced this at a media briefing in Kitwe today saying Mr. Kang’ombe who is also PF Copperbelt vice Provincial Chairman refused to be officially recognized during the meeting despite being called three times.

Mr. Chanda said Mr. Kang’ombe actions were disrespectful not only to the first lady but the republican President as well and is tantamount to gross misconduct.

He added that the entire PF Copperbelt executive has unanimously decided to uphold the recommendations of the disciplinary committee, requesting the central committee to consider invoking Article 74, clause 30 (VII) as recommended by the Provincial Disciplinary Committee to exclude Mr. Kang’ombe from his position of Provincial vice Chairman.

Mr. Kang’ombe has since been given 14 days in which to appeal against the Provincial Executive Committee’s decision to the Secretary General through the office of the PF Copperbelt Provincial Chairman.

First Lady Esther Lungu being introduced at the United Church of Zambia in Riverside, Kitwe in February as Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kangombe looks on
First Lady Esther Lungu being introduced at the United Church of Zambia in Riverside, Kitwe in February as Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kangombe looks on


  1. Ka Nathan Chanda is PF chairman of copper belt? What fvck went in PF? When was outbreak of idyocy break out in that province?
    Now understand why even “gassing” starting there, where people are believed to turn in cats.

  2. This is why Zambia will stay poor and undeveloped .Instead of the mayor doing serious work we put emphasis on wasteful ceremonies for a person with no official GRZ post.

    • Kwena why punish someone for snubbing a non-appointed person? What office does Mrs Lungu hold? What rank does it have in political structure or civil structure?

  3. You cannot disrespect your mother and not be sanctioned. Charity begin at home. At least our party has discipline. Kz

  4. Zambian constitution it is silent on that condition of greeting the first lady,as a demand by PF government.Pf don’t promote small gods on this Earth.Greetings is 2 way traffic .why should mayor abandon his work guys let us be serious.

  5. Whose mother naimwe? Walibeshiba banyina Kangombe? Why do you people make issues out of nothing? What constitutional office does “amwapeeling” hold to justify any disciplinary action against a legitimate constitutional office bearer? Is it by force? Aka ka kunkubiti tamwaba fye na mano, that is why the face looks like mosquito’s nephew. Kangombe you should not allow yourself to be reduced to the level of kakunkubiti. Just continue as independent mayor.

  6. Indiscipline should not be allowed at what ever level, was this the first time for the Mayor to know that you need to do that, doesn’t he know that she is Our first lady, we don’t just support anything when you are wrong you are wrong.

  7. First Lady who cant even prounce am appealing…even me i wouldn’t even attend her meeting…just like her husband at UN in New York city….when he was addressing the General Assembly…everyone went for the door

  8. @Anonymous it appears LT is supporting PF by blocking any one critical of this incompetent PF Government. Either corruption is seeping through or we have a hacker problem. Very soon this LT will be Abandoned at this rate..

  9. Kangombe is a hypocrite , pompous, self over-rating, selfish, unwise and evil hearted .

    Here is a fool that would dearly love to kick really hard!!!!

  10. You can’t force people to respect you. Respect has to be earned. If Chris did not want to recognise the first lady, that is his right to do so. It might not be in good taste but definitely not something warranting displinary action as far as suspending him. So if this suspension is upheld or worse still he is expelled will this not lead to a bye election for the mayor position? Is PF really prepared to go down this route? If so, then they are the ones who are really disrespecting the people of Kitwe and hopefully the coucillors are smart enough to teach the party a lesson.

  11. Arsonist at his pick to comment without customary law or constitution law very is no where ,were it start that electable mayor should abandon his work and go and greet first lady.seer 1 said I will bring confusion in PF and these are confusion we see now.

  12. What did a young man like Kangombe want by becoming a party cadre as CB vice chairman? Wamona nomba. Leave cadreism to the hardcore little cadre Nathan. Tefyenu ifi ba Mayor

  13. No wonder why Zambia will never develop . only Mwanawasa was different he told the people not to Line up at the Air port waiting for him. He asked every on to be In doors working . What a nonsense Ba chanda . Kango’ombe is hard working. Chanda look at Luanshya .it is in a deplorable situation and you call your self a Mayor My foot. Any way nikalwe pitenimo nembwa. we shall meet there . God is watching

  14. In Zambia we love to be swayed with irrelevant things. Kangombe is one of the most intelligent members in PF and am not PF or UPND or anything of that sort, am Zambian, period! Kangombe was not voted into office by anybody but the people of Kitwe. Take a leaf from USA, Mitt Romney voted against Trump in the impeachment vote! That is democracy, and if Kangombe felt like not lining up to greet Mrs Lungu, no big issue here! Come one we have serious issues to attend to in Zambia. Let Kangombe concentrate on his job, too much garbage at KMB and Chisokone, these are issues that we should raise and not above.

  15. This is extremely childish, the first lady holds not title apart from being married to the head of state. Mrs Lungu should intervene and ask that the suspension is lifted.

  16. Please read an article by Chibumba Kanyama on why he did not fancy running for Mayor of Lusaka. There is too much mediocrity in Zambia. Iwe Kang’ombe, you knew what you were getting yourself into. Apase moni awo amayi Daliso kaili…

  17. The First Lady is not an elected official, nor does she represent Kitwe. The president should ask the PF to suspend the whole of the Copperbelt PF leadership for gross misconduct. In fact the people of Kitwe should be backing their mayor on this issue and calling state house.

  18. What a load of – and some people support this illegality. There is no such offence – govt. or party wise, just dreamed up reactions of bootlickers trying to get more favours from their GREAT LEADER.

  19. Evil and stupidity of African Politics. This is Childish and shows how polarized PF has become. How many times have Mayors in the US refused to even allow Trump to Visit their cities? PF have lost it and this is the start of their Fall.

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