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Local Government Minister Opposes Lusaka Mayor for closing down abusive Chinese owned businesses

General News Local Government Minister Opposes Lusaka Mayor for closing down abusive...

In his usual style of contradicting other government officials on matters of national interest, Local Government Minister Charles Banda has come out strong threatening Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa for closing down abusive Chinese owned businesses.

Mr Sampa has in the recent few days been busy dealing with Chinese nationals who are in their businesses discriminating against Zambians.

The Lusaka Mayor closed down Lanthian restaurant in Lusaka’s Longacres area recently before shutting down a Chinese run barbershop for similar reasons.

However, Dr Banda who has in the past contradicted his Permanent Secretary Bishop Edward Chomba over the construction of the Longacres bridge and Dr. Chitalu Chilufya over the payment of fees to the Council for churches to acquire permits said government regrets Mr. Sampa’s actions.

He has taken a swipe at the elected Lusaka Mayor for unilaterally closing down business houses in Lusaka saying the Government regrets that such actions were taken without following the due process of the law.

He said it is unacceptable for some officials to unilaterally to cancel licenses because Local authorities follow laid down procedures when awarding trading licenses.

Dr Banda said that revoking of trading licenses should not be done anyhow, saying officers designated by Town Clerks are the ones mandated to take such actions.

He said appropriate action will, therefore, be taken against all council officials that have acted outside their mandate by revoking restaurant and barbershop business licenses awarded to Chinese investors.

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  1. But you local authorities are absent Bwana Banda. Local authorities are corrupt, they just issue licenses and don’t inspect at all. When they do, they expect bribes.

  2. Let us not differ in public. This could have been done behind closed doors. If foreigners see us differing in public then they will take advantage of the divisions

  3. When a Zambian owned business such as Post and Prime TV are closed no-one in government raises the issue of proper procedure

  4. Hon. Charles Banda is one of the very few hard-working Ministers. He’s so hard-working that he left a legacy at the Ministry of Tourism. He signed the letter to relocate black lechwes to private game ranches without any proof of payment. Shall we clap for him!



  7. Charles Banda , you are adding fuel to fire. You don’t not deserve your position.
    If there’s no deterrent these people will go another mile. You are a minister and not affected. Our people are affected every day.
    You will hear wonders if any foreigner makes uncalled for action to me. It will be “Amin is not going to be pushed around by any one”. Spontaneous action. A declaration of private war

  8. A Chipantepante government. A government without direction can’t win investor confidence. I for one I don’t know what this regime stands for in all areas of governance. Leadership is lacking here

  9. Dr Banda is there to sanitize the Ministry. Anything that a Public Officer does should be done in through the due process of the law. Just imagine a situation where you are sued and the courts rules against you. By nature those “other Zambians” will celebrate and place blame on the Minister that he should have provided guidance with regards to law. The mayor should wear the law when carrying out such mandates to avoid public embarrassment.

  10. Very useless Minister, you even issue licences to Chinese to open Barbershops in Zambia! Bwana, you don’t deserve to be in that seat!

  11. Here we go again!

    It is clear someone’s pockets have been oiled. This is what is so frustrating and bothersome about Zambian politicians and our so called Leaders. And you wonder why most Zambians are more and more becoming cynical of our politics. If what we all saw on that video does not repulse the Minister then what will? And who should citizens count on to protect them from such abuse and blatant racism? Beans Minister, please get grip!

  12. Mr. Banda, where are the local authorities kansi? They are sleeping, that is why Bwana Sampa is doing what he could to salvage the situation. You are a let down sir. This is pathetic Mr. Banda. Can you side with the people for once please?

  13. Laws govern the country, but bylaws enforce reality on the ground. It is my view that Sampa and the citizens of Lusaka are seeing clearer than this Minister. Discrimination must not slow down implementation of a bylaw. Rather contest it in court with evidence that the license must be given back. Imwe a Banda: Mwenye akaya mukashala mwacimona! Namuuzilatu mu ciBemba abale.

