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Public cautioned against making unsubstantiated corruption allegations over COVID-19 donations


Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Dora Siliya has cautioned the public against making unsubstantiated allegations over Covid-19 donations as it has the potential to erode the confidence in the fight against the pandemic.

Ms. Siliya says the problems that have come as a result of the Covid-19 are real, hence the need to send the right message during the pandemic.

She noted that the media have the responsibility to save the image of the country by accurately informing the public on what the Government is doing towards the Covid-19 fight.

Ms. Siliya was speaking during a joint press briefing in Lusaka with her counterpart in the Ministry of Labour JOYCE SIMUKOKO, which was also attended by the Ministry of Higher Education Permanent Secretary KAYULA SIAME .

And, Ms Siliya said Government is supporting businesses affected by the Covid-19 through the 10 billion Kwacha relief package, while smaller businesses will be availed with the Covid-19 bond so that jobs are maintained.

She said education and skills are important in the post-COVID-19 so that people remain relevant to the labour market.

And, Mrs. SIMUKOKO has cautioned employers to observe the requirements of the law when dealing with labour matters such as dismissal, non-payment of salaries and illegally sending of employees on forced leave.

Mrs. SIMUKOKO said the office of the Labour Commissioner had received several complaints since the outbreak of the Covid-19.

She said her ministry has continued to make consultations with its social partners on how best employment and labour market relationships can be regulated amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mrs. SIMUKOKO said Government will, however, continue to monitor developments on the labour market during the crisis period to help maintain harmony and productivity in the sector of the economy.

She said the Ministry will also ensure that provisions of the new Employment Code Act number 3 of 2019 and other employment regulations are observed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Higher Education Permanent Secretary KAYULA SIAME said the Seven public Universities and the 28 Colleges have also extended their online teaching to students further stating that most platforms are free.

Ms. SIAME said the Ministry has also built capacity in the lecturers so that they could implement the e-learning services during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

She, however, said that the ministry is in dialogue with various internet service providers to ensure that they provide affordable bundles to enable students to have access to the learning platforms.


  1. Poverty of the mind is what leads to baseless accusations of corruption without evidence. In as much as we support the conviction of corrupt people, we also need a stringent law against those that spread fake allegations without any solid evidence. Some are as far as diaspora but have magical eyes to see corruption. Bunch of bush goats

  2. I don’t envy the woman or gay man that will end up with the likes of tarino and other diaspora sadists. Imagine a husband who complains all day even more than his wife or partner. They cook him dinner ati yachepa, it’s too hot, why did you use too much cooking oil… these are the type of men. The type that stand in kitchen to supervise their wife cooking. Very petty and ignorant minded.

    • Just wait chikamba. Your day of reckoning will come soon. Remember how everybody celebrated when you were fired? You will reap what you sow one day. Meanwhile life in the diaspora is lit!!!

  3. Let the government list all donations made, to include even the smallest that have been made.

    Otherwise, we will suspect that donations are going the same way the Euro bond went. Directly into the pockets of PF maggots.

    That is why IMF will not lend you common thieves money.

    You are corrupt, and you are dirty thieves.

  4. Its UPND Tongas who want to paint their perceived rivals black, as though them are clean when their life long leader Hakainde is number one thief this country has ever known. He brought the Zambian mines to it’s knees by conniving with fake Chinese and Indian investors to buy the mines at a song!

  5. Which caution? Was that money donated to PF or to the people of Zambia? If you don’t want us to make unsubstantiated allegations towards the donations make the accountability for the money more transparent. We want to see where the money is going 11000 tests and keeping a few people in isolation centers can’t amount to all the donations being received. Publish how the money is being used and how much is spent and on what, and how much has been received. We don’t want a scenario like what happened with those 42 fire wheelbarrows. We want transparency and accountability in how the government is using any money that is not individual money.

  6. “…media have the responsibility to save the image of the country by accurately informing the public on what the Government is doing towards the Covid-19 fight.” The media doesn’t know enough.

  7. “Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Dora Siliya has cautioned the public against making unsubstantiated allegations over Covid-19 donations”. But iwe Dora, but that is what PF is all about, more money in your (their) pockets. What unsubstantiated?

  8. K Z is, as usual, displaying the IQ of a brassica. Thieves are warning us before they plunder the donations !! We are a Christian Nation indeed!!

  9. It seems people in PF have no brains. All donated sanitizers and PPE have been given to PF cadres in public places, some are even selling. They’ve taken the role of public health workers and Dora Slit expects people not to question that? Can such people take the anywhere? No wonder a lecturer said only idioots will vote for PF

  10. Stealing from poor and the sick….. God holds no Prisoners their days will surely come.

    So much poverty and misery on the roads and on the streets of Lusaka we need to turn the page….. somebody….. anybody!

  11. There would be no need for this talk by Dora if information is made available to the public. Talk figures. Chapwa.

  12. KZ the question is simple can u account for what u have are u able to say hw u v amassed the wealth u have

  13. This message is on point!! The media must absolutely promote professional and responsible reporting and desist from publishing fabricated stories with the potential to cause loss of investor confidence. Let us protect our beloved country. @ Kaizar Zulu, you have made my day regarding Tarino Orange.

  14. Mrs Dora Muliokela, you are a journalist and verily know that in times of uncertainty (in this case transparency!), facts provide clarity!


  16. Iwe ka cliDoraS Silit, kunya, if you and your fellow thieves steal that money “paka uchiona chinalengesa Chagwa ankale na meno ya ngwenya”.

  17. Folotiya clearly stated that Dora is a bed wetter, actually Folotiya said she uses adult nappies every night she retires to bed. Further, he claimed that whenever she comes, the bursts of urine that oooze from her pu.ssy is like an oasis. Maybe ZESCO must consult her, she can donate that processed water to fill up the Kariba dam to generate more power before that water from the Vic Falls reaches Kariba, that way she will for once in her life be of use to society.

  18. @Kaizar: You think Stealing from poor Zambians even at a pandemic is Normal and something you are joking about??? People are dying because of your theft and greed. You have CURSED for life and even your children will never make it in Life. Wait you will regret your stupidity. When you see rich people having useless and mad Children is not a Joke.

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