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Why is the Equipment for New Chavuma Distrust Hospital Still in Lusaka and Solwezi, President Lungu Asks

Headlines Why is the Equipment for New Chavuma Distrust Hospital Still in Lusaka...

President EDGAR LUNGU has directed the ministry of health to immediately equip the newly constructed Chavuma Distrust hospital. President LUNGU wondered why the equipment meant for Chavuma is still in Solwezi and Lusaka. The head of state who took the ministry of health officials to task said this is why people are blaming the government when it has done its part.

He said people should not use COVID 19 as an excuse for not doing their job such as the delivery of equipment to Chavuma District Hospital. He says the government is building hospitals so that people in rural areas can have access to good health facilities.

He says it is not right for people in Chavuma not to have medical equipment when it is lying idle in Lusaka. President LUNGU also expressed displeasure with the workmanship by the contractor on some sections of the hospital. The Head of state said this, Thursday when he inspected the newly constructed Chavuma District Hospital.

In response, North-Western Provincial Health Director CHARLES MUSISKA said the equipment will be delivered next week. He said the process to bring in the equipment from Lusaka will also start next week.

President LUNGU is on three days working visit in North-Western province. Whilst there He will meet chiefs and inspect projects.

President Lungu Distributing Face Masks
President Lungu Distributing Face Masks

Meanwhile, President Lungu has said that PF members who break the law will not be shielded. President LUNGU said that it was lawbreakers who destroyed UNIP and MMD and that he will not allow it to happen in PF.

The head of state said that those who love PF should respect the law and other human beings, adding that PF is not short of leaders and those who break the country’s laws will be expelled.

President Lungu said that he PF Provincial Chairman JACKSON KUNGO was suspended because he was allegedly involved in illegal activities, adding that those who bully others because they are in power will not be entertained.

The President said this when he addressed PF officials in Chavuma, Thursday. The President said that PF was not growing in North Western province because of a lack of discipline and has directed the PF in Chavuma to produce an MP and more councilors in 2021.

Speaking at the same event PF North-Western province chairman said the PF is growing in the District and that this can be seen from a number of by-elections that the party has won in the province and that PF has targeted to win all the seats in the 2021 elections.

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  1. Fresher Siwale or Fisho Mwale was right when he said the officials in this govt dont know their roles…here we have this Lazy Lungu concerned with issues that a District Administrator should be concerned with.

  2. It is not only in Chavuma but it is all over Zambia. The people holding this positions are were corruptly offered the jobs.

    They are always looking for the next opportunity to steal. It is likely that all the equipment were stolen.

  3. What a styupid stunt by PF.
    That’s a depressing sight, mothers piled up together to welcome Ba Edgar, all without masks. The outbreak of coronavirus next week will be devastating.

  4. Edgar Lungu is trying hard to show that he is shaker but in reality there is no coordination at all.

    If the equipments are still in Lusaka and Solwezi, doesn’t this show us that this government is disorganized?

    That is the problem of employing cadres and other PF sympathizers.

    We must be serious with tge functionality of our governance systems.

    Quite embarrassing!

    PF must go!

  5. I know his three days visit to North western province is just a window dressing and it happen to be coincident that there are developments going on there.

    The real reason is to meet PF cadres and officials who are mining gold there that one is a fact.

    He is just hoodwinking us with the projects.

    PF must go!

  6. He has lamentably failed to keep corruption in check among his ministers and he is afraid of them…here he is in NW talking about minor issues…why would someone like Lungu want 5 more years.

  7. The chances of Trible HH aka Bally winning 2021 are greater than 75% and increasing as long Hamble remains President.

  8. “The President said that PF was not growing in North Western province….Speaking at the same event PF North-Western province chairman said the PF is growing in the District” HUH?
    People who bully others because they are in power will not be tolerated, ECL. After still retaining criminal KZ.
    Naleka, literally everything he said can be countered.


  10. Listen the Apostle with guts.
    Watch “Apostle Chiwenga emotionally speaks on Nelson Chamisa’s MDC Youths Joanna Mamombe abductiion” on YouTube

  11. Fire them! Why ask silly questions? They have n’t done their job so why are they not taken to task. Sata would have fired them

  12. Any other president would be embarrassed to find equipment not delivered under his watch , ….

    ohhh No not the humble one , …..