  14. Who is this Banda? These are the same chaps who are exacerbating the suffering of indigenous Zambians. By his actions, this character is making the PF government look more corrupt by siding with the “Chinese Mafias”. I strongly commend Miles Sampa for for his decisive heroic actions meant to uplift the livelihoods of the oppressed. Zambians shall remember you Miles because Zambian don’t forget.

  15. I said that Miles Sampa was encouraging illegality. You can’t go round closing the businesses without following the due process of th law.

    That is PF way of doing things. I said Chinese who are abusing the citizens must be censured and this must be within the confinement of the law.

    PF must go!

  16. @ Umuntu, I totally agree with you. Such differences must not be aired in public. We need to protect our Country’s integrity and be seen to be working as one towards the same goal. Ultimately, no Zambian should be mistreated by a foreign national within Zambia. This is OUR COUNTRY!!

  17. Joe Blogs, you are a true son of Zambia, what you have said makes a lot of sense, why do these *****s choose to side with the oppressors while keeping quite when their own brothers businesses are being strangled for no reason except to prolong their illegal masquerade as leaders?

  18. This is highly unprofessional. A minister discrediting the sincere efforts of a government official at the expense of national interest. And you wonder why we hardly move forward as a nation?

  19. You are all getting this wrong…. who is the person to blame? The incompetent clueless humble leader in statehouse. When we say he has no leadership qualities …. ati he his humble. The job of a CEO is to fire such people….. how do you allow a Chinese to ran a barber shop in a country with 55% unemployment? JUST HOW?

  20. This chap called Banda is not fit to be minister.He is too slow and cant cant run the Local Government Ministry.Local Government Ministry needs a very sharp guy not that Banda. He is ashamed because he was the one to close those businesses but sharp Miles has overtaken him…what a shame!
    How did this decent ECL pick on him?

  21. What more proof do we Zambians to realize that our leaders are in Chinese Pockets? It’s a pernicious form of State Capture! Zambians must wake up to the reality that Zambia is now a Chinese Colony! If Chinese Nationals can even be driving GRZ vehicles, what will stop them calling us foreigners?
    This Charles Banda is very dull! Not sure who gave him that cheap doctorate!

  22. Ba minister taba lufyenye iyo. You don’t want to start a war with the Chinese. How can a sensible person fight his creditor sure? Nangu ku bank kuti watuka ba bank manager and apply for a loan at the same time? Remove all Chinese businesses from Zambia and unemployment automatically climbs to 70%. Diplomacy not force bane. How many debts have the Chinese written off for you imwe ba mambala. Muleichefya. Ati muntu akakuta ama luma, ni zo ona mwe. Some of you are talking with emotions and racism. Grow up!!

    Surely if that useless inept equally Corrupt excuse for a Labour Minister J0yc3 N©nde did her job & not collect bribes from Ch0ncholese like Charles [email protected], there WOULD BE NO NEED FOR M!LES [email protected] TO CORRECTLY GO INTO ACTION!
    Unfortunately in Zed today all systems of Governance HAVE LAMENTABLY CEASED TO FUNCTION, & Playboy [email protected] NEVER has Cabinet reshuffles to keep officials working & on their toes, therefore laziness & Corruption is the order of the day.
    TO M!LES [email protected], PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
    Meantime, #P.FKUYABEBELE!

  24. So this Minister is siding with the Chinese? Let him go and try to enter a Chinese Mall in China and see how he is treated.

  25. I also sense some jealous undertones here, as people like [email protected] Banda are useless Muzungu anikonde’ br0wn nosing bootlickers & they worry M!Les will begin to get popular in the party & make [email protected] look inept.
    With the P.F convention around the corner, all manner of P.F parasitic psycohants will be queuing up to prove to ba [email protected] that they deserve another mandate to hold on to office & continue the plunder & “eating”.
    Useless G00nz like [email protected] Banda cannot get any gainful employment in any sober functioning organisation, therefore for them P.F is a God, oops -Satan sent opportunity.
    Meantime #P.FMUSTGO!

