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Local Government Minister Not Happy with Local Councils

General News Local Government Minister Not Happy with Local Councils

Local Government Minister CHARLES BANDA has taken a swipe at councils that have failed to deliver despite the government releasing 582 million Kwacha equalization fund.

Dr. BANDA notes that each of the 116 councils in the country has been receiving a monthly allocation of K97 million equalization fund since January but that some have failed to complete infrastructural projects and deliver other services in their districts.

Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka, Dr. BANDA said the government expects councils to put the money to good use by improving service delivery and making progress on projects being undertaken.

He stated that the equalization fund is NOT meant for salaries and urged all councils to ensure prudent utilization of the funds.

And Dr. BANDA has announced that the government has NO immediate plans to increase monthly equalization fund allocation for Chipata city council which has been upgraded from a municipality due to budgetary constraints.

Dr. BANDA said the government is aware of the challenges local authorities are facing but that it cannot commit to increasing the fund due to budget restriction and other economic factors resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. A Minister isn’t supposed to complain but act. You can dissolve rogue councils if need arises. Don’t just make Sampa apologize to Chinese or suspend Kang’ombe for failure to greet Esther Lungu. At Tourism you were very effective at signing letters to capture animals to take to private ranches even when there was no proof of payment

  2. He is clearly lying, 97 million for each of the 116 councils equals 11.252. billion per month. So what can 582 million do.

  3. Most of those are in opposition strongholds. Wait until I start my grassroots tours. I am saving one powerful round kick for these useless excuse of leaders

  4. Dr Charles Banda, Zambians don’t want to hear your failures being news, you are minister of local government, get up and work, don’t just issue statements of unfinished projects by local councils. You sound disconnected, are your councils functional in any case, and workers salaries paid to date?

  5. It’s raining doctrate degrees in Zambia, isn’t it? If only effectiveness in public office depended on it, we would hv great public services. It’s tragic that local govt is a disaster in Zambia because this is where govt meets the people. Take Lusaka City Council, wht has it done for the people of Lusaka lately? And yet this is the capital city where the president, minister of local govt, the provincial minister, the district commissioner, the mayor, deputy mayor all make their home. No twn has such a glittering array of dignitaries all living within a few kilometres of each other. And u would expect things to be working wouldn’t u? Local authority coffers should be benefiting from commercial property development in terms of building permits. Are they? They should be. If only…..

  6. Where is the decentralization that is in the constitution?? We are also taking a swipe at you for complete failure to liberate Councils and that is why our cities now look Sh*t holes! You are just yapping Bill 10 from every hole. We can’t have all councils fail unless Dr Minister and his Boss have no clue what to do. Dr, please just resign for politicking while we live in shameful shanty cities and towns.

  7. The president like I have stated needs better ministers. Why is Zambia stuck with these and the equally inept opposition?


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