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Bowman Lusambo Wear Face Masks Operation in Action

Videos and Audios Bowman Lusambo Wear Face Masks Operation in Action


  1. That pf regalia he is putting on is leaving a bitter taste on those people he forcibly making to disembark from buses , they will responsibly retaliate in 2021, remember they have families and friends behind them.

    ZABS should also look at the standard levels of the pf chitenje masks.

  2. He reminds me of KMB bus station thugs. Once a thug always a thug! Why is he not wearing the useless PF chitenge face-mask?

  3. I saw you this morning doing a great job. I am the one who was in the black range rover hooting for you. You were too busy to notice because you are very hardworking. Your hardworking is annoying the evil diasporans who cannot understand how their so called rich adopted countries can fail so lamentsbly to deal with this virus and yet zambia with limited resources is doing very well albeit 3 unfortunate deaths. Keep up the good work bro lusambo

  4. Bowman should consider wearing gloves. He could be picking up the virus on the bus

  5. Ba Lusambo, please go to Kenneth Kaunda International Airport since it is still operational, and do the same. Harassing only poor people, when the people that brought it are scot free at the airports is cheap politicking!!

  6. Awe mwaliba dalo ba Lusambo, you dont even remember the MP for Nchelenge. Chilangwa is for Kawambwa, while Nchelenge is Manned by a Malama guy. Its a sign you are good for nothing sir!!

  7. Yaya hahahs look how angry the asylum seekers are in diaspora. Most of them don’t even have their papers sorted out that is why they cannot travel back home out of fear. Its this anger they project on us instead of themselves and their masters abroad

  8. This Makaka Bandit Lusambo is such a low life…and we have a lawyer as a President tolerating lawlessness from Lusambo….Bandit Lusambo thinks its now time to make a name for himself….if there was really COVID in Zambia Lusambo should have been infected by now…..COVID is highly contagious…this Chitalu Chilufya COVID is just PF campaign COVID…first of all the tests are not even accurate….alot of Zambians could be walking around with COVID right now and Bandit Chilufya is misleading Zambians

  9. Bowman has to be careful. This virus doesn’t choose. If his vocation is to be all over Lusaka (campaigning for PF) all the time without respecting the rules of COVID-19 prevention, he could easily be the next Chilufya statistic.

  10. ” andiwone andiwone finye anapoleka mimba”…Zambians should get rid of PF bandits and Bandit President Lungu in 2021…Lusambo should be brought to Justice

  11. This man may be inadvertently spreading coronavirus by being everywhere and exposing himself to so many people. He should rather be increasing hospital capacity in Lusaka, trying to get more testing, finding cheap ways to encourage hand washing etc.Anyway he has put some holy fear into Lusaka residents with regards to masks and avoiding unnecessary travel

  12. @Dimba
    Exactly my thoughts…it looks like the COVID we have in Zambia is just PF campaign COVID
    otherwise if its real COVID being experienced here in New York Lusambo should have been on the deceased peoples list….

  13. If PF bandits continue beyond 2021…Zambia will cease to exist…its about time we kick PF bandits out….we need smart people to rule Zambia not dull thugs who think eating cheese is healthy….Lusambo you were encouraging Zambians to eat unhealthy Cheese and now you’re worried about COVID….Cancer feeds on cheese not vegetables….Cancer is afraid of fruits and vegetables but likes cheese and oily greasy foods

  14. Why is he harassing citizens? They can actually sue him. He can simply give them masks and not demean them. This is not a UNIP dictatorship. Supply sanitizers and masks were needed. Some people are poor and can it afford them. We need educated ministers not thugs like this one.

  15. What is this load of wet dirty sand doing to Zambians in a country that is supposed to be governed by the rule of law ?

  16. What Bowman is doing is total harassment of citizens. His motive is good, but the execution is primitive. He seems to have forgotten that he was elected as a servant of the people and not a master of the people. Perharps he never knew, to start with. He is not ministerial material. But that’s what we get for allowing kaponyas to elect their fellows in to office. How did we end up here? The theory I have is that ECL deliberately appointed nitwits as ministers so that they can’t challenge his ambitions to stay in office. A move that has put Zambia in a mess that will take long to clean up after he’s government is gone.

  17. Kaizar Zulu (C), I really like your previous photo which showed WISDOM, leadership and attracted attention. Could you remove this current one and put back the old one napapata. A legend must not change appearance every so often.

  18. The Patriot

    That is all Lusambo knows …..harassing people.

    His intentions could be noble but I expect a minister to solve higher level issues like the flooding of Lusaka or the garbage heaps around Lusaka ……..any policeman can do what Lusambo is doing

  19. Well! You’ve got to give it to the man. His zeal is truly exceptional – he is a ‘hands-on’ man. The message was delivered without anyone getting whipped! Excellent!

  20. Harassment of the travelling public at bus stations by a minister is lack of planning and prioritising responsibilities. Wearing of masks can be done by an order to all bus operators to provide masks for all their passengers and ensure it is obeyed to the letter. What is show by Lusambo is for cameras for cheap politicking. It’s a noble cause to ensure infection of Covid-19 is reduced and eliminated if possible. However, the public seen without face masks interacting with Lusambo exposes him and is not wearing gloves himself. Proper planning, planning, planning would be more effective than the show.
    KZ insulting well meaning citizens will not insulate you as public enemy of Zambia. You or impostor, Zambians will not forget that you have harassed, beaten, maimed, humiliated, kidnapped,…

  21. fired guns and shot Zambians and dehumanise Zambians. Zambians deserve justice and time is coming to get it. Cleansing yourself on this site will not wash up, records, living witnesses exist and testimonies will be in your face.

  22. Katuba was a sucksess. No whipping just enforcing the president directive. The president him said that you ware masks and social distance is crucial. No politics hear. Just doing my job. My job is to protect your life and your kids and your family all parts of Zambia. I use the law within myself, the law of a responsible citizen, the law of common sense. Thank you for your corporation. B Lusambo

  23. Lusambo just continue with the same spirit. Some of us a just dull people who do not understand how lethal the Covid 19 virus is. It is so annoying seeing people disregarding protective measures put in place. Kanshi fye fibantu twapangwa shani?

  24. Bwana Lusambo kindly extend your operation to Kenneth Kaunda international airport as it is the entry point of most cases send those foreigners back especially the Chinese and those from high risk countries…we shall appreciate once we see you there 24/7

  25. This Police Recruit is looking for promotion … Kikikiki
    We should now call him Covid Lusambo … Kikikiki

  26. @Lusambo
    Is this really your job you dull nitwit thug?
    Granted you are very good at carrying out physical tasks that do not require any thinking: people selling meali meal above yr price = close shop, people drinking at night = whip, people not wearing masks in bus = remove frm bus.

    Once the virus is over and Lusaka businesses require political support to bounce back via fiscal & monetary measures thug Lusambo will be nowhere to be seen, his little brain wont understand such interventions

  27. Really laughable ..he thinks he is campaigning for his fooolish boss but he is unknowing decamping him ..nafuti nafuti of this mediocrity. Beyond 2021, surely are you going to allow such thugs handpicked as minister by Lazy Lungu.

  28. Lusambo where is your PPE? you need to wear disposible personal protection because you could be spreading the virus yourself. Keep up the good work though.

  29. People’s Hero. God Bless this Saint. I hope his church has noticed his selfless work for others.

    Keep going Lusambo we appreciate you. God protect you and reward you.

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