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Chansa Gives Solution to Ending AFCON Drought


2012 AFCON winning midfielder Isaac Chansa says there is one simple solution to ending Zambia’s four -year absence from the AFCON.

Zambia has failed to qualify for the last two AFCON’s in 2017 and 2019 and has already made a bad start on the third attempt where they are rock bottom of Group H on zero points after two games played.

“It is a simple one, consistency. I think we have lacked consistency and obviously on the two editions we missed on qualification, we have had different coaches,” Chansa said on Sun FM.

“We bring in this coach, and give him a year, and he is gone, so let’s give a coach like the one we have more time to do his thing.

“That is when we will have a backbone whereby if that coach is given time, he will know which players to use and which ones deserve to be at the national team.

“If you see the last three years, this coach comes and brings in new players but when we qualified, we had a team for four years and the progress could be seen from as far back as 2008, 2010 and 2012 with the Under-20 and Under-23 teams then.”

Chipolopolo has four games in which to save their souls starting with a Group H doubleheader against Botswana that was postponed in March due to the Coronavirus.

Zambia will in their penultimate Group H qualifier hosts leaders and AFCON holders Algeria who beat them 5-0 away on November 14 and later visit Zimbabwe who beat them 2-1 a week later on match-day-two in Lusaka.

“The chances are still there, we just have to win the remaining games and we are home and dry,” Chansa said.


  1. Instead of mourning a student we have just lost in the UK due to Covid-19, you are busy talking about football. Ba Chansa, mwatontokanya.

  2. 2012 AFCON winning midfielder Isaac Chansa says there is one simple solution to ending Zambia’s four -year absence from the AFCON. Ba Isaac the simple solution is: FIRE KAMANGA!!!!!!!

  3. Ba Chansa you have short memory and your analysis is all based on wrong reasoning. Bonnetti coached Zambia up to end of 2011, Renard came in shortly after that and took the team that Bonetti hard left to Africa cup, and miraculously won the trophy! So its not how long the coach is with the team, but consistence of the players! Its not the coach who plays, or the FAZ president but the players! Kalusha Bwalya didn’t win the Africa cup, it was the determination and lady luck that won the Africa! Kamanga has achieved lot more in 4 years than Kalusha did in 8 years. During Kamanga’s reign Zambia became champions of Africa under 20, Champions of Cosafa both at Senior, under 20 and under 17. Under 20 qualified for World cup finals. The women senior team has qualified for world cup finals. In…

  4. Mandanda stop talking nonsense in your futile bid to defend your relative Kamanga. Luck?Does luck happen six times. Zambia played six games but because you want to belittle Kalusha you desperately look for improbables to attribute their victory to. The Bonetti fEellow you want to credit with Renards victory inherited his team from who? Renard. Did Bonnetti ever become a success after leaving Zambia? No but Renard won another afcon and took a team to thr world cup. Only ignoramuses can listen to your impotent argument. Kamanga will go down as Zambian soccer’s biggest failure ever. No amount of makeup will erase his record

  5. Chenda or whatever they call you, your head is very confused. How could Bonetti have taken over from Renard, when its Renard who took over from Bonetti. Whatever you do or say Kamanga will remain FAZ president, and he has not failed in any way. Problem is that people like Chenda are very dull, it takes you decades to understand technicalities. Renard is not a good coach, he was just lucky to win Afcon with Zambia and Ivory Coast. He went to Angola, had disastrous results and was chased after 3 months, he went France to coach Lens he was chased after a few months, he failed to win Afcon with Morocco last year. Kalusha Bwalya is a thief, a crook and he’s not needed any more in Zambian football. He’s no longer a factor in Zambian football. He was just busy stealing MTN sponsors money,…

  6. Kalusha Bwalya was just busy stealing MNT sponsors money and clubs never so the money, but under Kamanga clubs are benefiting , they are getting their entitlement. There’s no club administrator who wants Galu in FAZ anymore. If Chenda you love Galu Bwalya so much form a league and put him as president.

  7. Mandanda go change your diapers cos I can see you are a baby that’s been hired to come and make noise on this platform.
    You aren’t even old enough to remember that Renard was Chipolopolo coach until 2010 when Bonetti took over for one year. Then Renard came back in 2012. Renard’s record speaks for itself right now he is in a very lucrative job with the Saudis while your Bonetti has disappeared
    you obviously love Kamanga so much, so form a Losers League after this year and make him president cos he will be fired. Zambians aren’t losers

  8. Chenda your brain is full of water! Because you don’t understand any technicalities in soccer, Renard is not a good coach, accidentally winning Africa cup does not make one a good coach because in tournaments there are a lot of back stage events which make teams lucklastre and lose unexpectedly. The 2012 tournament which Zambia won there was no Cameroon, no Egypt, no Nigeria etc, in 2013 your Kalusha Bwalya was president of FAZ and you failed to defend the Africa cup in South Africa, because the big guns were there! Your Kalusha Bwalya pocketed US 1 million when Zambia played Brazil and that is your favourite. No more thieves in FAZ, industrious Andrew Kamanga will continue as FAZ president baby Chenda whether you like it or not!

  9. Ba Mandanda eco balemyebela kwena reasoning tapaba. The other guy is shooting down every false point you raised all you do is raise more weak arguments. no Egypt no Cameroon no Nigeria?
    So these teams decided to boycott Afcon? Your brain can’t deal with the fact that these teams competed and were knocked out by better teams? You don’t realise ukuti the competition runs for 2 years! And all 54 countries compete.
    Its not just about the final 16 teams Mwebantu you cant be lucky beating 53 other teams so stop the silly brainless argument ati balifye neshuko. And by the way ba Mandanda get this from one who is inthe medical field any healthy brain has plenty of water pantu the brain is 80 percent water.. Isukulu ka!

  10. @kalampa cosoof you I’ve just realized I must withdraw from this polemic with maegesi because “people might not see the difference” if you know what I mean.
    I think the saying goes Never argue with a….

  11. The problem is Kalampa and Chenda you just go stadia to make noise and you think you are soccer fans! Understand this: Egypt, Nigeria and Cameroon during 2012 qualifying rounds had administrative problems so most of their top players boycotted the qualifying roundsrounds that’s why they didn’t go to 2012 Africa cup finals. They were there in 2013, wasn’t Zambia trounced and knocked out sooner than later. Who won the trophy, it was Nigeria. 2015 Egypt won it, where was your Chipopolo, and Galu Bwalya. In 2017 Cameroon won in it. In 2019 Algeria won. Just agreeZambia won the Africa cup because the big boys were not there! So its not that Galu won the Africa so he must replace Kamanga. That’s very dull thinking, and you think if Galu replaced Kamanga you will win Africa cup, that’s…

  12. And you think if Galu Bwalya replaced Kamanga then you will win the Afrca cup, that’s weired thinking. Kamanga is doing fine he will continue as president of FAZ, national team players are paid allowances on time unlike during Galu’s time players and coaches are owed millions of Kwacha in unpaid allowances. Theres no national team coach under Kamanga who’s owed any money for salaries, unlike under Galu! Open your eyes, don’t just be pulled by the wind!

  13. Ba Chenda na ba Kalampa check Ghana, in an interview with Prince Teye, a sports reporter in Ghana, Here Renard has admitted that in the 2012 and 2015 Afcon finals, the better teams lost! Ivory Coast was better than Zambia in that final, and Ghana was better than Ivory Coast in the 2015 final. It was like lucky was on the side of the winners he said. This is coming from the coach himself, Here Renard! What have you got to say!

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