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Government to buy 1 million metric tonnes of Maize this year for Strategic Reserves-President Lungu


President Edgar Lungu yesterday inspected the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) storage sheds in Lusaka’s industrial area. During the inspection, the President said Government will buy more than one million metric tonnes of Maize for strategic reserves during this year’s maize marketing season.

According to a statement released to the media by Statehouse, the President said the government wants to take advantage of this year’s bumper harvest to buy more maize as the weather patterns for next year cannot be predicted due to climate change. The President has since asked the Ministry of Finance to fund the FRA on time so that they start purchasing maize. “The Agency will buy maize starting with the areas that will meet the moisture content,” President said.

The President has further instructed the Agency to avail the Minister of Finance with a schedule on procurement of maize to enable the ministry to start processing payments.

And the President says the country is food secure. “Those who want me to declare hunger as a national disaster don’t mean well. Those are the same people who want me to completely lock down the country so that they can, in turn, blame me when the economy collapses. FRA has enough maize to feed the country including the people that have been affected by floods,” the President added.

At the same event, Minister of Finance Bwalya Ngandu assured the President that the Ministry of Finance will make funds available for the procurement of maize. And Minister of Agriculture Michael Katambo urged farmers not to sell all their Maize but conserve some for home consumption.

The FRA Executive Director Chola Kafwabulula said the Agency has so far given the Disaster Mitigation and Management Unit (DMMU)under the Office of the President 93 metric tonnes of Maize for food relief. He said the Agency has more stocks of Maize for relief food. The FRA Executive Director also asked the President to ensure that money for buying maize is released early.

President Lungu during the inspection of the Food Rerseve Agency (FRA) depots in Lusaka's industrial
President Lungu during the inspection of the Food Rerseve Agency (FRA) depots in Lusaka’s industrial


  1. Excellent development. A bumper harvest during a year of the worst pandemic. Who would have thought. Just last year the diasporans and evil opposition were claiming Zambia had a famine. These village frogs even went to extent of claiming it was a national disaster. Alas the devil has been defeated. In jesus name

  2. Edgar Lungu is not ok and i think he must be examined. People resorted to eating roots snd grass in some parts of the country, if the country had enough maize why didn’t he provide relief maize!?, i salute katambo for the good advice to the farmers don’t sell all your maize and infact sell a quarter of it and leave 3 quarters for your tomorrow. This PF government is very unreliable. Meanwhile PF must go!

  3. @PWII
    We will sort him soon don’t worry he thinks he his clever….. I have located his IP he things he can F.OOL people that he he using a VPN.
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    Soon will locate him

  4. One thing I totally agree with is that we must not do a compkete lockdown.
    100%. Our economy is already un poor shape. A lockdown will cause our economy to collapse and people will die of starvation.

  5. The engineer

    The one posting as KZ is located in the UK and is most likely a chola boy for the real KZ , other wise what time does he have to do any work as he is always on line.

    Also the real KZ would have complained to LT if this impersonator was doing so without consent…..

  6. @ the engineer you are useless liar. We have all been waiting for your big reveal Haha alas nothing. My friends you cannot break into a government VPN. The security on my laptop is not a joke. If you manage to hack my system, I promise to stand down from government and to give you one of my properties in London. Hahah. Can you imagine

  7. Spaka I am tired of telling you jokers that I am based in Lusaka Zambia. I am not silly enough to put my real IP address here. My aim has been achieved as if you try to hack me, it will redirect you to some IP address in England. Probably your neighbor’s hahaha. In the words of that clown tarino.. is it not laughable how upset you are? Come meet me in person in Zambia if you man enough. I have never hidden where I am.

  8. Proof will be in the pudding… I will publish photos from your laptop lets see who will have the last laugh

  9. KZ is a recycled material with no sense of humor.You ‘ve degraded your stupidity into junk status.KZ used to con the president into shoddy deals coz his boss nabena batulo sana just easterners mentality.

  10. KZ

    On another thread I challenged you post a picture on your aviator that is not in the public domain if you s as re the real KZ after you were boasting of working side by side with lungu , better still a picture of you and lungu

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  12. Mmmm ba mwine is looking like a real farmer in his humility. His excellency, please tell FRA to give farmers a good price. Farmers need motivation and they should not be exploited by the traders and millers.

  13. “But let me warn my audience that what is happening here in Manhattan is far from remote from the interests of the West already the African states who are no more than five percent of the peoples of the world exercise an influence far beyond their numbers and gain advantages far beyond their share.” Sir Roy Welensky.

    I hope this is the last time we will endure with this type of administration.

    Their disregard, history, and deliberately pay it no attention to history of the Republic of Zambia they neglect the importance of taking care of history.

    “have bigger fish to fry”

    The network represents SpaceX’s plan to build a network of about 12,000 small satellites to provide high-speed internet to anywhere in the world.”

    Transparent around the corner.

  14. Farmers are offloading maize at giveaway prices due to the pandemic and this clown is there talking about bumper harvests and buying 1 million metric tonnes as if he has the money to pay cash. Any farmer with brains should keep away from growing maize its a labour intensive, hungry for inputs crop only out to benefit the crooks in govt. Its lockdown and he is out and about inspecting maize storage …what for?

  15. Truth Hates – The moment you plant your maize you have already incurred a loss before you even harvest!!

  16. This people are dreaming. Where is the money coming from when they don’t even have enough to fight covid 19. Anyway it doesn’t cost anything to dream.

  17. Government should double the amount of procuremen to 2 million tonnes. The extra 1 Million will be useful for other Government programmes now and in the next seasons.

  18. This lack of honesty is nauseating. GRZ failed to purchase the target of 500,000 metric tonnes last year and only managed a paltry 200,000 tonnes. FRA ended up closing half their sheds as nobody was interested in selling maize to them. A combination of the low price of k75/k80 per 50kg bag and GRZs lack of finances-inability to pay for the maize (7months+ to obtain payment) was the cause. Private buyers offered k100-k130 spot cash. Where does the President expect the Finance Minister to not less than K15 billion(trillion old currency) to entice and buy from farmers and transport the wishful 1 million metric tonnes? Even if its all about election 2021 and hope to negate the effect of high maize and mealie meal pricing on voters, some pronouncements Sir Mr President no no. The Treasury does…

  19. The Treasury does not have the means to raise the USD1 billion required to such and exercise. It may have worked for RB in 2008 against MCS but not so sure prices of maize and mealie meal will fall at all given the massive devaluation of the currench and huge market for the new gold(maize) in the neighbouring Countries.

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