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The supply of mealie meal in Lusaka has normalised, prices should now be K136-Lusambo

Economy The supply of mealie meal in Lusaka has normalised, prices should now...

Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo has announced that the supply of mealie meal in Lusaka has normalised.

Mr Lusambo said millers who are on government tripartite list and are accessing maize from the Food Reserve Agency have flooded the market with mealie meal as agreed in a meeting held earlier this week.

The Lusaka Province Minister said discussions are underway with the millers to find ways of distributing the commodity to far-flung districts among them Luangwa, Chirundu and Rufunsa to ensure that other residents also access the commodity.

Speaking at a media briefing, Mr Lusambo says the government will ensure that the mealie meal is sold to consumers at the recommended price of K136 and has warned some criminal elements who have continued exploiting consumers selling the commodity at an exorbitant price that they risk facing the wrath of the law.

Mr Lusambo has urged Lusaka residents to remain vigilant and report any miller who is accessing maize from the food reserve agency and selling the commodity at exorbitant prices.

Earlier this week, Mr Lusaka gave millers who are accessing maize from the food reserve agency up to Friday to flood the market with mealie meal.

The killing companies included African Milling, Nyimba, National Milling, GBM Milling, Superior Milling, Champion, Shapco and Continental including A1.

Mr Lusambo said his office will work closely with District Commissioners across the Province to monitor the situation to ensure that people have mealie meal readily available at the recommended price of K136.

He said Gove will not allow greedy and unscrupulous individuals wanting to put the name of the government and President Lungu in disrepute to continue exploiting the people.

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  1. Please try to understand wht a high interest rate, high energy prices and corruption-endemic environment does to running a business. It really becomes a nightmare. You hv to make hay while it shines.


  3. He thinks he is the “Head Prefect” of Lusaka. Abuse of power is written all over his actions.
    The law will take its course one day…Evidence in form of witnesses and video is there.

  4. Peter nkhoma this is a free market with checks and regulation required to correct anomalies once in while. I have noted most of your comments here and you come out as very rude. I would advise you to tone it down. Remember we can find you. Ask ka zoom.

    I have just read the article or rather fake news posted by Zambia watchdog alleging that I beat up some pf provincial official at Chicago’s last night and that I threatened to shoot him. That is funny when I was at home with my family at the same time. Anyway I am sure I have many imaginary clones. I was not drinking last night. If anything I am drinking today in kafue. So if you seem me approach me and I will get you a free drink.
    Director of higher intelligence in OP

  5. This is a dull chap…you flood the market with reserve maize thinking you are sorting the situation, this govt is a reactive govt that has messed up the economy now its sweeping the dust under the carpet. The late President Levy Mwanawasa and late Agriculture Minister Mundia Sikatana luanched what was termed “The Winter Maize Project” was luanched in 2002 by 2003 the harvested 800,000 tonnes of winter maize to migitate this issue of shortage and deficits. Fast forward 20 years you have this clown Bowman bulling children in supermarkets and that lazy coward in State House you think they are working….you are clapping like fooools when they are simply kicking the can down the road. How old are you …hold my beer sonny . let me tell you a story about great Patriotic Zambian leaders!

  6. KZ, what are you doing about the Rwandese who have taken over our small businesses and where reported as the ones who were using youths to create shortages of Mealie meal? Is this the economic emancipation our forefathers fought for? If we don’t find solutions to this problem, one day our children will became slaves of foreigners on their own soil. Cry the Beloved Zambia.

  7. Lawrence Sikutwa is still stealing money. All his outfits are broke. Madison Life is not able to pay claims. It is refusing to cancel my savings policy and refund my K32,000 I saved with them since 2017. Regulators are in league with Sikutwa.

  8. It all started with Madison Assets Management from where Sikutwa diverted money to his vanity projects. He is a dying horse. MGen is insolvent owes Atlas Mara K79 million plus interest. Madison Life is a Ponzi scheme.


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