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Miles Sampa swings into Action and Closes Bars

General News Miles Sampa swings into Action and Closes Bars

Lusaka Mayor His Worship Miles Sampa, last night swung into action with his team and closed various bars masquerading as restaurants and bars that have opened illegally.

Those affected included Granddaddy Pub&Grill in Salama Park, and Chicago Reloaded Restaurant at East Park Mall.

Last week, in his COVID-19 address, President Edgar Lungu wondered how bars were opened against government directives and despite the risk of coronavirus infections.

“It has come to my attention that some bar and night club business owners have resumed operations despite government’s directive to remain closed. This cavalier attitude by some businessmen and women should not be condoned,” the Mayor said

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  1. Correct decision by Miles Sampa. Beer csn be bought and consumed at home. It’s a small price to pay to protect people’s lives. Well done mayor.

  2. Great work by the mayor. I fully support his decision. There are no sacred cows in the implementation of government guidance and laws. There are no specific first class humans in Zambia. We are all the same and the law has universal application. This is not diaspora where it is normal and even acceptable for Africans to be ill treated unfairly. Here we blacks rule ourselves and don’t care what race or creed you are.

  3. Excellent job by Miles Sampa. Some people just don’t get it that it’s still risky to be gathering in groups, especially when drunk and not reasoning too well to remember social distancing. Moreover, those men in the habit of picking prostitutes in bars will be risking their innocent families lives at home.

  4. Govts are being kicked out because of corruption. Mwandi Miles, be strong & save yourself. This pf is tainted. The people can see the corrupt elements, from the top. Judgement day is coming in 2021. You are showing us that you are differen, though Zambian politicians change once they get power. Ba humble guy now is just as useless as Sata was, if not worse & clueless.

  5. Miles 4 – 1 Lusambo,
    You see Lusambo, no blood was shed. The same bars Lusambo committed crimes by assaulting people and closed, are same bars Miles has closed without beating anyone with sticks.

  6. Go get everyone young man Miles. Unless someone intentionally wants to die. Arizona has already recorded over 9’000 infections.

  7. are bars the source of Corona virus? I doubt it.. airports have been opening and borders? do you think bars are the reasons covid 19 will worsen? mmmm businesses need to survive.. they need to pay rent

  8. Very good Mayor!

    Let’s get some order among that group of pubs and publicans. Covid19 spreaders.

  9. He is just transferring covid-19 from one area to another…I mean you go into bar and grab their certificate then tell them to close up as if everyone checks for certificate before the start drinking….simply write down the names collected evidence take them to court.

  10. The mayor flexing his small muscles. Go and do the same at the unruly caders who are illegally settling on council property and show us your real powers. Clean up the markets with the same vigor because cholera kills more people in Zambia than COVID. You are doing a good job but also exposing weaknesses in our council officals. Why do you have to order them to carry out their job? Some don’t even know what to ask before shutting down premises. You need to train your staff and prepare before your raids. Keep up the good work.


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