    He tries to make like he is a hard working leader out of the same incompetence and dis service he creates under him ………

  13. Decentralize the procurement process, Chitalu Chilufya has bought a lot of substandard and wrong equipment most of which hasn’t been installed. Some equipment is has faults on delivery and when experts condemn it he forces it on institutions. His juniors are upset. Send shushushu to investigate and you’ll discover what I mean

  14. Our conclusion is that Edgar Chagwa Lungu you’re the problem, so we will deal with you next year through the ballot. Nothing goes well in Govt because you’re the biggest failure.

  15. This thing of dressing up people in masks is the quickest way to get Covid 19! Let him continue being careless! We are sick and tired of mediocrity!

  16. President LUNGU said that it was lawbreakers who destroyed UNIP and MMD and that he will not allow it to happen in PF sad enough PF is already destroyed by PF cadres who mistreat people in markets,bus stations Ministers causing scandal after scandal tribalism,stealing,arresting innocent people beating by PF police killing assaulting for UNIP it was the vigilant for MMD it was Dora Siliya and Sunday Chanda these two are deceivers of political parties now doing a good job for Lungu again for PF who is destroying the part it is the Ministers plus cadres plus police 2021 PF is gone.
    Dununa reverse for sure scandal after scandal scandal after scandal scandal after scandal scandal after scandal scandal after scandal .

  17. Stop embarrassing yourself Mr President. Why should people who are paid for their work only work when you are around. How long does it take to get equipment from Lusaka to North Western. You transport king JK and other on a chopper but when it comes to important things you drag your legs.

  18. How Sunday Chanda destroys political parties for Dora Siliya she just did it on Prime TV and Ba Lungu is just watching.
    September 26, 2019 ·
    We wish to remind Sunday Chanda to sale the PF agenda and manifesto than the insults which he is throwing at the opposition leader HH which will not work in the interest of the Patriotic Front (PF)
    Zambians won’t eat HH or Sunday Chanda’s insults.
    If the position of a media director is too big for him, let him allow trained journalists to take it up.
    Sunday Chanda has been making PF unpopular with his abusive tantrums and mediocre propaganda.
    Moving on to the coming years , we must rethink Sunday Chanda’s position in the party.
    Chanda does not know how to defend…

  19. Chanda does not know how to defend the party ,neither does he know how to explain party policy issues .
    What is this he is publishing about HH and gay rights purportedly authored by Jackie Hweu who does not exist at AFP?
    This is cheap propaganda.Let us tell the people how we shall resolve load shedding , mealie meal prices and the poor economy general under our party in leadership. Zambians are suffering.He is always insulting and publishing falsehood which Zambians cannot eat.

  20. Sir kindly check the availability of vehicles in the districts of North Western because you will be surprised there are so many vehicles in the shopping malls while districts have no transport even for covid19 specimens. These really good vehicles should out in the districts providing services. Napwisha mukwai

  21. Bwana President you are presiding over a disjointed Government! Why should it take the whole lot of you sir, to ask on the whereabouts of HOSPITAL Equipment, where are all your subordinates in all this? Fire them period! Start with Nathaniel Mubukwanu actually!

  22. It is not fair for president Lungu to people of North western province and make a public show of being surprised that medical equipment has not been delivered from Lusaka to Chavuma. Zambians, recently in Northwestern province lost a dedicated hospital worker who died in an accident while delivering covid-19 samples using public transport – No official transport for medical personnel while Chitalu Chilufya misuses it for personal and those close to him. How can president Lungu be surprised of the non delivery of medical equipment to Chavuma and blames people around him?
    His leadership as president of Zambia is missing signified by numerous incidencies that border on lack of integrity, competence and well thought judgement in various sphere of governance. This incompetent president…

  23. There is no medical equipment lying anywhere. This is mere politicking trying to please people of chavuma giving them false hope.

  24. Why is the Equipment for New Chavuma Distrust Hospital Still in Lusaka and Solwezi, President Lungu Asks
    Because lusaka is the capital and Solwezi is the headquarters. The head conmen stay in Lusaka and the henchmen stay in Solwezi so as to pass on and share the equipment when the signal from lusaka says now fully stolen

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