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Barotse Royal Establishment appeals to people in Western Province to adhere to the preventive measures outlined against COVID-19

Rural News Barotse Royal Establishment appeals to people in Western Province to adhere to...

The Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has appealed to the people in Western Province to be deliberate and adhere to the preventive measures outlined against COVID-19.

Speaking at a press briefing at Namuso Kuta, BRE Prime Minister (Ngambela) Manyando Mukela urged people in the province to religiously follow all the laid down guidelines from government.

Mr. Mukela cautioned residents to avoid the custom of hand shaking, adding that this does not symbolise the absence of love or unity but it was for everyone’s wellbeing.

The Ngambela has since appealed to old and young people to always wash their hands with water and soap at their homes to wipe away any contact with the virus.

He said COVID-19 is a threat which needs everyone to commit in eradicating it because even wealthy people who are advanced in medicines and technology have succumbed to the virus.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister has commended government for working tirelessly through the Ministry of Health and the media to sensitize the people on what should be done to curb the spread of COVID-19.

The Ngambela also announced that the BRE has closed all the palace Kutas, the Namuso Kuta, Nalolo, Mwandi, Kaonga Mashi and Libonda Kutas in various districts to prevent people from gathering and be susceptible to contracting the virus.

Mr. Mukela said the establishment has also closed other small Kutas dotted in various places and has urged Indunas to be working from home unless need for an urgent meeting arises.

He said the meeting that may be called will be conducted in line with government guidelines.

The Ngambela has further appealed to the church to comply with the directives from the Ministry of Health and to commit the province in the hands of God.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mukela called on traders in various markets to observe the social distance of two metres and allow one customer at a time.

The Ngambela said anyone who will call for crowded gatherings will abrogate the guidelines and will be answerable to the law.

And the BRE has cautioned people in the region to desist from making unnecessary movements in their communities and outside.

He said the people should instead develop a habit of staying at home because movements place them at a risk of the virus.

He also directed people to halt all ceremonies and celebrations which call for a crowds until government issues notifications to allow such gatherings.

Meanwhile, Induna Kuso, who oversees the affairs of the youths, advised young people to adhere to the guidelines to avoid the virus.

He said young people should not be deceived that they are immune to COVID-19 but should be vigilant in observing the preventive measures.


  1. Please please follow medical advice and government guidance. Sadly we lost some one today. I am in a very bad mood and hope we can all fight this together by doing your part and being responsible. God bless Zambia. Anyone trying to contact me ,unfortunately my phones are off as I am spending time with my loved ones. Life has taught me that there is more to it than work. I love you all including upnd members who make it hard to love them. We are your government too and even hh is being ruled by us so we have responsibility for your wellbeing one love.

  2. Use your remaining time wisely Wena Kainyo Zulu because when we come for your throat, kunya bebele!

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