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Kabushi Constituency is a personal to holder from the voters and no one can take it away from me .

Feature Politics Kabushi Constituency is a personal to holder from the voters and no...

Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo says Kabushi Constituency is a personal to holder from the voters and no one can take it away from him.

Mr Lusambo says those aspiring to contest the seat are wasting their time because he will beat them in 2021.

He said the many projects he has delivered to the people of Kabushi since 2016 will be his campaign tool and those that intend to challenge him are wasting their time.

“I am not called a Bulldozer for nothing, you can’t be renting a one room in Kabwata and dream of challenging me in Kabushi”, said Mr Lusambo.

He has laughed off assertions that he has lost popularity in Kabushi because he has failed to deliver development to the people.

PFs Edward Ndalama and UPNDs Anthony Bwalya are among the people that have shown interest to challenge Mr Lusambo in Kabushi next year.

And Mr Lusambo says people that intend to challenge President Edgar Lungu at the July 2020 convention are wasting their time and must forget about it.

He said the PF structures across the country have already settled on President Lungu for a 2021 candidate and this will not change.

Mr Lusambo said President Lungu will win in 2021 to complete fulfil his vision of developing Zambia.

He has also said that Zambians are happy with the leadership of President Edgar Lungu and they will easily vote for him next year because of the development he has delivered so far.

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  1. Ba Bowman you seem to be too much of “I “, “me”. We know you have presidential ambitions that why you are now claiming to be the leader & others follow. Tenkanya mwaiche. PF has not delivered to the people. Zambians are living hungry. 90 days of devrlopment was a lie. More money in your pocket turned out to be politicians pockets. You think zambians have also eaten from the roads, ambulancre, buildings & fire tenders? You will know zambians one day.

  2. Zambians has no money in their pockets. Zambians were gassed & the gassers are roaming free. Zambians have no jobs. Zambian peasant farmers this year have to sale maize at K110, from last’s years K115 when input prices keep rising. Mines belong to foreigners & are only dealing with foreigners. Chinese are discriminating against zambians in their own country & you protect them while you were beating Zambians for just drowning their misery.

  3. This kabova still living ibthe dreamland and very soon he won’t realize what will sweep away like a residue Tsunami floods.

    Continue dreaming Lusambo and people of Kabushi or Ndola as whole have suffered at the hands of PF government.

    As Bally takes over we want to assure them we have them in minds as we chart rhe way forward for mother Zambia as whole.

    PF must go!

    During U.N.I.P days, there was a known arrogant Muzungu anikonde’ sycophant called Alexander Kamalondo, who failed to read the mood that Zambians had had enough of U.N.I.P.
    Bootlicker Kamalondo said he & U.N.I.P will NEVER lose an election in Zambia. When U.N.I.P contested in 1991, he never even bothered to go to the counting centres as he believed it was a walk in the park for them & was busy telling those daft like him, the only people who can vote for M.M.D were people from “Mayadi” & women who frequent hair salons & they will not bother queueing up to Vote. The Demagogue got a ride shock, & after results, Citizens flocked to his Government house, instructed him to pack his things & pushed the Government Mercedes to the nearest…

  5. cont;
    Mercedes to the nearest Police Station, out of Privilege was the Bootlicker Kamalondo onto the streets & sleeping on friends sofas.
    The arrogant demagogue Kamalondo I understand expired a very lonely & broke G00n & next is Cheeseboy. Difference is Cheeseboy because of kutemwa Ukwiba, he will not only be a lonely arrogant powerless Brute after all “friends” desert him, but will end up in our Correctional Facilities. At least when he was an M.M.D Kaponya, Cheeseboy Lu2amb0 wore a Blue pair of overalls, so wearing the orange overall won’t compromise his comfort.
    Lastly #PF.KUYABEBELE!

  6. Anthony Bwalya has a huge task ahead of him realistically speaking. Trying to unseat Bowman??Good Luck!

  7. Knowing Zambian voters, there is no logical way that Lusambo will lost that seat. He has been there ‘donating’ things throughout his term and has also exposed Stardy Mwale for his failure to complete the clinic. Most Zambian voters are wooed in the election year with alcohol and little monies, this man has been present there, and he even has support of the youth such as Chef 187 who attends his appearances in the constituency.
    our voters don’t know what to demand for, as long as you are in the news you are sure to retain your seat.

  8. what has PF delivered so far which development is he talking about can he outline the things PF has done to alleviate poverty in Zambia PF should stop deceiving themselves with fake development Zambian people are not stupid as PF think.

  9. Some bar owners are complaining that Lusambo charge them too much money to allow them open.
    Chinese were killed in Lusaka, Lusambo’s province, killers were arrested in Kabushi constituency where Lusambo is MP.
    Chinese in Lusaka also are also after protection promised from Lusambo.

  10. Dununa reverse for sure scandal after scandal scandal after scandal scandal after scandal scandal after scandal scandal after scandal plus gassing plus tribalism who is going to vote for you.

  11. “I am not called a Bulldozer for nothing, you can’t be renting a one room in Kabwata and dream of challenging me in Kabushi”-Lusambo tell us what type of a house you lived in before you became a Minister in this cabal of the corrupt! Weren’t you just a hooligan for hire, beating up people old enough to be your parents to gain some trinkets from unprincipled political leaders!! You will try all tricks and may win your seat back but your party is headed for doom, will lose power and leave you vulnerable to prosecution for your ill gotten wealth!! JUST WAIT AND WATCH, A SHOCK MOVIE IS IN THE MAKING AS THE ALMOST THE WHOLE NATION KNOWS WHAT A WRONG COLLECTION YOU ARE FOR THIS COUNTRY!!

  12. I would suggest some people like bowman should move around with tablets to control hypertension after voting next year. You never know what can happen.

  13. I think Lusambo will retain the seat.The opposition parties can not point out any person who has been on the ground campaigning and will stand against him .

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