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Fred M’membe’s Socialist Party Appoints 21 Year old Youth as Party Spokesperson

Feature Politics Fred M'membe's Socialist Party Appoints 21 Year old Youth as Party Spokesperson

The Socialist Party, whose presidential candidate for the 2021 Elections is Fred M’membe, has appointed Rehoboth Kafwabulula a 21-year-old youth as party spokesperson. In a statement by the party, Ms Kafwabulula, a member of the Central Committee of the Socialist Party and the General Secretary of the Socialist Youth League, is in the last phase of her law studies (LLB) and has been a member of the party from its inception, which she joined immediately after leaving secondary school.

A graduate of the party’s Pan-African ideological and political school, Ms Kafwabulula had also undergone ideological and political training in other parts of the world. She was born on February 18, 1999 at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka.

And commenting on the appointment, the party’s presidential Candidate Fred M’membe said that his party will work to bring into full play the energy of our youth and that he party structures will not treat them in the same way as everybody else and ignore their special characteristics.

“Of course, the young people should learn from the old comrades, and should strive as much as possible to engage in all sorts of useful activities with their agreement, ” he said.



  2. There is something about those eyes. Zp needs to look into mmembe. Is this a professional relationship or what? Actually it must be professional because we heard that mmembe is fond of men.

  3. More shared votes that will give pf thieves chance to rig elections. Anyway, this just another of one man party, & like all other zed parties, were one man appoints everybody to a party position. And as usual, no convention. And then they all claim to be Democratic.

  4. KAIZER ZULU ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, so you are funny as well some times, despite your cadre mentality

  5. Chellah Tukuta called out some PF individuals for theft and corruption(the truth) and he spent days in jail for defamation. KZ is making allegations on Mmembe’s sexual orientation and nothing is going to happen. That is why PF must go. Zambians are tired, mwe!

  6. Who is Kaizar Zulu? I have never read anything sensible from him. Can you please try to be constructive in your criticism Mr Kaizar.

  7. She is not just beautiful but young and smart too. You, Kainyokolola Zulu and your god damn PF can stick to your Nkandu “Hanging Meat” Lunyo and CliDoras Silinyo!

  8. @ Mukanu Kapalangoma
    @ The Engineer
    KZ embodies a MAD MAN. As The Engineer says, a moron based in the UK but believes by fake VPN is in Zambia.
    Look and read what KZ writes, you get the concept of madness.

  9. Hey that is courageous for your age to be joining this type of people.This same guy called others Bantustans before you were born.He is very much a major reason why the country is in such a state.When you look at this guy you have the evidence of karma or what goes round surely comes around.During those days it was one tribal editorial after another.

  10. Obviously it can’t be denied that Fred Namakando Mmembe has scored a first here. Bravo! And this should be encouraged. I edge him and Musumali to consider more of such appointments, especially that the Socialist Party is relatively young. The youth must be mentored and initiated into politics of service and ideology. That’s the future of Zambia. At the moment the only ideology obtaining in most parties is that of immediate benefits, that’s why there’s a lot of lawlessness. I’ll be willing to sponsor the youth to undertake studies on how political systems work. Don’t plan for next meal, plan for meals when you’re unable to earn because of old age. What you’ve done today will definitely pay although vultures might not see it. To the young lady, please remain focused in what you’re…

  11. @mukano you can choose to believe the angry sadist diasporans above or you can choose to believe information coming from the horses mouth. You see my friend the above angry diasporans like engineer and munadehkan are very upset because since I joined this website I am setting the record straight to counter their tribal political views based on hate of our government. Due to the pressure they feel, they find it easy to claim that I am an imposter based in UK, where as I have explained that for security reasons ( working in office of president) I use a VPN which generates a fake UK based IP address to prevent these dogs from hacking me since last time they attempted to. Now you can choose to be part of the dogs or be patriotic. Your choics

  12. MMembe and his appetite for abusing young girls is just disgusting! You always read these stories about young socialist girls hanging around the 63 year old Ar.se and you never hear about boys. It’s quite embarrassing to say the least for those of who know Fred. That is how he gets his extra marital sex relief by making the little girl feel loved and important in society.
    Truth is MMembe is Bisexual so he sleeps with little girls as a Sugar Dady and gets banged by Ambassadors as a woman; so he enjoys both worlds! Meanwhile his starved wife is servicing some old guy in Avondale. It’s just like Sodom and Gomorrah in that House! Just watch that little girl, she is going nowhere and will soon leave that confused little fella. I feel sorry for Cosmas Musumali, the only decent and sober guy…

  13. Njangwamuloty Mwendalutaker Mwendanjangule

    Now wonder people call you guys bitter, you are such a disgrace to the Lozi Kingdom!!!! Callous!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I suspect this is nothing but a refreshing gimmick which is an attempt to ride on the current mood set off by inciting Youths to violence.

    Kudos to PF for calmly tackling the small fire started by old political men desperate for power, enough to put Youth at the front line in this dirty battle. PF put out the violence and is in dialogue with this ‘just out of nappies,’ demographic. Let’s see if they are genuine about their concerns with job/business opportunities or if they have soiled themselves to become tools for corrupt old men to gain power. I Googled that name……it means: in the bible..Isaac dug a well and gave it the name Rehoboth, which means ‘open spaces’. Mmembe obviously thinks victory 2021 is open space! Dream on…….

  15. I think Mmembe meant, ‘we have indoctrinated her to our ways’. All cults do that.

    I hope she’ll snap out of it and join credible politics on her own accord.

  16. Kaizar Joseph Goebbels Zulu, whoever the heck you are, you’re a very immature individual, with a disgusting attitude. Grow up and get your mind out the gutter. You act like a 10 year old kid. Extremely disgusting. You need to respect people, even if you don’t agree with their political views. There’s no reason for you to be insulting this innocent young lady.

  17. Fred Mweembe likes picking young people because they can’t stand up to his madness. When Fred is done with this young girl, she would have lost her mind

    By George Lemba
    As Miles Sampa closes Chicago’s Reloaded, Kaizar Zulu says he will be having his breakfast, lunch and dinner from there starting tomorrow.
    Earlier, the owner of Chicago’s had announced that he will be opening his place for public activities tomorrow but Miles Sampa warned him stating that he was aware that the man was working to frustrate him (Miles) one official from the Lusaka city council and another outsider in apparent reference to President Edgar Lungu’s brainless but true undercover Political Advisor Kaizar Zulu.

  19. @TheEngineer
    This moron @Kaizar ZuIu © is not resident in the UK!
    He is justa MENTALLY-ILL SLOB living in Misisi Compound but using a [ .uk domain ] that’s how he is FLAGGED with a UK Flag.

  20. OK, let’s see if Ms. Kafwabulula is articulate and can explain how any of Fred’s rantings would work in practice.

    So far, her CV looks a little thin… born at UTH (we all gotta drop somewhere) and attended “ideological training” set up by Fred (a “graduate” of the party’s “pan-African ideological and political school”. Serious?!? What’s the accreditation status of than fine institution?)

    So…. first question for the young spokesperson: where exactly will the money will come from for free socialist everything?

  21. This lady needs to join a strong
    Party like PF or UPND .She will get
    More coverage in these two parties. People are not interested
    In socialist party.

  22. Nobody is going to stop Fred becoming President in 2021. PF is building him by arresting and putting fake charges on him..VIVA SP, Viva FRED

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