  26. @Joe Bloggs you have made the best comment. Its a shame a Minister is standing for foreign businesses, its this same mentality that has made ZCCM to partner with a Sudanese who will bring $2.5 million investment. Dear God above in heaven what did we do to deserve this.

  27. As someone has stated when its a local Zambian business closed down you dont hear any ministers opposing but here we have Chinks even doing locals’ jobs and practicing racism at the same time you have this ignoramus Charles Banda publicly condemning, even during slavery there was always a group of people who were helping the slave-master capture their own people. This is Banda who has amassed questionable wealth …this is what lack of leadership does…Banda has been reminded by his paymasters that they are not getting their money’s worth from him.

  28. There is a barbershop in cha-cha cha rd immediately on the right heading towards kulima tower in alley after the council shop for school uniforms.

    This barbershop is a Indian barbershop and back in the 2009 the price for a hair cut was like k30 =$6 at the exchange rate of that time.
    That barbershop has been there since the 80s.

    If the Chinese are a nuisance or they are pests,let African governments wean themselves from chinese money.
    Pay up and stop begging Chinese to build infrastructure and fund your campaigns

  29. In Dar at kariakoo market, there is a restaurant called copperbelt.
    It is owned by Somalis who are fluent in bemba lala, they grew up in twapia ndola and serenje.
    The naming and menu is targeted at the zambian business people who go to Dar.

    The Chinese opening barbershops and restaurants are targeting Chinese nationals in zambia.

    People of African origin are quick to cry xenophobia, racism and other stuff. What lusaka mayor is doing is called racial profiling. Let him bring out the dirt on the Lebanese, Pakistanis Indians, Somalis etc.
    He is agent provocateur.

  30. This id1ot of a minister, Charles Banda, is most likely a Chinese puppet wannabe. Let him volunteer to be locked up for 2 weeks by his Chinese buddies, with no proper food, water, or a bath. It’s always foooolish sellouts like this useless minister that keep black people down. Zambia can do without the so called Chinese investment that mainly enslaves Zambians in their own country. Mayor Miles Sampa, you’re doing a tremendous job and Zambians are behind you. Please ignore this ignorant, foooolish minister.

  31. The ignorance of some bloggers is amazing. The Mayor has powers in the city more than a minister. When a crime is committed suspects are arrested immediately then later go to court.The police does not tell people involved in a crime to come to court the next day to ensure procedures are followed before arresting them. President Lungu should be careful with people like Local Government Minister, such have costed sitting presidents during elections in the past. Hope it will not be to late. With Chinese mistreating Zambians across the country you decide to side with them. Can Chinese treat UK workers like they do here?

  32. Charles Banda you are a fool to come so openly in support of the Chinese nationals, you as a leader you can’t see wht these foreigners doing doing to our follow Zambians? To you it ok because they are investors in cutting hair, do we really need such investments? We don’t hv leadership at now, mayo 2021 fika bwangu. Iyee!!


    Business Licences in Botswana (Effective June 2020)
    24 May 2020
    Manufacturing and Trading Licences (Effective Date 1st June 2020)
    Industrial Development Act of Botswana (Cap 43:01) regulates (1) manufacturing licences (2) registration of manufacturers and (3) exemption from registration. When you manufacture arms, ammunition, pharamaceticals, maize milling, medicines, hides and skins which is governed by different Acts or when you manufacture goods regulated by Botswana Vaccine Institute or Botswana Energy Regulatory Authority or Department of Mines (and Minerals), this Act does not apply. This Act does not apply to Botswama Meat Commission.

    No one can manufacture any goods that…

  34. Is Charles Banda really worthy the title of Dr?
    Is it a PHD or just an Honor of him?
    Oh! Mr President Dr ECL as a patriotic leader and a man of integrity, I don’t think your minister is worth being kept in your cabinet.

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